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Ex-L.A. Dodgers Owners

Hairdresser FINALLY

Bangs Out Settlement

7/28/2012 3:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

HAIRDRESSER JUSTICE! It's been over 3 years, but TMZ has learned, the McCourts' former full-time $300-a-day hair cutter has finally gotten his paycheck -- worth $20,900.

TMZ broke the story ... hairdresser Dave Mackey worked on retainer for Frank and Jamie McCourt back in 2008 and 2009 -- and eventually sued the couple last year for failing to pay him for an entire two months.

In the lawsuit, Dave demanded $20,900 for his services -- a bill that went unpaid until this month.

Not surprising it took so long, considering the McCourts were distracted by one of the costliest divorces in California history from 2009-2011.

Nevertheless, it's all over now -- David just filed docs asking to dismiss his lawsuit ASAP ... and according to his lawyer, he was paid in full.


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a full-time hairdresser??? stupid rich people should have their money confiscated and sent to Africa!

816 days ago


Really TMZ? Its 12:45 AM PST and this is the big one you drop on us? Great "reporting"...

816 days ago


It's hair. Get over yourself

816 days ago


For the suckers.... DONT GET MARRIED.

816 days ago


By the looks of their hair, they got ripped off. I can understand having a lawyer on retainer, but a hairdresser?

816 days ago


This kind of thing disgusts me personally, but the thing is... it's their money. If they want to spend it on luxury, that's their call and their right. When they spend money on such things they are making someone else money and supporting other livelihoods, taxes are getting paid out and paid in, and the economy keeps turning.
There are levels to everything. These folks don't NEED a full time hairdresser, so many people think that money would be put to better use if they gave it to charity. But the average person doesn't need HBO AND Showtime, so using the same logic that average person should cancel one of those premium channels and give the savings to charity or invest it back into the community by, umm, investing. That would be fair and equitable using the same level scale. But, of course, most people seem to think that rich people shouldn't waste their own money and should donate it to charity instead, while average income folks deserve every excess of luxury they can afford because, well, they aren't rich and so deserve to use their own money on themselves.
There is a better use for money than having a full time hairdresser. There is also a better use for money than spending it on more than one premium cable channel. Sure. But it is your money and your right to use it as you see fit.

816 days ago


The McCourts are the 2 biggest assh*les to ever live in LA. They personally bankrupted the Dodgers; Mr. McCourt used it as his personal piggy bank for years, illegally withdrawing business funds for personal usage. Then, when divorcing, their donald trump size monumental egos & disgusting greed was laid bare (no one needs 8 houses & $750,000/month in spousal support, Mrs. McCourt); the best thing they could do is move away from the city, because everyone now knows what absolute assh*les they both are...

816 days ago


Man, haircuts getting expensive these days, most I ever paid was $25 and they still couldn't cut it right so I paid $15 for electric clippers and do it myself for free, nobody to sue...

816 days ago


That is one expensive haircut, being a retired senior living on a fixed income, I go to Fantastic Sam's on Senior Discount Day. I did have a great haircut once in Beverly Hills once with the wife of my late husband's attorney, the guy cut the hair of a lot of the cast of Young & Restless and was very good but who can afford that on a regular basis?

815 days ago


The hair dresser finally got paid? We can all go on living now...

815 days ago

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