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Katherine Jackson

Wants Estate to Pay for TP

Not Janet's Mortgage

8/16/2012 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We have more info on Katherine Jackson's request for the Michael Jackson Estate to pay for expenses related to Janet Jackson's Las Vegas home, and it turns out toilet paper -- NOT mortgages -- is on her mind.

As we previously reported, the Estate filed documents asking the court to allow the Executors to pay Katherine for "expenses relating to .... a residence in Las Vegas."

We're told the residence is Janet Jackson's home.   Fact is ... there's no need to cover any mortgage expenses, because we're told Janet doesn't have a mortgage -- she owns the home outright, but never spends time there.  In fact, we're told she bought the home so Katherine could use it.  And, she has provided various other forms of support for Katherine over the years.  So what we reported initially -- that the Estate would pay part of the mortgage -- isn't the case.

Sources connected to Katherine now tell us, Katherine wants the money because she incurs various expenses when she spends time at Janet's property.  Our sources say the expenses include, food, cable, utilities, Internet, travel and even toilet paper.  

It's unclear why Katherine feels she's entitled to more money for things like food and toilet paper, because what she consumes and uses in Vegas she doesn't in L.A.


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what a bunch of leaches - including mama bear.

776 days ago


Doesn't matter who asked for it. But it was Katherine before the Arizona wildfire of madness that asked for the extra dollars to cover her expenses here. It is still going before the probate judge for this. But I would never let my mom or any of my family pay for the expenses living at one of my homes if I had the means to provide for them. Just sayin.

776 days ago


The staff at TMZ need to do there fact checking- better.

Katherine needs to use her resources wisely from the estate or she'll be out of dough, if she doesn't micro manage better!

776 days ago

You're wrong    

Because in the end she is just like the rest of them, a lazy money grubbing loser that used her son for everything he had and did nothing to protect him. She would die a million times over if she had to live off of SS like other old people.

776 days ago


These people need to stop bleeding Micheal's estate . This money is supposed to be for his children. The family is healthy and make enough money to take care of themselves. Stop bleeding these poor kids and get your own damn jobs..That includes you Joe you lazy blood sucker. Mike's children arent required to support the family.

776 days ago


All these Janet haters need to stfu no matter how wrong TMZ is all the Janet haters still try to find reasons to bad mouth Janet and it's pathetic and laughable lol.Toilet Paper isn't expensive and it isn't Janet's job to make sure who can wipe their ass. Katherine should be able to wipe her ass without having Janet to pay for it. If she needs more toilet paper i'm sure her other kids can buy her a few rolls you ****ing idiots!

776 days ago


Are we forgetting that when Michael died the state was 500 million dollars in the red? And it was Katherine and the rest of the Jacksons aided by the lawyers, who came up with the big deals. Jacksons withstood 3 years of financial insecurities and making promises to pay to creditors, until they could clear all the debts and see some profit. Michael worked very hard, and he was a genius at what he did, but he also lived a very high lifestyle! The MJ estate had a trust, but it only had accounts to pay when he died, as far as we know!
Katherine is entitled to 40% of the trust, and that's probably where she is making her requests!
If I were her I would do the same! She's up in years, and whatever is not used from her portion is going to go down the drain, anyway. So why not use it while she's still alive!
The kids' 40% will grow even more until they are in their 30s. They will always be taken care of!

776 days ago


wow you guys are having to back track your stories a lot these days. Hire some fact checkers, it's making you look daft.

776 days ago


i said it then and i will say it again when michael died people didn't have a jackson to talk about or pick on anymore, so they would moved on to the next famous one, Janet. one thing you have to remember is that janet is not at all like michael she will get in your ass for messing with her. let the hate began in 5 . .4. . 3. .2. .1

776 days ago


I knew you would recant that Mortgage Story, TMZ is determined to have Ms. Jackson stick foot in your ass. As for Katherine if you need the estate to pay for TP, maybe u should switch to Depends...just saying

776 days ago

Oh well    

What a greedy bunch, I let people eat and wipe their A$$ free at my house.

776 days ago


TMZ you are just guessing about what is going on with this family...LEAVE THEM ALONE.


Try LOVE, RESPECT,KINDNESS and PEACE toward one another it makes for a happier place for us ALL!!!

776 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I just cannot stand her anymore. If $70,000 a MONTH is not enough for you then maybe you need to go back to Gary, Indiana and remember what it was like to live on $50 a week and raise a family.
I am sorry to say this to an 80 something woman but you are acting like a gold-digging whore.

776 days ago


I'm trying to have some compassion for Granny Jackson, but boy is she making it hard. How often is she visiting Janet's place? This woman is getting thousands each month and she cannot survive? Give me a break. The entire Jackson clan are leeches, top to bottom.

776 days ago


Simple fact of the matter is that Katherine is still sponging off the estate.

776 days ago
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