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Olympic Equestrian

Cruel and Unusual

… for the Fans

8/7/2012 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you suffer from insomnia? Have a hard time falling asleep? Enjoy watching humans get rewarded for accomplishments of hard working animals? The you're going to love Olympic equestrian ... the most boring "sport" ever created by man.

Seriously. We'd rather watch paint dry, and then try to remove it, then watch that "Bachelorette" guy huff said paint remover (allegedly).

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F*CK YOU TMZ. This is the sport of King's. I'm insulted by your ignorant post. Go to Hell TMZ.

808 days ago


I like to see you ******* at TMZ even try to get on a horse. Whoever wrote this article should be ashamed and apologize to the milllions of people loving this sport. You're a bunch of pansie assed fools.

808 days ago


The most ignorant article you have ever posted. Send one of your employees to give show jumping a shot and then tell me its boring. Ignorant peasants!

808 days ago


After showing horses for years there is a lot of trust and skill needed. You just don't jump on a horse and tell it to jump and you just hold on. Have you ever sat in that saddle and tried to stay on and remained balanced while a horse took a jump? I think badminton is more TMZ's style...then they can giggle at the word shuttle****.

808 days ago

Kim Daenzer    

Wow TMZ. What a really ignorant statement from you. Keep YOUR personal opinions to yourself. It also proves you know nothing about this event. It is not the horse doing all the work, the riders are the ones controlling and getting the results from the horses. Extremely dissapointed in you.

808 days ago


Dear TMZ,

You are a celebrity news blog. No one cares what your opions are, so please do us all a favor and refrain from posting your personal feelings regarding a SPORT that you clearly know nothing about and calling that news. Stick to what you know: writing ****ty celebrity stories and out-of-context headlines. K thanks.

808 days ago


First the Phelps comment now this horse**** comment. You just lost a customer TMZ. Anyone else want to follow suit?

808 days ago


I HAVE NEVE UNDERSTOOD THAT THESE SPORTS ARE OLYMPIC SPORTS BUT BARREL RACING ISN`T! It takes practice conditioning and unity also. The difference is more adreniline quicker reflexes and less impact on tne knees ( joints) of the horse!!!!!!!

808 days ago


Just because your ideas of riding a horse is on a carousel, you think there are people who don't love the equine sports competitions. And, don't for a minute think the rider just sits there and the horse does all the work by themselves. This is a partnership with communication through legs, hands, and body to aide the horse, maintain their balance, and not knock down poles and fences balanced to fall with a feather. TMZ's staff should get a better education about things other than celeb retards. Equine sports are far more interesting than leotard-clad girls on uneven bars and frozen face smiling swimmers with robotic movements and drag queen makeup slathered on their faces. The horse sports are an ancient partnership of human and animal. That concept is obviously far beyond your staff's capacity to comprehend.

808 days ago


as someone who trained on horses back in the day i can tell you.. HORSE JUMPING is HARD work! it's not just depending on the animal there is so much more involved! i for one love watching the sport!

808 days ago


Wow. Since when does TMZ have this much time to talk crap about a sport (yes, it is a sport) you know nothing about. As a dressage rider and past jumper, I can tell you they are two of the hardest things I've ever learned to do. It takes courage and hours of training, I'd love to invite all of you over to my house and try getting on my horses and see you ride. Stick to what you know and if you think it's boring...DON"T WATCH. Just like I don't watch your show anymore. Oh and how about just supporting your country and the fact that these athletes...anyone from swimmers to badminton to equestrian are representing us. At least they're good enough to make it. Go USA!

808 days ago


TMZ, YOU SUCK DONKEY BALLS FOR SLAMMING THIS SPORT. Just because you don't understand it don't slam it. That blonde bimbo should try to ride properly in a dressage saddle, ask the horse to make the complex movements or shut her damn pie hole. The crip move she called it is called a HALFPASS. Dumb b***h. And taking your horse over a jump takes SKILL. It is a team sport between rider and horse. Now STFU! Grrrrrrrrrr

808 days ago


I can believe what a stupid, ignorant and insipid post this is by TMZ, the site who's qualification's for hiring writers is only if they can identify a woman's ass and breasts. Equestrian sport is one of the few "sports" that is interesting and suspenseful, I think all the other running and jumping activities are boring. Gymnastics and equestrian are my favorites as they give you the opportunity to witness triumph in truly challenging work that is inherently dangerous, unlike watching people jog, play golf, or drive around in circles. What disappointing lack of intelligence and decency on the part of TMZ.

808 days ago


Really TMZ? The horse doesn't do all the work, it's a partnership. You do EVERYTHING. Just because they don't have their horses racing around a track so people can gamble doesn't mean it's boring. It's a thrilling sport to watch and even more so to actually partake in. This is ignorance at it's finest.

and FYI, you don't hoop and holler at a horse show, it would be the dumbest thing alive, unless you're trying to get the rider thrown off -___-

807 days ago


You arrogant idiots. I was a huge fan of TMZ until i read this article, and watched the video. How dare you mock one of the most COMPLICATED partnerships in the olympic world. Horses are very complex animals, and riding them in said competitions is both dangerous, and requires a lot of skill. I DARE YOU To get out there and do it yourself, if you think it's that boring!

As a show jumper myself for over two decades, who went to the USET trials with my HORSE for this event -- you should know that what you've said here, has started a chain reaction of loss with your 'former' fans, in the equestrian comminuty.

For once, get your heads out of your asses, and realize what you've done!

Any equestrian sport costs hundreds-of-THOUANDS of dollars to do. Getting to the olympics is a phenominal feat, and you've just nailed your clan to the wall, by mocking us with such a dire lack of respect.

All the best, we're all done with you.

807 days ago
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