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James Holmes Massacre

Victim's Mother Ready

to Sue Movie Theater

7/30/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0729_james_holmes_aurora_tmzThe mother of one of James Holmes' massacre victims has hired a high-powered attorney to sue the Aurora, CO movie theater where he opened fire ... killing 12 people, and injuring 58 others.

TMZ has learned Shirley Wygal is retaining a lawyer in Los Angeles to handle her case -- and we're told she plans to go after the Century 16 Theater.

Shirley's 32-year-old daughter Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed in the theater.

Sources close to Shirley tell us she believes the theater's emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them ... especially for a premiere as anticipated as "The Dark Knight Rises."

Witnesses say Holmes entered the theater through an emergency exit door and then started shooting. Authorities think he may have propped the door open earlier from inside the theater.

TMZ broke the story ... a survivor of the shooting spree is planning a similar suit, but he also intends to go after Warner Bros. and Holmes' doctors.

We've reached out to Cinemark -- the theater's corporate owners -- but no reply yet.

Holmes will be in court Monday morning to be formally charged in the massacre.


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The theater shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of the nut job no more than the studio should be. Blaming the theater for what this asshat did takes the responsibility off of him on onto other that had no way of knowing or anticipating that something awful would happen. What happened was a tragedy but the only person to blame was the dick with the gun!

782 days ago


However misguided, this woman is trying to make sense of something that senseless. There are no adequate words for the pain that these victiims' families are going through. But, it is the same as the 9/11 victims' families suing the investors/owners of the Twin Towers. There are some cir***stances that you just cannot prepare for.

With that said......the decision to not prosecute for the life of the miscarriage, ESPECIALLY considering this woman lost a child in this massacre is unconscionable. There are no adequate words here, either. This lady lost two children. No, the child had not been given birth to, but the baby sure was alive before the miscarriage.

782 days ago


Shame on her.

782 days ago


Not sure suing the movie theatre will do anything. It's still not their fault that some nutcase came in with the plans on killing people. I suggest suing James Holmes for wrongful death. I don't understand why the media keep saying he "allegedly" killed these people. HE DID IT! He was caught with the guns and even told the police he boobie trapped his apartment with explosives. Why is this guy still alive? Just shoot him and save us the money and heartache of a crap trial.

782 days ago


she believes the theater's emergency exit doors should have been alarmed, or there should have been security guards posted next to them ... especially for a premiere as anticipated as "The Dark Knight Rises."
.....based on what???? This is hardly the first summer blockbuster premiere. There is no track record for the theatre to have foreseen something like this from happening. Stop suing the innocent and go after the actual person responsible. Money is not going to bring your kid back......wait...kid...since when is 32 considered a kid. So unless the 32 year old was taking care of Mom..Mom should get squat outside of funeral expenses....which the theatre has already offered to pay

782 days ago


What is it these *******s feel the need to sue when their child is the one who purchased the guns and ammo, sent a booklet with his plans to a shrink, loaded his car up with the guns and ammo and proceed to shoot people with no concern for life.

Lady you son kill 12 people, and you are suing the theater because the fire doors had no alarmed on them. You actually think that it would have made s difference? Your son is a killer and you are one that is partially to blame for it, so stop trying to point the finger at others because the other 3 fingers are pointing right back at you.

782 days ago


was waiting for somebody to sue, I hope they know money wont bring justice

782 days ago


It could have happened anywhere, grocery store, for example. You can't put security guards everywhere you step. Instead of trying to profit from your loss, try to figure out why this sicko had access to all these guns without a problem. There should be a database of all the people who could never own a gun or explosives due to such mental illness. Heck, many of them should not be behind the wheel either.

782 days ago


The Movie Theatre should have had security guards by the exit doors".....mmmmmmmmmm Ok , if you say so crazy lady...I understand your grief but I do not understand your intentions....This is a case of your daughter (May she rest in peace) unfortunately being in the wrong place at the wrong time

782 days ago


People are so money hungry. Maybe next they'll sue the college.

782 days ago


Yes, the door should have been alarmed, but a determined nutjob would have found another way to attack. Would they blame the theater for not thinking of every possible way a crime could be committed on their property?

782 days ago


Maybe movie theaters should hire the TSA to screen everyone...They can strip search you and confiscate your Milk Duds...

782 days ago


I hate frivolous lawsuits but against the theater seems legit to me

782 days ago


I think suing already is seriously in bad taste. I know this mother is heartbroken because her daughter died, but suing the movie theater is not going to bring her back. Why in the hell would there be security guards at the entrances of a movie theater??? No one could have predicted something like this would happen, if she wants to sue someone about this nut jobs family who KNEW he had mental issues and did nothing to get him the help he needed...also to the person commenting on the guy last week saying he was going to sue...I have a similar distaste for him as well...too soon people!

782 days ago


The people that sue the theater, the movie and anyone else other than the actual shooter is not much better than the guy who did this. Less than human and they should be ashamed.

782 days ago
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