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Jeff Ross 'Batman' Massacre Joke

CUT from 'Roast'

8/6/2012 9:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0806_jeffrey_ross_01Comedy Central is censoring Jeff Ross ... refusing to air the jokes he made about the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre during this weekend's taping of the "Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne."

Ross -- who came to the event dressed like Joe Paterno, accompanied by two young topless boys -- has been under fire for cracking the following zinger, directed at Seth Green:

“Seth, congratulations. This is actually a great night for you ... you haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora. ... I’m kidding. You are not like James Holmes. At least he did something in a movie theater that people remember!”

After the taping, one of the producers announced that the joke would be cut from the August 12 broadcast.

Ross later admitted he crossed the line -- but told NBC News, "That is what Roasts are about."


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This really just seems like run of the mill stuff for a Comedy Central Roast. The roasters ALWAYS roast each other before they roast the "guest of honor". Did any of you see the Charlie Sheen roast? The roasters went IN on each other. Still, I think this joke could have waited a while and was in poor taste considering the event happened less than a month ago.I do think people should keep in mind, however, that this joke was not a shot at the Colorodo victims- it was a joke entirely at Seth Greens expense.

719 days ago


Okay, I'll admit it, I'm getting really “Sikh” of these mass shooting jokes.

719 days ago


I wonder if Jeff Ross would of showed up dressed in the Penn State attire if he had a loved one that was raped by Jerry Sandusky?

Or would he have made the shooting massacre joke if he had lost a loved one in it?

There is nothing funny about either of those topics!

719 days ago

Freddy Calabasas    

Funny is Funny.
he's not making fun of the victims. he's making fun of seth green.

719 days ago


Eh, at this point I say if you're gonna make a joke about it, go ahead and do it if it's just killing you not to say it. Eventually the public will once again become desensitized to another aspect of humanity and be able to make TMZ comments on it without getting lectured by some fat house wife.

719 days ago


Jeff Ross Just shows he supports mass murder and he supports Child Rape.

719 days ago


Another insentive white male
I swear if a black had done this we would eat him for dinner, our whining wouldn't stop
Yet again another white male get a slap on the wrist for his dumb antics
What grown man will be this stupid,I mean sooo stupid and insensitive?
Who elas? You guessed it, a white male mr. the whole world belongs to me cause I'm still a kid and believes it, bla bla bla.
Grow up be a man and have compassion and respect for others

719 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

This guy went to a roast looking like Mr Kotter from the TV show Welcome Back Kotter. As Freddy BomBom Washington would say, Mr Kot Tell!
Jeff is upset that no one wants roast him.

He actually looks like Sandusky!

719 days ago


Here's my problem. Within hours of the shootings in Colorado people on Twitter, Facebook and other social sites were plastering jokes they thought were "funny" to the issue. Everything from "I didn't think this movie was good enough to die over", or "Clearly [Dark Knight Rises] was a killer at the boxoffice". Tasteless, senseless, and often met with "LOL" or "Too Soon".

2 (count them!!) 2 Comics made less than stellar commentary on the tragedy. The jokes were misdirected, and yes I agree, not exactly in the best of taste. However, in comedy there is always a line that gets crossed. If you roll back to most of the funniest jokes you've they or do they not carry a subject matter that at one time could have been concidered senseless or tasteless? I bet you have. To say you've never laughed at a "Helen Keller" Joke, or someone elses misfortune. To say you didn't mention a Space Shuttle joke. To say you didn't have a bit of a laugh at jokes about many less than stellar subject matters would be an outright Lie.

So to Jeff Ross, Dane Cook, and countless other comedians who will cross a line somewhere...Keep challenging comedy. To the rest of you, remember, you laughed at something at some point that wasn't exactly in the best form.

719 days ago


That's the problem with this world. People get offended by every little thing. It's a damn're supposed to say offensive things. I guess the world is just filled with pus*ies

719 days ago


Never heard of Jeff Ross, but I do know Seth Green. Like we can forget he was in the Austin Powers movies. I also remember him in "Enemy of the State"...the title of the movie is less memorable though. Untrue jokes are just not funny in my book.

719 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Degenerate Jew. You guys always show your vile ways. But try talking about the holocaust in any negative way, you guys start yelling bloody murder. That's why in past and present civilizations, Jews have been seen as parasite's with no souls.

719 days ago


What a moronic excuse. That is not what roasts are for. They are for mocking the celebrity; they are not for mocking victims of a fresh tragedy.

719 days ago


You can't tell a joke like this and make it work unless it is too soon. Noone will remember the shooters name in a few months so if you're going to tell a tasteless joke like that you have to do it early on. He's a funny man and known for his TOO SOON? jokes so this is nothing new for him. We all know if it were any of his loved ones in that theater that joke would not have come out of him. There is a time and place and it was a joke he should have just let go of. If the same thing happened in a crack house we'd probably still be laughing.

719 days ago


You're all idoits, the joke was ****ing hilarious.....people die everyday, thats life, we pick up and move on, deal with it

719 days ago
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