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Lindsay Lohan

Fires Back at Pap --

Accident Was YOUR Fault!

8/1/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
believes a stupid paparazzo stupidly stepped in front of her car back in 2010 ... and it's his own stupid fault he got hit ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... a photog named Grigor Balyan sued Lindsay in January, claiming he was shooting her car as it drove away from a Hollywood nightclub -- and her assistant plowed into him under Lindsay's direction, causing him orthopedic and neurologic injuries.

But Lindsay's ready to go to war over the allegations -- filing her response in L.A. County Superior this week, claiming Balyan "carelessly put himself near a moving automobile" and caused his OWN injuries.

Lindsay insists she shouldn't have to pay him squat. A judge has yet to rule.


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Shut up Shemp

710 days ago


Ugh. Lindsey, PLEASE take responsibility for SOMETHING, will you?

710 days ago


Have a good night to everyone I like, you know who you are. ENABTURDS? Mr. Rogers says hello like I say hello.

710 days ago

help this young woman    


Kim K signed for her to use that jewelry. Her name is crap in BH.
Kim K was not there today. Guess everything was OK today in Bev Hills and with Kyle Chan.
Lindsay has a photoshoot? She has wrapped up The Canyons which will premiere at Sundance.
Next up Scary Movie 5!!!

710 days ago


Seriously, how OLD is this skank? She's got serious lines, creases really, in her forehead, and she appears to be balding. Imagine coming onto in 2030 and seeing what she looks like...uhhh, I'm gonna be sick.

710 days ago


That's right, Looney, don't let that little runt Bieber take the spotlight off your all time record in car/paparazzi accidents. Is this the same assistant she claimed was driving in the rear end a truck episode?? And the pap claims he was hit at Looney's direction? LOL Sounds plausible to me. "Run over that son of a b*tch or I'll fire your ass! For once we won't have to change seats afterward!" Just like that mom/kid in the crosswalk! Move that kid! I'm Lindsay Blohan!

Get Shawn on the job, get out your rolodex of excuses, buy some new outfits and hair extentions, and plump up that duck bill - and off you go to court. Or maybe she'll just settle under the table as usual. 'Cause it's not just a matter of not putting yourself near her moving car. It's dangerous to even be driving in the same town when she's on the road!

710 days ago


If it was not in California Lindsay has a lot of trouble with her argument. First off if she owns the car and her assistant is driving lindsay by law is liable for any damage caused by the assistant. the 2nd is she serious Once again this goes to if the photog was blocking her car in she has to call tne police and let the police clear the scene so no one is injured Lindsay assistant does not have the legal right to run over a person with a car.

710 days ago


According to Lindsay's argument only automobiles are allowed to use the roads in California otherwise it is to dangerous to walk on the street or ride a bike on the street.

710 days ago


And don't even try to take a picture of her while you're walking in the street, because apparently, pedestrians no longer have the Right Of Way in the presence of photographic equipment. (source: Washed-Up Celebutard's Driver's Ed manual, page 3)

710 days ago


Lindsay wasn't driving, it wasn't her car, it was a rental and I've seen the video, the pap steps forward, leans over the front of the car, flashes his camera at the front windscreen practically blinding the assistant. and the assistant drives away. Its obvious what the pap was doing, he put himself in danger and shouldn't be rewarded.

710 days ago


Oh look, it's a talking vagina named Mr. Bojangles. Here, have a mint.

710 days ago


When was anything her fault. I'm so sick of this silly, spoiled, mixed up freak i could puke.

710 days ago


when this douchebag pap first filed this civil lawsuit Lindsay wasn't named. He was suing the driver and Tri Star Entertainment. Tri Star came down hard and said they wouldn't pay a dime. Their name was removed and the fat pap put Lindsays name on in January.

This will be thrown out, I've also seen the video, the pap put HIMSELF in that position. Some Judge somewhere has got to put a stop to what paps do. Paps will be looking at this through dollar sign specs, lets all stand in front of a celebs car then sue them, ridiculous leaches.

710 days ago


I guess when you are no longer making huge bucks off being famous, and you are simply an attractive trainwreck, getting hassled by the paps is a big bothersome inconvenience.

I wonder how the real stars.. you know, people like Brad and Angelina, manage to not run over photogs in the street every day?

I guess not being a Natural Born F*ckup comes in handy in those situations.

710 days ago


Hey Lohan Loonies have you check out those reducluious pictures of your gal out yesterday on Daily News ????
Besides the fact that the shorts are god-awful in a bad way..they look like they belong to Patrick...she not wearing underwear as bra no panites ..ugh ! but thats not what got my attention besides the hidious makeup job.....Nope its her body condition that get my attention thanks to the Paps close up of her "Daisy Dukes" which no real daisy duke would touch with a ten foot pole....they have better taste...
Look at the wasted look of her legs and arms...theirs no muscle tone at all in those thighs , just flapping in the wind...her arms to , I have more muscle tone at almost 66 yrs old...and how skinny she is getting..sickly skinny not I'm on a diet skinny..that is Amy Winehouse skinny....come to think of it that were the eye makeup is going the Amy Winehouse eye makeup...
And she proof what a hypocite she really is with that "demure hooker " she is doing the best she can to show her ass in public again looking like a tramp that got rustled out of bed and grabbed the mans shorts and shirt...
Come on Red Cloud tell me how pretty she looks !!
Help ! whats the "Next big project" is up for lets see ...........just as I thought ....Not a Damn Thing Listed at all....she is Unemployed...

710 days ago
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