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Cuba Gooding Jr.

RIPS Bartender in Fight Clip

'She's Racist!'

8/3/2012 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Jr.
called a female bartender a "RACIST" for kicking him out of a New Orleans drinking establishment this week -- and the heated exchange was all caught on tape.

TMZ broke the story ... cops issued an arrest warrant for Cuba following the incident at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street early Tuesday morning -- when the bartender said Cuba shoved her for telling him to leave the pub.

According to the bartender, Cuba was intoxicated and had gotten angry at other bar patrons for taking pictures of him ... at which point, she told Cuba to get lost. That's when she says Cuba roughed her up.

The video cuts in right after Cuba leaves the bar, and the brunette follows him into the street, telling someone to "call the cops right now."

Cuba tells onlookers, "She's racist. She's racist. She doesn't like me." Moments later, another bystander yells, "He took a woman and he shoved her!"

But Cuba probably won't be prosecuted -- as we reported, management at The Old Absinthe House just announced the bartender won't be pressing charges.


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Wow! The race card?....Must be nice taking yourself back to the 1800's ....You've come a long way Cuba!..Stay classy!

810 days ago


Show me the money!

810 days ago


Well there goes any respect I ever had for Cuba and his acting. I know one has nothing to do with the other, but when he proves he is nothing but another "Oh poor persecuted me!" ayh0le, who has to fall back on the tired (VERY tired) crutch of calling someone "racist" simply because they take the appropriate measures to deal with a JERK --not a black man...a JERK-- I will have nothing to do with him or his performances again.

Show me the money? Um, no...try showing me some character...some integrity. Take your "if some non-black won't let me get away with whatever I want to do, then they are a racist!" routine and shove it sideways.

You know what would have made her a racist? If you, having stepped into a public place ---and being a so called "celebrity"--- had been graceful and offered to pose for pictures with your fans (and maybe bought a round for the house with your millions) ...if she had then ordered you out because the bar was for whites only...then she'd be racist. But what she actually turned out to be, is simply a person who has standards of behavior in her workplace, and ---upon your grossly violating them--- rightly & properly, told you to leave.

So, go take your cradle to grave "I'm a victim" rap and shove it deep and hard where the sun don't shine.


810 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Note to African Americans: The race card don't work no more, it's been used up. Rappers and democratic politicians didn't invent it, it's been around forever. There are millions of successful African Americans who are the bosses of tens of millions of white people, and real racists won't work for a black person, so I'd say them days are over, so quit trying to take the easy road and just admit no one cares anymore what color anyone is. I don't think African Americans get that to whites the n word isn't a color, it's an attitude and lifestyle and Charlie Sheen is the perfect example of that. Anyone can be s***. We're sick of this crud, it ain't 160...0 anymore. To these lazy azzes today, racism doesn't even exist today if you were alive 40 years ago or longer you'd know this. It's not even funny to hear these rich Blacks like Spike Lee and friends whine about slavery and what not. S T F U. The only slaveowners today are the DNC and the people who ask 'how high' when they say 'jump'.

810 days ago

Mason H    

"Oh my goodness, he shoved a woman". I'm so sick and tired of sexism. Women shove men ALL THE TIME and it's no big deal. So long as he didn't hit or ortherwise physically assault/hurt her it shouldn't be a big deal. Hell women punch/physically assault men all the time and the guys are expected to take it and shut up because if they do complain they are then ostracized and treated as less than a man for complaining a "woman" hit them (the rare excepting being when it's done directly in view of an officer or damage/bleeding occurs). If he did push her without her first getting physical on him, at most he owes her an apology.

810 days ago


This is why being called a "RACIST", is like being called a boo boo head. Just doesnt matter. What a drunken azz

810 days ago


In other news, Viktoria Komova was the better gymnast last night. Gabby got some nice scores, but Viktoria was the far better choreographed and elegant gymnast.

810 days ago


Well, well, Al Sharpton has taught you well, Cuba. The race card; seriously? Could it be that she didn't give a sh*t about you being black, but that you were just an obnoxious drunken jerk who deserved to get kicked out of a bar? And then you punched a woman? Unbelievable. By playing the race card like that, you cheapen every legitimate case of racism that's being fought in the US. Hang your head in shame; you're pathetic...

810 days ago


A racist woman bartender in New Orleans?? You mean to tell us that you purposely ignored the "whites only" sign posted at the entrance? You dumb buffoon.

810 days ago


I am so tired of being called a racist anytime i disagree with a person of color. I can't even criticize our president for running up our national debt without being called a racist. I have officially turned racist and you people are turning more and more whites in to true racist as well. Keep it up and see where this country ends up. Eventually we'll have a civil race war and while we're fighting each other the Chinese will come in and take us all over. Just wait and see how the Chinese treat your race :)

810 days ago


I am so sick of blacks crying RAAACIST everytime they do something stupid and get called on it. Like how now we know that Obama was a mistake and want him out....RAAAAACIST!

810 days ago


Oh man, cuba still pulling that f*ckin race card sh*t. Dude wants race card, let's give the race card. Beat the ni**a black and blue till he almost dead lying in a hospital. Then maybe he be thinking... I shouldn;t be a jack ass and pay attention to the LAW next time I shoot my mouth and start a fight. Yea, too much damn racism in that. Who woulda thot... #TRUTH!!

810 days ago


I am not freaken tired of the race thing....everytime something happens it is because they are racist or against gays...something just happen and soon Owebama and Mouch will be gone and this will settle down.

810 days ago


I dunno...seems like Cuba was drunk and did and/or said stupid things. Doesn't just about everyone who is drunk act the same way? Why single him out?

810 days ago


Cuba is just another privileged rich prick I doubt he's ever felt the true sting of racism.
Sober up and stop acting like a spoiled brat.

810 days ago
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