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Conrad Murray

I Want to Speak

with Katherine Jackson

7/27/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Dr. Conrad Murray -- the man who killed Michael Jackson -- believes he is the one man Katherine Jackson can turn to for some honest advice ... and has invited MJ's mom for a jailhouse conversation.

Murray released a statement through his lawyers to CNN ... saying, "I've been told that she has a desire to speak with me before she departs this life."

"Seeing that she is up in age and in questionable health, and the fact that she is the mother of a very dear departed friend, it would give me great pleasure to sit with her one on one and answer any questions she might have."

Murray continues ... "I do not want Mrs. Jackson to suffer. She remains as dear to me as my own mother, unbeknownst to her."

Conrad claims he's not allowed to follow the news as closely as he'd like to in jail ... but is aware of the family drama ... and says Katherine appears to be "extremely sad."

"I also heard she is having a difficult time."

Murray says he's listed Katherine on his jailhouse visitor's list in case she wants to take him up on his offer. So far, no word on how Katherine feels about the situation.


No Avatar


"Katherine, the worlds a better place without you pedofile son on it"!!!

816 days ago


'Must be looking for forgiveness, so he can use that, to gain favorable press. "See? Even Michael's mom doesn't blame me. Now, let me out!"

816 days ago


How terrible to pick this week to add insult to injury.
This man is attracted to the limelight , which is why he was hanging with MJ in the first place.
They better keep him in jail for a bit.
He might get popped if he is walking the streets..

816 days ago


He says he does not want Mrs. Jackson to suffer.

Look what he did for Michael.... he's not suffering.

Although he should start with that perv Joe Jackson.

816 days ago


So TMZ is reposting press releases from Conrad Murray? Good God, you've surpassed Nancy Grace in the "Ick" factor.

816 days ago

justan opinion    

Katherine Jackson - Did you kill my son?
Conrad Murrey - Yes
Nuff Said!

816 days ago

mj fan forever    

Never heard Katherine wants to speak with this disgusting murderer full of LIES!!! He is arrogant as much as he is a murderer!!! He is only and exclusively a murderer mentally disturbed who really has nothing to offer to anyone, so much less to the mother of Michael Jackson, as if was not enough SO bashed by him and his team of losers!!! Don't try to appear nice murderer you are anything but nice as YOU are a total failure as a human being, so GO TO HELL!!!

816 days ago



816 days ago


I do not think Mrs. Jackson wants to visit him in jail if so I think she would have by now.

816 days ago

C'mon People! MJ killed MJ    

Murray didn't kill MJ...MJ killed MJ....

816 days ago


so how long is it before he needs her at some freakin' hearing to get out early?

816 days ago


She is obviously senile and very impressionable, Why the fark wouldn't he want to exploit her venerability like her family is so blatantly doing. He has nothing to lose; get forgiveness, get sympathy.

816 days ago


you sick twisted none human being you have the nerve to want to met and speak with the mother of your victim who do u think you are fooling Conard you know i know you murdered Michael why r u not coming clean God will not look you in the face hell will wait for you ... how can you send a message to this dear woman of a meeting to make her more distressed i curse you you took michael away from us all

816 days ago


What a publicity SLORE. Loser.

816 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

If this is true, then wow...just wow.

816 days ago
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