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Kristen Stewart

You Be the Judge

7/29/2012 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart
and her team may have made the biggest bone head move since prosecutor Christopher Darden let OJ Simpson try on that glove. Had she just shut up, the whole thing would have gone away. But now everyone just can’t get enough, so we gotta ask ...


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This whole thing is a publicity stunt. She does not live with Rob. They were never dating.

All this is being done to garner attention on the two of them so their rabid fans will go see the last movie.

814 days ago


you left off " can you cheat on someone when your relationship ifs fake and only for publicity"

814 days ago


Poor guy. Just think of all the overweight, middle-age women Rob could have been banging all this time.

814 days ago

Lisa Garner    

I never understood what Rob (or ANYone), sees in KS. She's a majorly over rated monotone actress with a constant bland expression with those 2 ghastly teeth hanging down. She's built like a boy, and has emasculated Rob in public on more than one occasion. Seriously, Rob. Now's your chance. Run for your life and don't look back..

814 days ago


I think that they are together and that this is a ploy to allow them free time away from everyone to go get MARRIED !!!
she does not look like she wants to kiss Sanders in the pictures (he ends up kissing her shoulder)
The car pictures look very awkward like they don't really want their lips to touch.
Do you think that she would allow herself to get photographed if she was really cheating. Kristen and Rob have never been caught kissing in public and they always get followed by reporters...
This is just a plan with the help of friends to make it look like they are apart...
They will return to promote their movie in the fall and they will announce they are happily married-surprise !!!

814 days ago

BB not bb    

She probably thinks she did the right thing by being so honest but what she did was publicly humiliate her boyfriend by letting everyone know how little she seemed to think of him that she would fool around with a guy who couldn't mean anything to her. I think if she is going to go as far as apologizing in public, she should try throwning in an explanation, because just running off for the night with some man old enough to be her father makes her look very desperate and like she doesn't think much of Rob, who people think is like the world's leading heartthrob.

If she just kept it quiet and somehow he found out, she could have cried and begged to be forgiven in private and he might have thought that it was all just a big mistake but by doing it publicly, it almost seems like more Twilight drama that he probably doesn't want to be a part of, especially since it makes him look bad.

It really doesn't even make sense. I am wondering if she has a psychological problem or was drugged or maybe even was under some sort of spell.

814 days ago


You forgot to ask the question, "Was Rob a studio appointed boyfriend?" or "Was this even a real relationship?"

814 days ago


In these polls were is the option to vote who the hell cares?

814 days ago


The 'stupid' move was hiring the idiot who wrote this survey. OJ is now in jail so ultimately, the glove was irrelevant, eventually, the true OJ was going to show up and end up in jail. Kristen Stewart's cheating was going to eventually catch up with her as well.

Robert P can stay with a cheater who is the highest paid actress in Hollywood or he can leave.

Cover real news! There are protesters at Disneyland now!

814 days ago

I flashed Howard Stern    

TMZ really? A murder case loss of life and cheating really? Stupid poll and distasteful.

814 days ago


Oh puleez. This is just PR. RobPat is too weak to leave her for any reason. He's like a puppy. Besides, where else will he find a suitable beard?

814 days ago


Kristen Stewart needs to not pull this Tom Cruise/John Travolta relationship stunt crap. We're in the 21st century, this stuff just doesn't stick anymore. No one's buying this.

814 days ago


Love the apology. Couldn't get any more desperate. Could have easily been rephrased: "See everyone, I cheated on my BOYFRIEND with a MAN. I'm NOT a lesbian. I promise!!"

814 days ago


Actually, since she admitted and apologized, that's the end of it. That part anyway. The joke is on you TMZ. You got nothin'.

814 days ago


No one cares. She isn't even that attractive.

814 days ago
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