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Cuba Gooding Jr.

RIPS Bartender in Fight Clip

'She's Racist!'

8/3/2012 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cuba Gooding Jr.
called a female bartender a "RACIST" for kicking him out of a New Orleans drinking establishment this week -- and the heated exchange was all caught on tape.

TMZ broke the story ... cops issued an arrest warrant for Cuba following the incident at The Old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street early Tuesday morning -- when the bartender said Cuba shoved her for telling him to leave the pub.

According to the bartender, Cuba was intoxicated and had gotten angry at other bar patrons for taking pictures of him ... at which point, she told Cuba to get lost. That's when she says Cuba roughed her up.

The video cuts in right after Cuba leaves the bar, and the brunette follows him into the street, telling someone to "call the cops right now."

Cuba tells onlookers, "She's racist. She's racist. She doesn't like me." Moments later, another bystander yells, "He took a woman and he shoved her!"

But Cuba probably won't be prosecuted -- as we reported, management at The Old Absinthe House just announced the bartender won't be pressing charges.


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Got kicked out of bar and now everyone is a racist.... Boo Hoo.....

781 days ago


wow, what a surprise. calling the race card. so much easier than admitting your are just an a**hole.
blacks are the most racist people i have ever met.

781 days ago


Using the "Race Card" every time something doesn't go your way is getting really old. This is one of the reasons racism is still around today.

781 days ago


Let's see.........HE shoved HER into a wall, several times, yet SHE is supposed to be racist? Am i the only one to see something wrong in this explanation?

781 days ago


Drunk people should not take videos, the camera was moving all over the place.

781 days ago


Bartender= 'one who tends bar' not one who makes their antogonistic presence known on a public sidewalk.

781 days ago


I am so sick of black people claiming a white person is racist sikmply because they disagree with them or won't give them whatever they want. Well congratulations, you have turned me racist with a vengance. I won't hire your race for my company, let you in front of me in traffic, hold the door open for you, etc.

I'm a silent majority. Oh Yeah, Get a dang job!!!!!!!!

781 days ago


Cuba, n.o. loves you ass

781 days ago


Pay off.

781 days ago


I'm REALLY tired of people using the race card when it has NOTHING to do with race. Being a nasty belligerent consumer and race have nothing to do with one another. There are people out there that are ignorant racists but that was NOT what this was about. Cuba is an arsehat.

781 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Cuba - She doesn't hate you because you're black. She just hates you, period. That's not racism. Assuming that it is racist actually *is* racist itself, by implying a white person can't dislike a black person without race being the reason.

781 days ago


Well, ugly white women seem to have a major thing for famous black actors.

781 days ago


If this story is true then he is a coward and now we know. A man takes responsibility for his actions regardless of race. He appears to be a coward, a drunk, obnoxious, bully, coward. Go away, get your head out of your ass, dude, and grow the F up.

781 days ago

Dick Whippler    

Is this turd even relevent anymore??? Nothing shocking about ANOTHER black person accusing some random caucasian of being racist. My question is, even if that woman made some bigoted comment, he shoved her......

781 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Yeeessss, I love this story so much, this is one of the best stories in my whole life !!! It's right up there with Paula Dean eating a big ole' Greasy Cheese Burger with her Type 2 Diabetes. I'm P$ssing myself right laughing.

781 days ago
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