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Lamar Odom to Power Balance:


8/10/2012 5:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808_shaq_lamar_odom_power_balance_Article_tmz_2Lamar Odom and Shaquille O'Neal are back on Kobe Bryant's team ... in the celebrity attack on the Power Balance bracelet empire ... TMZ has learned. 

TMZ has obtained court papers, which show Odom claims the company stiffed him out of $133,870  before it filed for bankruptcy back in November.

Lamar was a minority investor in the company ... and swore by the non-scientifically proven magical powers the hologram-embedded bracelet is said to possess.

As for Shaq -- a former Power Balance spokesperson -- court docs show the big man is demanding $308,170.

The two join a long list of athletes who claim PB needs to open up its checkbook  ... including Kobe ($400,000), Blake Griffin ($20,000) and skateboarder Ryan Sheckler ($25,000).

TMZ broke the story ... PB was ordered to shell out $57 million in a class action lawsuit after a bunch of former PB wearers called BS on the company's claim that the bracelet could enhance balance, flexibility and strength.

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No Avatar


so they invested in a company which was obvious bs.shouldnt they be paying money out of their pockets for their lying to the public?

802 days ago


Don't believe the hype. That's a drop in the bucket compared to the type of money these guys blow on the daily.

802 days ago

BB not bb    

I have heard a couple of people say that these bracelets work. I never got one becasue they are not cheap and I couldn't understand how they work. I suppose the judge didn't know either so he awarded the suit. I feel bad for the company if they were run out of business for no good reason. I don't know why rich basketball stars are hounding them now either.

They might have had a really good alternative medicine product and were just shut down by competitors who want people to be sick and weak instead. These basketball players should help try to save the company if they believe in the product, not kick a dead horse.

Are they filing a separate claim or do they want to be awarded part of the pay out to the people who say it didn't work? I don't think they would be part of that claim. These guys should stop being greedy.

802 days ago


People are Soooooooo gulible, when will you learn? Now go to church and pray so you can fly around with angel wings one day.

802 days ago


Now they are investing in a company that markets little dolls that come with (6) 24 carat gold plated straight pins..

802 days ago


"Stupid is, as stupid does"...they shouldn't have to pay a penny out to the morons that bought this trash.

And if these "stars" got/get paid to promote this crap, they should be sued as well...because their "endorsement" probably sold more of the crap than the claims made by the company.

802 days ago


Anyone who thinks a piece of jewelry will make them a better athlete deserves to be taken.

802 days ago


It's true! "There IS a sucker born every minute." Anyone with a shred of reasoning would never buy one.

802 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Lamar And Shaq are a power house investment team. They are so very knowledgeable. After all Lamar is a Karjackassian. I mean Kardashian and Shaq is 9 foot and 7 inches tall. A matter of fact why don't they invest in Rob Kardashion's sock business. I hear that the socks make you run and walk faster and they also shape your butt like KIms.
Phishie from Philly

802 days ago


These pro athletes should be ashamed that they were willing to mislead their fans for a few bucks. They aren't the victims here, it's the people who's opinions they may have swayed. Shame on you.

802 days ago


Just proves that money can't by brains.

802 days ago


Buy, that is.

802 days ago


in other words it was fine and dandy when they were reaping benefits from duping the public by endorsing this bs..but want to sue when they get duped by the company they were working for

802 days ago


Remember these 'celebrity spokespersons' next time they're hawking the next craptastic miracle product. Snake oil salesmen, nothing else.

802 days ago


You know, they probably would have made as much or more just making necklaces with NO miracle claims. Just buy them because we're wearing them kind of thing. Bet they would have sold as many and still be in business.

802 days ago
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