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Khloe Kardashian

I'm Ready for My

'X Factor' Screen Test!

8/6/2012 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0806_khloe_kardashian_xfactor_articleKhloe Kardashian is being seriously considered to become the next host of "X Factor" ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... they have whittled down the list of finalists to 6, and Khloe is on it.

We're told Khloe would like the gig, but she's not going to get it without a screen test. Production sources tell us ... producers will be doing screen tests in the next 2 weeks. Our sources say they will NOT buy a pig in a poke, and anyone who wants the hosting job must audition.

Not a bad move for the show, because the Kardashians are a proven audience draw. 

So we gotta ask ...


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I luv u RPattz!    

I thought you need to have talent to be a judge? If Khole gets the job....where do I sign for the next opening?

773 days ago


I really was looking forward to XFactor, since Demi is a judge, but I am NOT impressed by Khloe....

773 days ago


entertaining . i like it anybody is is better to me then britney spears , gag ! everybody hates on khloe & hates on the kardashians period .. joke on everybody else because while yous are haten yall helping them get paid ! so shes a winner to me ! GO khloe

773 days ago


@Blackywas_here, I just read your comment
and as an intelligent, decent African American woman, you are very ignorant, no class and
an embarrassment to the black community.
If a white person called an African American
the "N" word. their would be a major uproar
and serious problems. We all are human
beings, who breath, live and die back to the
dust of the earth. We all bleed, have dreams, have life stresses and sins. The only thing
makes us truly different is culture, community, mind-sets, and economics. Other than that it's just the skin we are in. God made us different
and beautiful, for an amazing purpose! I feel racism would end if the adults would learn to communicate, listen and realize it's just skin
and mentality. What are we teaching the next generation! Jesus wasn't racist, sexist, evil or mean. Why must we? not all black people are
ghetto, classless, ignorant, evil, lazy, mean
and heartless! You just perpetuated all the
stereotypes of black folks as being jerks and ignorant with no class of human deceny! All
of us do not support your Bs! Grow up! and
learn to read, like starting with the true and factual word of God.

773 days ago


I'm sorry but, I do not want to see a known
tranny on anymore t.v. programming! If I
have to see another Kardashian speak
with their cuppie-doll , 3 year old voices I
am going to break my t.v. asap! These
talentless, money hunger hookers and
their mother "Madam Kardasian"pimp
out her daughters, and allow her 15 & 17
old daughters to run her instead of she
running them shoot me now or forever
hold your piece!

773 days ago


She will NEVER get pregnant now with more added stress.
The swing that fell thru her bedroom ceiling and the long stick with a feather to tickle Lamar never worked anyhow

773 days ago


no fking way. I am so tired of those people. I absolutely will not watch it. Are you really kidding me????

773 days ago


Who is in the running? Pimpmom will do ANYTHING to get her the gig, you'll see!
The fact is, the ratings sky-rocket when the kardashian's are on ANY show, just a fact.
I'm not a fan of any of them, but the numbers speak for themself

773 days ago


The Kardashians are a proven audience draw? TMZ in K pocket? I think they will have more people NOT watching (look at your own poll TMZ) because of the trashy K name.

773 days ago


Khloe is the only Kardashian I can somewhat tolerate but I don't see how she's qualified for the show. We all know how much "talent" the Kardashian's have. (Not very much lol)

773 days ago


Daily Mail is also running this story but paid Kardashian commenters bugger up the site - so glad these paid folks are not on TMZ where REAL opinions are welcome.

773 days ago


Based on what talent? Oh please; there are tons of other people who could fill that seat, although any Kardass would fill it completely.

773 days ago


And pray tell what specific talent /qualifications does she have for this position or for that matter any talent position and please don't insult yourself by claiming she's a celebrity.

773 days ago

MS P    

I thought you had to have a real talent for music but I guess you don't what is with this family that they just want go away, well this is another show that I will not be watching, the whole family got famous from one sex tape

773 days ago


Pretty twisted that Simon is so intense against anyone he considers "no talent", and what, they're gonna pay someone millions to JUDGE others and the judge is completely "no talent"? Wake up Simon; you will so lose viewers on this.

773 days ago
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