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James Holmes Survivor

'Batman' Shooter Deserves


8/1/2012 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Batman" shooter James Holmes doesn't just deserve the death penalty ... he deserves the worst, most painful death possible -- so says one of the survivors of the massacre.

22-year-old Carli Richards -- whom Holmes shot in the back with a shotgun -- tells TMZ, "I think death by firing squad would be totally justified ... Just injecting him is painless."

She says, "I had enough needles in me that night to know that a needle isn't that bad. I want him to see what it feels like ... I wish someone would shoot him and let him bleed out."

She adds, "He shot me with stuff they use to shoot birds and deer. I want him to feel what it's like to feel that helpless."

Thankfully, Carli and her boyfriend made it to safety before Holmes could kill them -- but Carli says she's still in a lot of pain, and can't go back to work yet with her current injuries.

Carli is the second person affected by the massacre to call for Holmes' death. TMZ broke the story yesterday, the brother of a woman killed in the shooting also demanded the death penalty.

It's worth noting because prosecutors have said they will only consider pursuing the death penalty with support from the victims' families.

Holmes was charged Monday with 142 crimes stemming from the Colorado shooting -- including 24 1st degree murder counts, and 116 counts of attempted murder.

If he's found guilty of 1st degree murder, he faces the death penalty by lethal injection.


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That's true. He is going to have a blast in prison. Chances are he will be segregated so he will not have to worry about anybody killing him there.
Prison time= fun / recreational time / free meals / top notch air conditioning and tv. . What more can a person ask for? And receiving the lethal injection is a very pleasant way to die.

758 days ago


I'm not justifying what James Holmes has done to this girl and all the other individuals he has affected, and I can understand why any victim of this crime would want him lifeless at this point, but I feel there are some things just not adding up with this case. For example, the plan he executed was something you would see in a movie and say, "There's no way that could happen." He had things planned so strategically to where he could never be seen...dark movie theater, tear gas to disorientate people even more so than just not being able to see in the darkness, a gas mask to prevent the suffering effects of the tear gas as well as preventing his face from being shown, etc. It was a sick but extremely intelligent plan, so I'm almost certain he could have planned an escape without being seen but he just waited in the parking lot? Why would he make police aware of the booby traps set up in his apartment? He set them for a reason, right? And I don't believe the reason was just to have them disabled. Why would he buy a ticket for the screening that night? He obviously had the theater mapped out and could enter without being seen. Maybe it was all apart of his plan, maybe he wanted to get caught and gain some sort of notoriety for what he did and what more he could of done, or maybe he didn't. Not many really know at this point. That's why I believe we should see this case through before jumping to rash conclusions. There are people in prisons who are innocent. Who knows what may be discovered in the months to come...maybe it wasn't him, maybe he was being perscribed illegal drugs, maybe he really is just a sick, hateful, evil human being...very few of us really know at this point. Do I believe the death penalty should be an option? I'm not really sure, sometimes living is far more torturesom than not. And to all of you who have these elaborate, agonizing ways to off him, and then say "Then no one else would try to pull something like this again." You are wrong, there will always be people unstable or hateful enough in this world who will bare the punishment to take another human beings life, to some people it's in their religion.

758 days ago


Let the victims decide.......she is right. The needle is too good for him.

758 days ago


I agree. Our founding fathers could not have predicted this level of violence. No matter how insane, people have a subconscious.They may not do these things if they have to face a firing squad. Time for some constitutional changes.

758 days ago


I agree.Our founding fathers could not have predicted this level of violence. No matter how insane, people have a subconscious.They may not do these things if they have to face a firing squad. Time for some constitutional changes.

758 days ago


LMFAO at a bunch of liberals calling for the death penalty.

758 days ago


he doesnt seem insane if he managed to plan things out.

758 days ago


i search all the blogs and from mediatakeout to youtube to all the people who is takeing this as a joke and giveing this man pride is a damn fool these were people who lost their loved ones show some damn respect

758 days ago


It's heart wrenching to see what that monster did to our sisters and brothers. He truly deserves the death penalty. And I agree lethal injection is too easy. Why not death by firing squad....

758 days ago


Honestly, killing him isnt going to bring any justice. It just shows that we had killed another ma for an epic horror. I think he needs life in jail, you know. Mess with his mind, keep him in jail because you never know what may go down behind bars. Killing is wrong. What happiness do you get seeing a man die. Thats just more blood shed for no reason. Life in prison has more justice then death.

758 days ago


Eye for an eye will only leave everyone blind

758 days ago


I am with these victims and their families except I feel this man should get worse that being shot. He needs to be tortured just like he has done to these people and their families. He isn't crazy! He is a bastard who doesn't even deserve a trial or any other kind of justice!

He is an animal and should be laid out and let each one of the victims, families included, and beat the crap out of him...

758 days ago


Hmmm... eye for an eye makes the world blind.

758 days ago


I 100% agree so the next time some loner or ****ed up kid decides to go ape ****, they know that some MEDIEVAL STYLE retribution is right around the corner.

758 days ago


Instead of killing such criminals and patting eachothers shoulder cos "we got rid of the sick bastard, no we can go on with life" - shouldn't we try to find out what made him do that??? If we would STOP talking about how these people were weirds, loners, freaks, loser, introverted - maybe we should start to listening, stop bullying and ask question BEFORE smoeone snaps, so that these things can be prevented from happening again? Did anyone try to find out why Klebold/Harris did what they did? Naw, they shot themselves, problem solvedm lets post some "RIP" on facebook, twitter, in 6 months we'll have moved on to the next tragedy. The human rade does not learn from its mistakes.

758 days ago
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