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James Holmes Massacre

Victim's Mother Ready

to Sue Movie Theater

7/30/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0729_james_holmes_aurora_tmzThe mother of one of James Holmes' massacre victims has hired a high-powered attorney to sue the Aurora, CO movie theater where he opened fire ... killing 12 people, and injuring 58 others.

TMZ has learned Shirley Wygal is retaining a lawyer in Los Angeles to handle her case -- and we're told she plans to go after the Century 16 Theater.

Shirley's 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed in the theater.

Sources close to Shirley tell us she believes the theater's emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them ... especially for a premiere as anticipated as "The Dark Knight Rises."

Witnesses say Holmes entered the theater through an emergency exit door and then started shooting. Authorities think he may have propped the door open earlier from inside the theater.

TMZ broke the story ... a survivor of the shooting spree is planning a similar suit, but he also intends to go after Warner Bros. and Holmes' doctors.

We've reached out to Cinemark -- the theater's corporate owners -- but no reply yet.

Holmes will be in court Monday morning to be formally charged in the massacre.


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Anderson Cooper interviewed this woman on CNN the other day. Her crying seemed fake and she brought up the subject of money saying she wanted to clarify where funds were going. I found it really strange that she brought that up because she was asked to describe the type of person her daughter was, not what she was doing with the charity money.

823 days ago


Anderson Cooper interviewed this woman on CNN the other day. I knew something didn't seem right about her. Her crying seemed fake and she said that she wanted to clarify where funds were going. He was asking her about her poor daughter, not money! It seemed weird to me that she brought it up.

823 days ago


Why warner bros.????????????

823 days ago


Sadly no one wins in theses lawsuits except the attorneys.

823 days ago


I understand that the Mum is grieving but REALLY because the exits aren't alarmed. Lady a CRAZY person with a HIGH IQ killed your child. Its very very sad but don't blame the theater. Or you just about that money ? Cause to me thats the way it looks.

823 days ago


It's not the theaters fault? some nut got into the theater and shot every one, i guess when your broke you have to make some money some how. Not trying to be funny but what parent takes there kids to a movie that starts at Midnight? I could understand if it was only showing 1 time at Midnight. My kids wanted to go at Midnight as well, but i said hell no! we will see it tomorrow during the day time & if you dont want to go then- wait til it comes on dvd!

823 days ago


I still haven't heard how he entered through the emergency exit doors. They are supposed to be locked from the outside and unlocked from the inside according to OSHA. She probably has a pretty good case unless someone let him in.

823 days ago


How is anyone supposed to guarantee an individual's personal safety 24/7?

823 days ago


This just makes me sick. To blame the theatre or blame the movie studio is just ridiculous. The theatre can only be held negligent if they had reasonable belief that something like this could happen. But they had no more reason to believe this could happen than the teachers and students of Columbine did. It is a senseless tragedy committed by a madman, and if the door had an alarm or there were security guards, he would have just found another way to do it. People in this country think that any time a tragedy affects somebody, they should get a pay out. But the truth is that sometimes horrible **** happens in life, and that is just the way it is. The ONLY person responsible is this crazy psycho. Should every business have to put in metal detectors, and bomb sniffing dogs and alarm the doors and have security guards just so they aren't held liable in case a psycho decides to go nuts and commit a massacre? The cost of that would bankrupt most businesses, and the cost of these lawsuits, when people aren't REALLY negligent, are part of the reason this country's economy is in the toilet.

823 days ago




Remember that black kid who lawyered up and sued the theater, lets see how you react to a white person sueing now. Go back and read the old comments on the black kid story.

The difference is HE was not shot...and HE did not have His child shot.....dummy!

823 days ago


Our society is always looking to blame, and this event was not the theatres fault, nor the makers of the movie... Maybe the site that sold 6,000 rounds of ammo, but seems like the victima families/lawyers knwo which pockets are deep, and going after them.. Very tragic, but no one would have ever anticipated this event, and I dont care if you had sirens/rockets going off when emergency doors were open; this man had heavy-duty assault weapons, and people still would have died.

823 days ago


Next will be ten dollar secured parking fees, Twenty dollar ticket prices, metal detectors, and forty minute waiting lines. Are you ready for that?

823 days ago

big al    

& rightfully so. It is the duty of the theater to make sure that these types of things don't happen. Insurance will cover it. I doubt the place will be able to stay open, though. Isn't suing the studio akin to suing a recording artist for lyrics in their music or a video game making someone act a certain way? Whatever attorney is advising that move is a fool.

823 days ago


This was horrible but this could happen anytime anywhere. The only one at fault is James Holmes himself.

823 days ago

Annie Tame    

PLEASE STOP USING THIS GUYS NAME. I dont want this bugger to get any sought of infammy. ALSO they need to shave this *******s hair NOW. I dont care how MAD he is. He studied facial expressions. He acted his way through his first court appearance.

823 days ago
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