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Robert Pattinson

Passes on Blasting Kristen

for Cheating Scandal

8/13/2012 5:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The interview just aired ... and RPatz pretty much came to one conclusion -- he needs a publicist asap. But like we told you, he still did NOT bash Kristen.

While eating pints of Ben & Jerry's, Jon joked with Rob ... "Boy, you are better off, kick her to the curb!"

Stewart buttoned up the convo by saying, "When you are young and you break up it's powerful and you feel like the world is ending. This is first time I've seen the world actually react that way. It's insanity." Well said.

Robert Pattinson
took the high road in his first interview since Kristen Stewart 'fessed up to cheating on him -- because he did NOT publicly tear her a new one for the scandal.

Pattinson just finished taping his 'Daily Show' interview with Jon Stewart ... and sources in the studio tell us RPat seemed anxious about answering the inevitable Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders affair question.

But Rob refused to rip his ex-gf. When Jon Stewart asked how he's holding up ... Pattinson said something to the effect of, "I intend not to say anything."

Jon didn't press further, saying ... "I wish you the best, these things happen when you're young."

Outside the studio ... some of RPat's fans actually booed him as he entered, because his SUV limo pulled in without stopping.


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Glad to see he took the high road. It's more than she deserves.

800 days ago

South Beach    

He had choice between being a guy with class or Seal/John Mayer 2.0. He chose wisely.

The Daily show was good choice for breaking the ice for getting back out there.

800 days ago


Like anybody gives a flying f*ck if his retarded 14 yr. old fans booed him

800 days ago


Yet another reason he should dump her. He's got way too much class for a little immature tart like her. Always rise above ...

800 days ago


Meh...Nothing to see here.

All the talk of him taking the "high road" is typical of persons who don't know how Hollywood works.

These things happen in the industry. The breakups only occur when the public finds out.

He is following SPECIFIC directions to SHUT UP and KEEP QUIET so this "thing" will blow over before the last Twilight movie premiers in November.

Don't be surprised if there is a reconciliation...

800 days ago


ex- gf? oh pls...they're still together. AND the paps were the ones doing the booing...

800 days ago


Does this dope now wash his hair?

800 days ago


Pay attention to important issues, not constant nonsense, bulls$it and crap... bunch of weak minded people!!

800 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

oh please .... this is a fake story from beginning to end
of course he is not blasting her
he is so coached on every word he mutters
these two were never in a relationship to begin with
it was a very crafted image from the very beginning and it is all about $$$$$$
people don't fall for this
all levels of media are in on it because they all make $$$$$ off YOU who see/pay to see the movies the magazines the advertisers

799 days ago


Might Rob should kick her ass...coz he is one of the most sexiest actors in hollywood..How can she leave him and go for a man who is already married and had 2 kids?

799 days ago


He's young... she's young... they'll get past it and be together or else they'll move on and be with other people. Either way... who cares! He doesn't owe anyone an explanation or a statement about it.

799 days ago


This guy is going to be just fine. He did really well in that interview.

799 days ago


aren't they making fun of her in some way? she's allegedly eating ice cream, smoking pot and refusing to shower, isn't she?

799 days ago


I never used to be a fan but maybe now that those god awful twilight movies are over, I can be lol. This is definitely class on his part. I could never take to Kristen Stewart. I dunno, just something about her I don't like.

799 days ago


After all this time and experience with interviews, neither he nor Kristen can speak legibly to interviewers. They are still horribly painful to watch. They can't collect their thoughts or just be real....they are too busy being completely embarrassed and out of their element. We thought this would pass, but it hasn't.

799 days ago
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