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Katherine Jackson

Suggests She Was DUPED

Into Arizona Trip

8/2/2012 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
is strongly suggesting she was tricked into traveling to Tucson last month and BLOCKED from communicating with MJ's children -- this according to a sworn declaration by Katherine herself.

Katherine filed the declaration as part of her bid to obtain co-guardianship over Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

In the docs, Katherine claims she was scheduled to go on a road trip to New Mexico to watch her sons in concert -- but on July 14th, an unnamed doctor showed up to her house and told her it was better for her to take a plane instead.

Katherine says she obliged -- believing the doctor was under the orders of her longtime physician -- but when she got off the plane ... she found herself in Tucson, where she had been set up at a luxury resort.

According to her lawyer, "Her children took her to a spa ... because she had high blood pressure."

When she got to the resort, Katherine says her phone and iPad were taken away -- and her in-room telephone was disconnected. She says her TV was also shut off.

When Katherine asked about the grandchildren, she was told "they were fine" and there was nothing to worry about. She says she did NOT know she had been reported missing and her grandkids were freaking out.

Katherine says, "At the time, I trusted the people I was with to be honest with me."

The declaration flies completely in the face of the statements Katherine previously made in an interview with ABC News, when she called her sudden absence last month a "short vacation."

During the interview, Katherine -- surrounded by Jermaine, Rebbie, and Janet -- said, "One reason I didn't call is I just gave up my phone and I didn't want to have any phone calls while I was here."

In her declaration, Katherine never specifies who sent the doctor to her house, or who accompanied her to the spa.


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Grandma of Four    

M O N E Y and C O N T R O L of that M O N E Y is all this mess has been about! Nothing more and nothing less. Period!

819 days ago


She was basically kidnapped by her own kids. It was an attempt at a hostel take over that failed. All in the name of money. Those kids belong with her and it's a good idea to have a second person like her grandson to care for those kids with her because of her age. ANYONE who believes she is in this for the money is an idiot. I am a grandmother and I would do ANYTHING for my grand-kids and they don't have a dime to their name. Michael s mother would protect those kids if they were stone cold broke.

819 days ago


Sad that she's no better than the rest of then.

819 days ago


ms jackson is being taken advantage of.. she is 82..michael trusted his mom.. forgetting her age.. i hope his children remain good people.. using lots of care in their choices..greed is not good..this is a family that has many ..many stories..i wish them peace..

818 days ago


Anybody else read the books??? They came out 1999, made into a movie 2004. "A Series Of Unfortunate Events"...the Illuminati already told us all of this was going to the books.

818 days ago


Apparently the person they really don't want to talk to and they think is a stress to their mom is Trent Jackson, Joe Jackson's nephew. He's always lived a Grandma's house and is the one Jermaine blammed for leaking that one of his son's bought a tazer and for saying it was planned to be used on Ket

818 days ago


enough with these jacksons he said she said its only about $$$$$$$ its just about as bad as hearing about kim and her tribe

818 days ago


Why aren't the FBI investigating this matter? Family or no family this is serious! maybe they gave her drugs to give her slur speech. Look we have seen families no far worse things because of a little bite of money. I know the executors are getting their share; but they need to step up and assist Momma Jackson until one of the kids turn 18 and can take care of the others. I think she just needs to be a figure head in the household and TJ supervised; but he should have a background check and child management classes from Child Services and Child Services should come in and monitor once a week for a year - this is what the court should order and under no cir***stance should the other family members be allowed into the compound.Yes, Paris is a spoil; but would you be if you had the lifestyle she has had. But she loves her grandmother and TJ, Jr.

818 days ago


Does anyone else think that Michael was actually smarter than people give him credit for and knew what he was doing while raising his children? Their lives are really a mess now.

818 days ago

Mark Novack    

I believe her...and what a sad thing to be taken advantage of in this manner. She is the grandmother of these children..and obviously they love her and want to be with her. Shame on anyone that was not honest with this very sad looking lady.

818 days ago


The entire family is and never has been anything, but a bunch of phoney balonies. They think that everyone else is stupid and a bunch of fools. They are the fools and I think most people wish that they would just drop off the face of the earth.

818 days ago


TJ I believe is the right person to watch over these kids. My concern now is Katherine's lawyer. He/she wanted to get Katherine reinstated as guardian, knowing that Katherine is not in great shape. This person is after something too.

818 days ago


money can cuase confusion and is rut of family evil beware KATHERINE

818 days ago


I think the kids are better of without the kids... Dont you think?

818 days ago


I believe this version. It goes along with what her doctor, her grandchildren, & her lawyer all said. You could tell in the ABC interview that she was being forced to read something she didn't even write. What people need to understand is she is an 82 year old woman. It's very easy for someone that age to be taken advantage of by their children/relatives, especially when they are confronted by so many of them. I don't believe for a second that she would willingly go away and not let her grandchildren know where she was. That entire version of it makes NO sense what so ever.

818 days ago
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