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Debbie Rowe to Judge:

I Support Joint

Guardianship of MJ's Kids

8/9/2012 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe -- the woman who gave birth to two of Michael Jackson's children -- has filed legal papers saying she SUPPORTS the new joint guardianship arrangement ... but is warning TJ and Katherine that she WILL intervene if things don't work out.

Rowe filed the documents in L.A. County Superior Court today ... saying she has reviewed the co-guardianship application and signed off on the deal reached between TJ and Katherine to share parenting responsibilities for Paris, Blanket and Prince.

But in the docs, Debbie warns ... "Should the arrangement sought by TJ Jackson and Katherine Jackson become untenable, unstable, unsafe, or in any way contrary to the best interests of the children, Ms. Rowe will seek court intervention."

Rowe claims her concern is for the health, safety and well-being of HER children; and says she will continue to ensure their needs are met.

Remember, when TJ first petitioned for guardianship, the judge said that Debbie must be notified.



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If I am not mistaking didn't she sell her rights to thoughs kids to Michael? Go sit your ass down somewhere.

805 days ago


Debbie has stated publicly that she includes Blanket whenever Paris and Prince visit, so he won't be left out of these cir***stances, either. Diana Ross would also have to be involved if this comes to pass, as well.

805 days ago


This bitch mother can talk, white ppl want to exploit black ppl all the time. Their main concern is MJ's money, nothing else.

805 days ago


How much does Debbie R. get to NOT be the mother of Prince and Paris?

805 days ago


Well.... never heard of any interview of this woman so far on the matter...only sources reports... she got visitation with her biological children and from what I've read a child psychologist would have supervisioned their meetings....everything always regarding her children anyway.....

805 days ago


I was under the impression that Debbie Rowe was merely an incubator for the children Michael Jackson wanted and was never the "mother" in any sense but biologically. No?

805 days ago


wow, Paris looks like her

805 days ago


Like she really cares. They need to be with Diana Ross, that is the simple solution to all the problems. Grandma is too old and the nephew is still a Jackson and out for the money just like the rest of the relatives.

805 days ago

Lynda Jones-owings    

She looks like a lesbian. Why would the court even consider her; she sold the children.

805 days ago


In an earlier post in another board (about 2 months ago) I wrote: "So much fighting about MJ's money, how much you want to bet Jackson's money will wind up in Debbie Rowe's hands?".
It looks very possible, if Paris doesn't squander it first!

805 days ago


In California (and in most states), it's very, very difficult to terminate parental rights. Unless the Jacksons can prove the Debbie Rowe is unfit, she can walk into court and get custody of the kids.

There are very tragic situations of moms dying of cancer and their abusive exs who haven't seen the kids in years get custody because they are the biological parent.

A grandmother or cousin has absolutely no standing to get custody if a biological parent is capable of caring for the children. Grandparents can spend thousands of dollars fighting to get their grandkids away from biological parents with substance abuse problems or mental health issues. The courts always side with the biological parent.

Debbie Rowe is absolutely fit to be a parent. She was married to Michael, she gave birth to the kids, she's there mother. It doesn't matter if she hasn't been a part of their lives. She can walk into a court house and get custody of those kids in a matter of days and there would be nothing the Jacksons expensive lawyers could do to stop it.

Paris and Prince also would have no say. Kids can't say "I want to live with Grandma instead of Mom" like they could in divorced parents situation or where there is not a biological parent.

In the case I've seen, two kids were dragged kicking and screaming away from their grandmother to their father who hadn't seen them in 5 years and lived in a trailer park full of drug addicts.

805 days ago


If Debbie Rowe was really concerned about the well-being of her children, then she would have petitioned the court for sole custody of Prince and Paris, and perhaps Blanket. She knows two teenagers and a middle grader are too much for Mrs. Jackson at her age; but, I suspect that Debbie does not want to deal with teenage rebellion any more than the next person. She'll let Paris give Mrs. Jackson a stroke and run roughshod over T.J. until she reaches her majority, then Debbie Rowe and Arnold Klein will step in to "guide Prince and Paris through adulthood." Mrs. Jackson does not need the money or the headache that comes along with managing PPB's 40% of the estate. Let Branca and McClain look after those children, if their mother won't do it. And, people, stop looking to Diana Ross to save the day. She has absolutely NO responsibility for those children, despite what Michael wrote in one of his drug-addled states of mind. Michael, Arnold Klein, and Debbie Rowe were the brains behind Michael's family--not Diana Ross--so let the real parents step up and take care of these rich kids.

805 days ago


805 days ago


Money, Money, Money, Money, Money.....Money (singing)

805 days ago


What nerve this woman has. She sold her own kids to a pedaphile. Disgusting.

805 days ago
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