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Scout Willis

Sentenced for Underage Drinking, Fake ID

7/31/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0731_scout_willis_gettyDemi Moore and Bruce Willis' 21-year-old daughter Scout has finally been punished for drinking beer while underage in NYC and possessing a fake ID ... but she won't be going to jail. 

Long story short -- Scout's getting off pretty easy ... she worked out a deal with prosecutors in which they agreed to dismiss the case entirely if she completes 2 days of community service and stays out of trouble for 6 months.

As we previously reported, Scout was arrested back in June after allegedly drinking a Pakistani beer in Union Square. She was 20 at the time.

When confronted by police, Scout allegedly handed over a fake ID saying she was "Katherine Kelly." She eventually admitted the ID wasn't hers.

Scout was initially booked for open container and criminal impersonation.

According to the NY Post, Scout's clean record and outstanding grades at Brown University scored points with prosecutors ... who agreed she doesn't deserve a harsh punishment, like jail.


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help this young woman    

That's the same sentence Linds got for tax fraud, mayhem, and felony celebrity. Seems unbalanced.

812 days ago


big surprise! women are never held accountable for their actions. if this was a man, he'd be locked up.

40 years of feminism, and this is what we got - some drunk bimbo gets off lightly.

812 days ago


nice O face :x

812 days ago


Pitiful, but you can't expect much more when momma is trying to be like you.

812 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Outstanding grades does not warrant common sense. Evident in consumption of Pakistani beer known to have a high content of rat droppings.

812 days ago


A woman would have to be caught standing over a dead body with a smoking gun or bloody knife before society would even think about punishment.

Even then, she could always blame the victim for being mean to her and that would get her off.

812 days ago

BB not bb    

Pakistani beer? I thought Muslims were agaisnt beer? Was the beer booby trapped to signal cops? I would be suspicious of what they might put in the beer to get back at the infidels for drinking and mocking their prophet.

I know NYC has some exotic beers but I have never heard of Pakistani beer.

812 days ago


Yes she does deserve jail. Anyone who has the audacity to give a cop a fake ID deserves to spend some time behind bars.

812 days ago


I'm going to give her a personal pass on this because is there a college kid in the world who didn't indulge in some underage drinking? Unfortunately she also gets a smack upside the head for stupidity for drinking in public and passing off a fake ID to the law. It should have been in L.A. because the cop probably would have sat down, called Linds on her cell and asked Linds to join them in a few brews.

812 days ago


Why so ugly?

812 days ago


Wow is she ugly!

812 days ago


Wait so you can die for our country at 18 but you can't enjoy a beer? still a mystery to me..

812 days ago


Here we go again.... Future Lindsay Lohan in the making. Just because her parents are movie stars she gets off with a slap on the hand, BOO HOO. With all the additction problems in that family, her future will be just like her mother's. Had this been anybody else's kid, they would be doing time and have a criminal record.

812 days ago


Why would the idea of "Jail" even come up. Seriously, if they tossed every kid that used a fake ID in jail, the streets would be pretty empty lol.

812 days ago


thats not that big of a punishment maybe if it was 100 hours then she would have learned her lesson

812 days ago
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