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Shooting Victim's Brother

James Holmes Deserves


7/31/2012 3:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes should be sentenced to death ... after suffering in prison for many, many years ... so says the brother of one of the victims in the Colorado massacre.

TMZ spoke with Steven Hernandez ... whose sister Rebecca Wingo was shot and killed, along with 11 other people, during the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" earlier this month.

32-year-old Wingo leaves behind two young daughters.

Prosecutors say they will consider pursuing the death penalty for Holmes -- but will not make a decision until they speak with the families of the victims.

Hernandez has already made up his mind -- explaining, "My sister Rebecca was killed in the theater. My mother is bereft, my wife is distraught and I am heartsick and angry."

"Allow the justice system to punish this murderer. I want to see him sentenced to death and I hope he sits in jail many years waiting to die."

Holmes has been charged with 142 counts for the shooting -- including 24 counts of 1st degree murder.



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I am not so sure it will help but to anyone who who suffered a loss, I am sorry.But, I would be remiss if I did not mention that a lot of people lost there lives today and my guess is those people who are close to 'them' feel the same pain, so again I am sorry for your loss.
But I am angry for over 10 years Doctors have begged charities and people who could raise money for Mental Illness to help, but it keeps happening and it will continue.MS every year millions of dollars , Brest Cancer millions, Aids millions... the list goes on, Do I begrudge this money going to help? NO not at all.But the American people do not care about Mental Illness and not one Doctor can be found who will say this man is not suffering from a Mental Disorder. It is the truth, so go ahead and burn him at the stake, it will not stop the next, only money for research will. Every President cuts Mental Health first .... so blame who you need to, I blame you for not making America answer this problem, sue , sue and sue, it will not help.
Only getting people together and voicing STOP THIS we are mad at this guy but you created him!! Now get some funding together for those who have brains that are misswired.Tell Congress we want something done, MS victims are not the only people who can demand that Senators listen to them, you better do something, you may be next.

784 days ago


TMZ wtf is wrong with you? How could you photoshop that beautiful victims face right next to the evil psycho who killed her? You need to get som R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Also I do know what it is like to lose someone you care about to murder. Losing a loved one anyway is terrible but when another human being takes away someone you love in a cold blooded violent manner the feeling you are left with is one that cant even be described. You are left thinking how much they suffered, how scared they were, were you one of their final thoughts, if only they wernt there, what would they be doing today if they were alive, and then the simple basic question of why. All thats left are the memories of their smile, laugh and their voice that you will never hear again. I am pro death on this one.

784 days ago


I want that killer executed ASAP!! He caused so much harm to so many. Skip the trial and get rid of him soon.

784 days ago


How about instead of letting people live for years with free food and living, we just go ahead and kill them? I don't want to support people like that, and any other person who works legally and pays their taxes shouldn't want to be paying for these idiots to live either.

784 days ago


Please keep in mind this man studied neuroscience which is the study of the brain and how it works. He knew exactly what he was doing. The mentall ill don't plan they just do.

784 days ago


She wasn't married, Melissa B

784 days ago

bring back recent posts heart breaks........................................

784 days ago


That's what the US stands for: guns, drugs and the death penalty. Ever wondered why nobody likes them?

784 days ago


All I can see in this whole shooting is false flag to enable gun control and more rights stripped from American Citizens. This guy was a fall guy.

784 days ago


TMZ please do me a favor and remove the picture you have of Rebecca Wingo next to the idiot shooter. Please show some respect to the victims and their families that have asked the media to not mention or show his picture.

784 days ago


Why does TMZ block the like button? So sick of the stupid media and they are such lying *******s.

784 days ago


Very Sorry for you loss, but if you kill this guy you kill any chance of finding out who was helping him.
another witness saw a second man in the theatre open the door for the shooter,AAAAB_zNwdE~,sELXX2gKZV9f-NYMZlBIojSsy9enfYbz&bctid=1744444894001

784 days ago


Witness and neighbor says that Holmes was seen with another man hours before the shooting running to his apartment. Second gas mask was found in the back of the theatre far from the car. Witness in theatre said they saw a man get a phone call and go to the back door way someone over and prop the door open. Witness inside theatre also said that gas canisters were being thrown from the opposite side of theatre of Holmes. There is a Small arms treaty which bans guns was set to be signed days after shooting by a member of the United States. Coincidence?

784 days ago


He's is a patsy like sirhan sirhan. Drugged up. He was obviously drugged during court hearing. Why is his mug shot after a shower and in orange jump suitl? What about the second gas mask found out back? Who was the guy with the goatee who got the phone call in the first row and went to the exit door and waved him over 20minutes before the massacre? Why did witnesses describe two different people as the shooter? One had on a blue and white plaid shirt. Who was the stalking american looking white guy running with Holmes to his apartment building hours before the shooting as seen by a neighbor? Witness said that gas canisters were being thrown from the opposite side from where Holmes was at. How is that possible? Holmes was interested in and studying mind control at the university and involved in a department of defense funded secret project. Ever heard of devils breath? MK Ultra?

784 days ago


I do not own a gun nor do I hunt nor like guns, but I do believe that this was a staged terroristic mass murder by global elitist who knew that the UN was about to sign a treaty that would ban all guns in the US. This is the last form of defense for the average american from oppression and a tyrannical government like that which was run by adolf hitler. Just look it up. There are a lot of people aware of the lone gunman trick. is a good place to start.

784 days ago
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