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Kristen Stewart

You Be the Judge

7/29/2012 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart
and her team may have made the biggest bone head move since prosecutor Christopher Darden let OJ Simpson try on that glove. Had she just shut up, the whole thing would have gone away. But now everyone just can’t get enough, so we gotta ask ...


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I'm so disappointed in her. Them being a couple is what sold this whole "Twilight" business. Now I don't even want to go see the last movie. I liked her and now I think so little of her. She has tainted her innocent image. As for Rob life goes on and hope he will find someone who respects him and is worthy of his love.

812 days ago

grandma fan    

Having just celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary, I know one thing, these two are very young and will make mistakes, but if they are truely in will work out. I pray for them and their happiness.

812 days ago

grandma fan    


812 days ago

Delores Jo Horvath    

I think they really did have a romantic relationship. I mean, who could stand to be with either one of them for three years, even for publicity. Little critique here: when I heard Rob's singing on the first Twi movie, I thought he was channeling Joe ****er. Don't quit your day job, Rob. Then, there's Kristen. Her acting is terrible, lackluster and boring. She has the same old expression..., vacuous, stoned or wishing she was somewhere else. She mumbles her lines and I realize that teens do this, but in a movie at $8 bucks a pop? I want to know what they're saying. Rob happily discusses his BO and greasy, unwashed hair. Oh...also, that he doesn't like to brush his teeth. EEEWWW. Then, Kristen looks like she sleeps in her clothes and her hair is a rat's nest. Yes, she does clean up well for public appearances, as does Rob. But, in real life, they both look like they dressed from the clothes hamper. Come to think of it...they are perfect for each other. I always felt that he was more smitten with her than she was with him. He wanted to get married and she said she liked things the way they were. He said he wanted to have children to grow up with and she didn't seem very enthused about that. She really doesn't seem the nurturing type and would probably drop-kick the kid to a nanny in a New York minute. Breaking Dawn 2 publicity appearances will be interesting. Don't know if Rob can get over this one. Everyone makes mistakes, but this is huge. Hard to look at someone when you don't know where their lips have been. You messed up, KS.

811 days ago


You would think that she could have waited until "Breaking Dawn" part2 came out. If the movie fails to make the numbers it's all her fault. Rob Is way better looking than that director guy. It's her loss.

811 days ago

Kate Williams    

Poor little bland-face Kristen. I don't have much sympathy for her "sorry" routine. Sorry for hurting Rob? Sorry for hurting the director's family? Naaa.
I think the little skank is just sorry she got busted.

811 days ago


I'd bet a lot of money that Liberty is behind the blown cover & pics.  If she was suspicious, all she'd have to do is get tracking software like spectorsoft on hubby's phone & she could see every text or email he sent & received, pics he's taken, websites he's visited - in short, EVERYTHING. 

So he gets a text from She-Wart saying, "Hey Stud, tell the wife you're going to the store & meet me at Lovers Lane & let's fvck our brains out." Then Liberty sees it,  calls a photographer,  & BANG, BUSTED!

Now Liberty holds the whip over Rupert & can control his career & image by leaving or staying; that bitch She-Wart's career is seriously derailed, & as a bonus Rob dumps her cheating a$$. It's win-win all around. 

Whoever said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," sure had it right.

To Liberty: " You GO, girl!"

810 days ago


Shes a ugly slut and hes hot and going to find a hotter chick

810 days ago


what is she going to do sleep with someone she co-stars or works with every time she is works on a movie? it seem like every time shes on a new movie she falls for someone shes working with. she needs to stop getting caught up in the romance of the movie if she wants to keep some one. and learn what love really is.

809 days ago

Renota Johns    

Everyone is saying poor Kristen she suffering, everyone should give her a break. If this relationship is done. I'm done I never want to see Kristen Stewart again. On a magazine, TV guide movie, nothng. She never had talent and Robert Pattinson made her look good. She is not pretty. Buck teeth and low self esteem. Rob boosted her up. And we saw something in that , it made the Twilight films successful. But now that we see what kind of person she really is.She is ugly i character and in body, and spirit. Every female on this planet wish they had what she use to have, a devoted boyfriend crazy about them.Who is also extremely handsome and rich. She took a knight in shinning armor and traded him for a turnip, a married one with kids. I don't feel sorry for her we lost something to belief in somethig better in hollywood.

803 days ago


I really think considering how my day went that this news as you call it pales to mine. I saw 2 dogs screwing out in the parking lot. They looked like Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders. I looked on with utter disbelief. I yelled out to the Kristen looking dog and asked "WHY?" "Woof" was all I got in reply. Typical horny dog.

798 days ago


Are you comparing Kristen Stewart a young 22 year old woman to a murderer?

781 days ago
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