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Katherine Jackson

Had FULL Phone Access

at Arizona Resort

7/26/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
had FULL ACCESS to a working phone during her stay in Arizona and could easily have called her grandkids whenever she wanted ... so says a rep for the resort.

A spokesperson for the Miraval Resort -- where Katherine stayed for nine days, beginning last week -- tells TMZ, Katherine stayed in a luxury villa that DEFINITELY contained a working phone.

For the record ... the villa also came with a full kitchen, a private patio, its own pool ... and its own butler.

And if full phone access wasn't enough -- Katherine also had FREE WI-FI.

Bottom line ... the Miraval Resort is adamant ... Katherine wasn't as cut off from the outside world as she previously claimed.

After yesterday's court hearing, Katherine's lawyer was asked why she wasn't allowed to use a phone to call her grandkids -- and her lawyer said he was told "the section of the facility she stayed at didn't allow phones of any kind. Or computers."

The Miraval rep insists ... that's just not true.


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People will always wonder who the sperm donors were. Wonder if the kids know? Debbie Rowe must know for sure. Blanket (what a dumb name) is the only one who looks remotely black.

756 days ago


Why didn't she bring Michaels kids with her to the resort? She was pictured with other grandkids at the resort? She may not have been there against her will be she was probably easily duped into this plot

756 days ago


Katherine Jackson didn't bring the kids with her on "vacation" because they are in summer school.

However, it's odd that Janet & company claim they wanted to take them to Arizona to see their grandmother when they knew they had school the next day.

756 days ago


The Jacksons are making attorney Perry Sanders look like an idiot here. He lied to the media when he said that Katherine Jackson did not have access to a phone and specifically said that she was later moved to a section of the facility that allowed phones.

Did Perry Sanders say the same thing to the judge? Even though it was based on false information he was given, how pissed is he going to be that he gave false information to the judge?!? Couldn't that be considered perjury?

756 days ago


Covering up for her disgusting, greedy, lying kids is not helping the situation. She will have to explain to Michael sooner than later. As I said, there is a cell waiting for Randy and/or Jermaine at the LA County Jail. These kids should be held under tight security.

756 days ago


wow excuses after excuses for these people....can't even keep up with their own lies. Really these kids need to put with someone other than the Jacksons.

756 days ago

Wow ...    

It seems Randy and Co are concerned that a million and a half a year is not enough money for the kids to live off from. Really? Seriously? The execs are doing their job, making certain MJ kids will be set for life. As Michael instrcuted them to do. This is the complaint from the family - that the lawyers are getting all the money, and the kids are not. Supposedly...yes they are getting their share in the future, you know, when they are adults and don't have money grabbing aunts/uncles in charge of it...

756 days ago


Elderly or not, I would have been fighting tooth and nail to speak to my children! That was just irresponsible of her, shows how much she cares.

756 days ago


Jackson Kids kidnapped her. Case closed. Lets make some arrests now.

756 days ago


It is very interesting that Michael did not seem to want black children? Rather odd.

756 days ago


One thing is clear in this whole mess... MJ LOVED white people cuz he left them in charge and all of his fortune. Not one dime for any Black family members, Black charities, Black scholarships NOTHING!!! & unless his 82 year old Momma take care of his white kids she get nothing. That says ALOT. that's why his family is feuding over that money AND THEY DAMN WELL SHOULD!!! A billion dollars??? ****!!! HE DIDN'T BUILD HIS NAME BY HIS SELF.

756 days ago


Doesn't anyone find it interesting that once Katherine Jackson supposably found out that her grandchild thought she had been kidnapped and where distraught over her disapperance that not take her sweet time in returning to LA, but she stopped off with her to do an interview for ABC. I would think that CPS would find that this type of behavior would be show that the welfare of MJ's children do not come first. There is something so wrong here. I hope that unbiased officials are truely paying attention to this and intervene. This is a highly disfunctional anf distructrive family. Who would have thought it would be MJ's death that would show the world that he was not as off the rails as maybe evrone thought he was. Esstrentic yes - crazy where is family was concerned. porobably not!!

756 days ago


I was at Miraval Resort for a Deborah King a Spiritual teacher, master healer, and New York Times bestselling author LifeForce Coaching Principles event July 8 – 12, 2012, and phones are all available.

I am sending positive healing to Mrs.Jackson because she is the victim of demonic children twisting her head all up, and she need Deborah King now.

756 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

They paid the resort to lie. Yea theres access to the resort but she wasnt allowed to use any of it! Why do you think the spa lady was at the GMA interview, and even looked uncomfortable. They probably told her that she had to lie or else she will lose her job, etc.

dont be fooled. WAKE UP.

756 days ago


Look these kids are white and folks don't want them with these poor acting nigrows. The folks that truly murked MJ (not ruling out any of his brothers and sisters) want MJ's catalog which is worth more money then these rows will ever know. This is all over the estate refusing to pay child support for the two Jackson brothers who have kids by the same women. Who's truly the smart one who had kids by these two idiots-She was thinking long term.... Also, think about this - where's Latonya? Ms. Momma Jackson, you may be next, so please don't drink anything that looks like Propofol and watch who's behind you when going down stairs. You know if takes a lot to maneuver those big old hips of your and you may get an unexpected push by one of your worthless kids.

756 days ago
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