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Joan Rivers To ADL


8/10/2012 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0810_joan_rivers_adlJoan Rivers is scoffing at the Anti-Defamation League for blasting her over a comment comparing Costco to Nazi Germany, telling ADL officials, "Shut the f**k up!"

The ADL is pissed that Joan made the comparison to protest the fact that Costco banned her book, "I Hate Everyone ... Starting With Me!" because of foul language.   ADL officials say, "Such comparisons only serve to trivialize the Holocaust and are deeply offensive to Jews and other survivors."

But Joan -- a Jew -- tells TMZ, "My husband lost his entire family in the Holocaust," adding, "My comment reminds people of the Holocaust because half the people now don't even believe it ever happened."

Joan adds, "Germany is where banning books started, and it can start here just as quickly."

And Joan made this obtuse comment, "I'm educated.  I know how to spell Nazi."



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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Joan is one of the REALLY BIG REASONS that there is Anti-Semitism---- She is a disgusting human being- A foul mouth, decadent human being who only has interest in herself, for attention and SHEKELS!!!!She is just like some of the loud mouth, self-centered, moral-less Jewish comedians that thrive on pushing the envelope to suit their EGOS!!!

715 days ago


That's my cousin pushing the shopping cart! Crazy stuff!

715 days ago


Who the hell wants to read about someone as unfunny, obnoxious and insignificant as Joan Rivers?

715 days ago


Where's the 'like' button, here? I like!!

715 days ago

BB not bb    

Joan Rivers is offensive to everyone, but deeply, how is that when she is just cracking jokes? In other words, if you don't like her jokes, don't buy her book or invite her to one of your dnners. Problem solved.

715 days ago


Joan Rivers is a discusting Nazi Lover.

715 days ago


Joan: "My husband lost his entire family in the Holocaust". Wikipedia: "when he was a small boy, his family emigrated from Germany to Denmark and then South Africa in order to escape the Nazis". I'm not saying Wikipedia's a wholly reliable source, but those are hugely different statements.

715 days ago


That's right, Joan! Use your freedom of speech while we still have it in this country!

715 days ago


She's a foul mouthed, plumped up old prune. Costco has every right to choose what books it wants to sell and what books it doesn't. It's not like they're Barnes n Noble.

715 days ago

BB not bb    

Jews backstabbling other Jews and for profit, where have I heard that before, oh yeah, the JUDENRAT. ADL collects money from Jews to attack other Jews. Nice CHARITY work going on there, huh? It is not deeply offensive at all that she makes her joke, it makes you think what it all really meant or means. I thought about it and decided that Costco was trying to prevent dirty words being on a book jacket, so that is not Nazi-like, but she has freedom of speech in America to say that it is.

Iran is right now building an atomic bomb with the purpose of wiping Isreal off the map, and these people are worried about Joan goofing off in Costco. There are bigger fish to fry. I would say that she is just a tadpole who is not even of any use in attacking.

715 days ago


This bitter, old shrew needs to shut up and disappear before she hurts herself. She's not "edgy", she just has a big mouth. She thinks she can say whatever she wants because she's been around the block more times than a stolen bicycle. I hope someone finds her and takes her down a peg or two.

715 days ago


I think it's bull s##t no one can make any comparisons to Nazi Germany, Jews must have had it trade marked or something to that effect. It was horrible what Hitler did, but jewish people need to remember that there were plenty of other groups of people had killed as well, the Russians lost 12 million, I guess that there deaths didn't matter as much since the Germans didn't kill them in a concentration camp.

715 days ago


Someone should reign her in. Where are her handlers? She has gone from funny to a mean, crazy old woman. Her whole career is going to come down to what she's doing now and like her or not it's been a hell of a career. Someone should make her sit down and shut up.

715 days ago

BB not bb    

Jews are right now in danger of another extermination. Iran has the nuclear capabilities of making an atomic bomb and the intent to use it on Isreal. Isreal knows this and is planning preemptive action to prevetn being wiped out. This will most likely lead to Armageddon, because once they take out the Iranian nuclear facilites, most likely other countries will invade Isreal.

Jews are always under threat. Joan chosses to make jokes about it. That is her choice. People have differnt ways of coping with horror and overwhelming facts.

If it weren't for humor, I think alot of people would be insane and unable to cope with life. They might even be dead from stress. Humor is part of the Jewish soul, which she is keeping alive. It is better than living in fear and crying all the time.

715 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Is she still a commedian? Last time I saw her do stand up I was 7 or so.

715 days ago
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