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'Batman' Shooter's Lawyers

Our Client Is INSANE

8/9/2012 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Lawyers for James Holmes just stated in open court -- they believe their client suffers from a mental illness ... and they need more time to figure out what's wrong with him before entering a plea. 

Holmes' attorneys made the announcement during a hearing today, in which several news outlets had assembled to argue that the judge in the case should unseal court documents that could reveal important details about the July shooting in Aurora, CO.

Both the prosecution and the defense wish to keep the documents under wraps while the case is pending.

While everyone was in court, Holmes' attorney also appealed to the judge on an unrelated note -- demanding prosecutors and investigators turn over ALL documents related to the case ... in order to help the defense team determine just how crazy their client is.

The lawyer said, "We cannot begin to assess the nature and the depth of Mr. Holmes' mental illness until we receive full disclosure of all the documents."

It's the first mention of Holmes' intent to pursue an insanity defense.


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It doesn't surprise me that they would use the insanity plea, It doesn't surprise me that they said he has a mental illness either, once you commit a crime that's where they run to first, he or she is iasane or has a mental illness. Same ol thing different story.

813 days ago


Seriously? That's a joke...if prosecution decides ok on this, they really don't put this guy behind bars...he wasn't insane when he wrote in detail his plans for killing those, where's the insanity? maybe the court system or justice system

813 days ago

BB not bb    

They are doing this to spare him from the death penalty. I don't think there should be a death penalty. I don't think there should be insanity defense either. I think people should just be responsible for what they do. I think he was of very sound mind to set up such a sophisticated death trap in the theater and in his home.

I think he might have been asisted with this elaborate set up however. If they want to look at mitigating ciru***stances, fine, but I think saying someone was just crazy when they did something is not looking at thw whole picture.

813 days ago


I want to date him.

813 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Of course he is crazy! He shot 70 people in a movie theater. HOWEVER, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing, wore a bullet proof vest, rigged his apartment with explosives and had weeks or even months to get all that weaponry. So yeah, he is crazy but he knew what he was doing. HANG HIM HIGH.

813 days ago


America certainly loves to hate. I can't beleive how many people here are seemingly worse then Holmes in their hate and vengeance. Maybe we DO need stricter gun laws to protect society from YOU!

813 days ago


He's not insane, he knows exactly what he did and what he is doing now. Pleading insane will get him in a mental institution. Take him out back and shoot him between the eyes and be done with it. Why should we continue to pay for these people?

812 days ago


Of course they want you to think he's batsh@t crazy... He's not. Just kill the fu@ker!

812 days ago


Insane?!?!?! please ... 4 year-old died, her parents aren't going to see her anymore when she finishes grade 1, first kiss, prom and so on. I like Vlad Tepes, you killed, you'll be killed insane or not. An eye for an eye! Thats what I believe in, I know he has parents but all i can say is sorry, you should have had him checked out!

812 days ago

Fernando Dávila    

Ok I am from colombia and my only question is what other defense besides he is insane, do they have its a crappy one!!!!!

but its the only one

Insane people dont plan the way this sicko did

they should just throw him in a room with the family of the people he killed and close the door for a couple of minutes

812 days ago


Of course hes crazy and has a SEVERE mental illness thats just bull that they need more info. they need more time this man menatlly ill or not needs to punished ASAP so not to waste our tax dollars and time having to read about him . DEATH sentence is what he deserves!!!! An eye for an eye.

812 days ago


NO F-ING WAY!! This SOB was same enough to pass the background check to buy the semi-automatic gun, he can be sane enough to put the needle in his arm, and I am very much against the Death Penalty. The only reason he didn't kill more innocent people was aim, because he certainly had the ammunition. BASTARD.

812 days ago


Put him in prison or stick him in a mental hospitol for the rest of his life. Both are fine by me. Oh and if they can, a court order that prevents the media from conducting interviews with him in the future.

When I thought about future interviews this guy might have, I thought of Charles Manson, since he has done a few. So I looked up to see some of the most recent Manson interviews. I thought I would find some from 10 or so years ago. The fricken dude gave an interview to Spains "Vanity Fair" in 2011 where he talked about his opinions on Obama and Global warming. I DID NOT expect to find that in my search. That is just repulsive that interview exists. Definitely need to bar the shooter from future media interviews in some way. Hopefully 30 or 40 years from now I won't be able to find out his political opinions from a few taps on a keyboard. BLAH

812 days ago


who didnt see that coming?

812 days ago


Really? You don't say!!

812 days ago
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