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Judge to Usher

Stepson's Death Will NOT

Delay Custody Battle

8/3/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_tameka_usher_01The judge in the Usher/Tameka Raymond child custody case has refused to postpone the trial because Tameka's son died -- ruling the trial will resume as scheduled later this month.

As TMZ first reported, Usher wanted to have a court date moved back because he was worried that with the recent passing of Tameka's son ... the court hearing would cause "unnecessary stress and strain" for himself, Tameka, and their two minor children.

But Tameka argued Usher was just posturing for the press and his concern was "bogus." She claimed in court papers Usher "visited Kile in the hospital only once" during his 15 days on life support.

A judge in Fulton County, GA has now ruled, saying the case will go on as planned and Usher will once again take the stand. 

The trial will resume on Aug. 13 and is only expected to last a few more days.


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I just can not wrap my brain around Tameka. Sweet little Kile has a father. Ryan seems to be a nice man. Why does Tameka care that Usher did not tweet about little Kile. Someone tell this girl that God does not read tweets. He does she all devil.
Get off the internet Tameka. Pay attention to your boys left on this earth. You look really bad.

809 days ago

MS P    

where was she when her son was hurt and why did usher have to pay for a private jet for her and who had the other children something is wrong with this woman and I really hope that the judge can see through her and give usher full custody of his children and make her move out of his home and be responsible for her kids welfare also, parents should have a 50/50 stake in kids upbringing and needs

809 days ago


Usher's family warned him about getting involved with her. At least he got two beautiful lsons out of it.

809 days ago

evelyn riggins    

It's very sad. She need to get her life right with god now.

809 days ago


l usually wouldnt comment about someone that has just lost a child but in this case l will Tameka has her prioritys all screwed up , Usher most likely just visited once to not bring stress upon that B~~tch why she was having a tough time , he made resources like planed medical costs available to her , Kile may have been a step son to Usher but he most likely is devesated himself ,Most humans get very upset when they hear of children dying and its thousands of times worse if you know that child related or not .Sounds like she has massive anger issues and she should take a step out of Ushers book and stop talking to the media your son died look after your family she wants the case to go to trial now because the sympathy vote lets be honest

809 days ago


Life is short and I hope they can work this out for the sake of their living children. Just like Kyle was taken in the blink of an eye the same can happen with the others. Work it out!

809 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Tameka is so messed up she couldn't possibly believe Usher didn't care about her deceased child that was there when they married. Cmon Tameka if he was good enough to marry and she doesn't think he cared about him. Tameka is the one bogus because why would you marry someone who doesn't care about your son. Tameka is bitter and now needs custody of both because she needs the money !! KEEP IT REAL!

809 days ago


Her child is not his, so Usher no need to be there everyday. Where is her child daddy? he should be the one by her child side everyday.

808 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

Tameka is seriously bleaching her skin. That is one hell of bitter old tranny..She was married with THREE children when she started cheating with Usher, and abandoning her husband and kids. Now she can't bear the fact that Usher has abandoned her. If it hadn't been for Usher nobody would even know who she is, crazy woman, and full of inferiority complexes

808 days ago


Maybe Kile's biological dad was there more, which makes perfect sense to me. Tameka and Usher are already at each other's throats with their bitter divorce and all the extra media attention surrounding their drama (the most recent was Tameka trying to fight Usher's new girlfriend), so him constantly visiting people who despise him would cause unnecessary stress for everyone there at a time they were all praying for a miracle that wasn't coming.
He did fly her out there and he did visit. I may be wrong, but I think him helping her get to her son ASAP and at least visiting with Kile was enough. I'm assuming Kile's real dad was there. Plus, a lot of people were shocked Kile was kept on life support as long as he was due to the nature of his injuries and no brain activity.
Rest in peace, Kile.

808 days ago


Also, I don't think I could handle courtroom drama so soon after burying my child. Maybe it's just me, but I'd need some time to regroup. I do think it'll be added stress on Tameka. For whatever reason she thinks she'll be fine.

What are they finalizing anyway? Alimony and child support for the 2 kids Tameka and Usher produced, right? Or was there a prenup? Seems like it's taking forever and child support should be easy to determine. Must be alimony causing this trial to stretch. On another topic, did Tameka cheat on her husband while she worked with Usher? If he did cheat on her, which I assume impacts alimony dollars, would that info mean anything? Like, you're mad he cheated, but you did the same? I haven't followed their relationship much, so I wondered.

808 days ago

Queen Karma    

WoW , this crazy , focked up beotch is jsut crazy. Did she learn antyhing?
Her son, not Usher's, died a horrible young death at just 11 years old and she still wants to fight Usher.
Let the man have equal time with his sons. She still gets a boatload of money.
Smarten up. Old, ugly hag.
SSUher feelings for her sons bogus, well, where was Kly's father? Usher is not his father. usher works. He will not be there to see his sons daily either.

808 days ago


Gonna be something if the judge grants HIM custody..she will have basically lost 3 of her kids in a matter of months!!

808 days ago


Tameka R. brings a whole new definition to term 'baby mama drama'. Usher probably thinking to himself right now he wish he hadn't slip her the dick.

808 days ago


He shouldn't have married that old woman in the first place. She's too old for him. People are always rebelling and don't use common sense. Now the kids are caught up in it. It's ashame.

808 days ago
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