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Kristen Stewart

You Be the Judge

7/29/2012 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart
and her team may have made the biggest bone head move since prosecutor Christopher Darden let OJ Simpson try on that glove. Had she just shut up, the whole thing would have gone away. But now everyone just can’t get enough, so we gotta ask ...


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The days of being dedicated do not exist anymore, this is why there's AIDS.

813 days ago


Anyone remember the SNL skit with Betty White "That girl is a LESBIAN!"? haha just reminded of that for some reason.

813 days ago


She did it because she wants out of the fake twilight relationship and wants into the arms of her lesbian lover!

813 days ago


I'm pretty sure they had broken up weeks prior.

813 days ago


Also I SERIOUSLY hope that she TOLD Rob before the story broke. Cuz maybe she just wanted to apologize before the story came out and didnt think to tell him first.

813 days ago


I don't care. I do feel bad for his wife and kids

813 days ago


Doesn't everybody cheat in Hollywood?

813 days ago


Maybe she just likes to hug people by wrapping her legs around their face.

813 days ago


Here is a post from Huff Post that may be closer to the truth-
She never looks him in the eyes when they are standing on the side of the road. At one point when she is facing away from him she pushes back so he will get off of her. then he turns her around and hugs her but she seems as if she doesn't know how to handle the situation at this point. He's 41 she's 22 and he was her boss in a position of power for several months and is slated to be her boss again. I think if they were having an affair they would have gone to a hotel not make out in a damn mini cooper like teenagers.Did you guys ever ask yourselves why they weren't in a hotel having sex? As I was looking at the pictures that is for sure what he wanted but that was not what she wanted. In the pictures she is shown going to her car to get some papers to show she's trying to talk to him about other stuff but that's not what he wanted. I think she got into something way over her head and didn't know how to get out. I'm sure she wasn't going to make the mistake again of being alone with this man. But at that point it was to late, the damage was done. (Continued)
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4 hours ago ( 5:08 PM)
At first I did believe that they had a full blown affair. But I know the bodyguard that travels with her not the main guy but the other one. He said with him she is very quiet but very polite to him and the crew. He did confirm that Rupert was infatuated with her and was overly flirty with her. She did not return his advances while they were making the movie. He and the other bodyguard were with her all the time and they did not have an affair when they were making the movie. So he directed me to a site that has over 50 pictures of the day they were caught kissing. He said she was on her way home when Rupert called her to meet him she did not know what he wanted but met him anyway. He said that he didn't say anything when he got in her car but immediately started kissing her and pins her against the window This is where she screwed up she should have kicked the fu*&^%%&er to the curb and drove away, but she didn't. So awful decision on her part. But then I look at all the pictures and when they are out of the car she, in 80 per cent of the pictures, has her back to him and he is holding her from behind like he's trying to dry hump her.

813 days ago


I find it strange, that as long as this has ever been speculated and discussed( and I have kept up with it still, and watched the whole trial too), that no one has EVER mention that the glove didn't fit because it had blood on it, and leather shrinks when it gets wet whether it be water or whatever. That is a known fact. And if didn't shrink because of that, then maybe it was his accomplice (which has also been widely speculated) who had a smaller hand. I don't think his innocence or guilt should have been determined by that glove. There was waaaay too much cir***stantial evidence, and people have been convicted with less. Grrrrr. In my opinion I DO believe he did kill Nicole and her friend.

813 days ago


Run Rob - Run while you still can.

813 days ago


Her publicly admitting to it (No matter how well intended and heart on the sleeve it was) is what truly humiliated Rob, not the photos or the affair itself.

That could have been privately handled, but hows anyone supposed to stay together with someone after the worlds been told in detail what is the business of these 4 people and no one else's.

813 days ago


she wanted to break that marriage up why else make an apology in public (because she wanted ruperts wife to know) and to rob rather then the wife and kids and really who gives a **** she bonked a married man she is Ho we all know it

812 days ago


If it made her smile, that's all that matters.

812 days ago


There are an awful lot of people who don't care reading this article and posting. There is no video and the pics were of a one-time thing. Even Rupert's father said it was a one-time mistake. As for the sincertiy of it, I can't believe the stupidity of people who don't believe her. All you have to do is look at the pics of the Kristen since this came out to see she's sincere. She's the one who isnt' blaming anyone else and she really didn't have to be honest and admit anything. Looking at the pics closely there were actually enough discrepanciest that photoshopped would have been believable. And video - if there was it would have been out there by now. Kristen was with Michael Aragano for 4 years when she met Rob at 17 meaning she met Michael at 13. Very very few people who are "childhood sweethearts" go on to be life-long adult couples as kids that age can barely spell the word "relationship" let alone have one - meaning Rob was only the 2nd serious relationship Kristen has had in her life. She made a mistake she is sorry for - everybody deserves a 2nd chance. As for teens and "Twi-Hards" there are fans outside of that age group and, at age 56, happily married for 35+ years, I can personally attest to that.

812 days ago
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