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Katherine Jackson

No Grandkids, No MONEY

7/26/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Katherine Jackson is finally back in LA, but is she too late? Now that she's been stripped of guardianship ... she stands to lose a ton of money. We know how she's planning to reconnect with her grandkids. Also, the story behind her bizarre "Nightline" appearance.

Plus, "Big Brother" villain Willie Hantz gets busted for DUI ... just days after he got kicked off the show for being too violent.

Also, the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal hits someone -- besides Robert Pattinson -- really, really, really HARD."Twilight" fans (and haters) ... this one's for you.

(0:00) The Jackson family drama somehow gets weirder every day -- you gotta see the super strange "interview" Katherine Jackson did ... that Gary says looks like a kidnapping/ransom video.
(10:30) Prince Jackson finally breaks his silence -- tweeting a picture of the text message he sent to his family demanding he speak to Katherine Jackson.
(15:00) Robert Pattinson has already moved out of the house he shared with Kristen Stewart! One obsessed "Twilight" fan posted a rant video about it ... and it's amazing.
(18:00) Don't stop us if you've heard this one before -- Lindsay Lohan got into another fender bender.
(21:20) A "Big Brother" contestant got popped for DUI ... just days after getting booted from the show. And for some reason ... his brother seems to be proud of him.
(23:55) One of the guys from The Wanted is pissed ... because his ex-girlfriend says he was amazing in bed. We know ... it doesn't make much sense.
(27:25) Breaking news -- two incredibly creepy voicemails that Jerry Sandusky left one of his victim were released.
(30:00) There's a least one person who thinks Penn State got off easy in the Jerry Sandusky scandal ... Regis Philbin!?!
(32:00) Speaking of getting off easy -- Russell Brand got a slap on the wrist for destroying a paparazzo's iPhone.
(34:00) Fred Willard's wife ... standing by her man..
(37:00) Suri Cruise is slumming it ... trading her helicopter rides for a ... dare we say it ... cab ride!!! The nerve.
(40:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar


You all are acting way too stupid - There's nothing wrong with GrandMa - STOP insulting the woman ..

821 days ago


She has always seemed dull and slow on the uptake. She wasn't much of an advocate for her own children. Hello? she let Joe beat those kids and worked them right out of their childhoods'. The proof is that Michael is dead Jermaine is a bonafide douche bag.

821 days ago


who cares!

821 days ago


It's not like ol' girl was blowing all that dough on is meant to be applied towards the children's cost of living. Toothpaste and stuff.

821 days ago


Leave Mrs.Jackson alone she is an elderly that has been ambushed by all the MESS!!!! I can see why she is confused no of this makes SENSE!!!

821 days ago

Michael C, Teniente    

I'm pretty sure if TJ get the kids full time, I don't think their going to kick the grandmother out. If fact it might be best if TJ got full custody, which includes the grandmother. The money still comes in with TJ controlling it. Nothing changes for the grandmother. Her lifestyle remains the same. It's just that the rest of the family will now have to go through TJ if they want money, which might make it harder for them to get to.

I mean...does an 82 year old woman really need to be in charge of millions of dollars? Let TJ take control and nothing will change for the grandmother anyway.

mike t.

821 days ago


I don't know - I think TMZ is way too invested in the Jackson Family ..Almost like you guys @TMZ are wishing and Praying for the worst for this family so as to get your daily Gossip...

821 days ago


How are these idiots mind readers and know who is truthful and who is not?If America doesn't see what is going on here then something is wrong!JOHN BRANCA has set this whole thing in motion.He was fired by MJ and the family has every right to fight him as executor.He is making sure though that the media taked focus of the fact that MJ was in NY and not in LA where and when the will was signed and the proof is on video!He was fired by MJ for God sake!

821 days ago


This whole Jackson drama isn't even funny anymore, weird and almost scarey with whats going on with Kathryn. Only thing it lacks now is Joe doing something freaky.

821 days ago


Somebody is controlling those tweets from the Jackson kids........NO DOUBT ABOUT..

821 days ago


The guy with the dirty hair that keeps yelling at the microphone and stumbling over every word needs to not be on camera. Please get someone who can read and speak.

821 days ago


Prince's real name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., that's the name which is on his birth certificate, not Prince. Blanket's real name is Prince Michael Jackson, II.

821 days ago


If I close my eyes I could swear that Harvey is talking.

821 days ago


Charles has no personality of his own. He's too mini-Harvey. And the side kick, while she looks classy and respectful, seems to have been told to be as sarcastic as she could and that is annoying, not to mention her ridiculous name.

821 days ago


I'm thankful for a Harvey free day though, but it would have been nice to have someone with a more authentic personality on for once. What happened to that guy that looks like Woody Harrelson?

821 days ago
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