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Katherine Jackson

Wants Estate to Pay for TP

Not Janet's Mortgage

8/16/2012 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


We have more info on Katherine Jackson's request for the Michael Jackson Estate to pay for expenses related to Janet Jackson's Las Vegas home, and it turns out toilet paper -- NOT mortgages -- is on her mind.

As we previously reported, the Estate filed documents asking the court to allow the Executors to pay Katherine for "expenses relating to .... a residence in Las Vegas."

We're told the residence is Janet Jackson's home.   Fact is ... there's no need to cover any mortgage expenses, because we're told Janet doesn't have a mortgage -- she owns the home outright, but never spends time there.  In fact, we're told she bought the home so Katherine could use it.  And, she has provided various other forms of support for Katherine over the years.  So what we reported initially -- that the Estate would pay part of the mortgage -- isn't the case.

Sources connected to Katherine now tell us, Katherine wants the money because she incurs various expenses when she spends time at Janet's property.  Our sources say the expenses include, food, cable, utilities, Internet, travel and even toilet paper.  

It's unclear why Katherine feels she's entitled to more money for things like food and toilet paper, because what she consumes and uses in Vegas she doesn't in L.A.


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just wondering why janet, has to give her mother money since mj, gave her alot of money every month (even while he was alive). also people talk about janet being so wealthy, yet kat is trying to get money to pay janet back for everyday expenses while visiting janets house?

805 days ago


So with your stupid lies, you got people turning against Janet like she is a bad person. Get your facts straight before putting anything in print. Janet is still very much In Control

805 days ago


Maybe because NONE of these people have paid for anything on their own for so long that they think this is just the way its supposed to be. Hey; she popped them out, now why should she have to write a check at COSTCO? different than a welfare check.

805 days ago


I wish that Estate would demand through a judge that a written statement with receipts be given once a month to prove where the hell all this money is going that Katherine is getting. How the hell do you need more money with 70k a month. I don't see the kids being paraded around in designer duds. I don't see the kids hitting up Disneyland, Disney world or any other amusement park (Until TJ got half guardian ship) as a matter of fact, I can't remember seeing that money being spent on those kids in the past three years, they always seem to be at home. I doubt three kids and a grandmother are going through 70k in groceries.

805 days ago


OMG I hope they do not give it to her. If she is renting a house, why would she incur any costs at Janet's house? Am I missing something, other than the fact that the Jackson family want to take all of the money away from the children?

805 days ago


First of all TMZ need to check and double check their source. Luckily they're not sued for slander.
Next, Katherine gets around $30,000 a year. That's about $360...,000 a year. When she dies there's no more money. I'm sure the estate lawyers are paying themselves way more than that now.
It's rumored the estate is worth a billion so the children won't ever be hurting for money. They will also earn their own income as Paris is already doing with her television performances. The estate lawyers are smart and they can invest and double or triple the amount of the estate. When you look at the big picture Katherine is only getting a pittance. Next to his children, MJ loved and trusted his mother more than anyone else in this world. Anyone who wouldn't do the same thing as Katherine is a liar. Ask anyone who deals with wills and estates what it's like in families when someone passes. People are like vultures. This isn't unique to the Jackson family. Katherine should be well taken care of before she passes.

805 days ago


OK Fact check: Janet has a house in Indiana! This is just a residence she uses to entertain not so intimate friends. Me thinks She must have smelled the rat and the wind is coming from a certain set of directions!
What's the estate gona do now, Offer th sell Randy his house? Geez folks get a grip!

805 days ago


TMZ and the other people should stop bashing Janet. Especially the MJ fans that hate JJ.

Lets not forget that a couple of years ago, when MJ was still alive, and MJ couldn't pay for the Encino compound anymore, it was Janet who paid for it. (,2933,187452,00.html) It was also Janet who paid for the insurances and employment costs for the Neverland Ranch when MJ couldn't pay for it anymore.

Janet bought the Las Vegas condo for her parents, not to reside there herself. This is already known for years. Most of the time it is Joe who stays there. I think Janet is everything but greedy. Just like MJ used to do, JJ also gave her mother a share of the money she made and still makes.

So yea, if I would buy my parents a house as a present, and already paid and pay them millions of dollars, yea, then I would expect them to buy their own toilet paper, especially if I would not the one residing in that condo.

805 days ago


I think you need to verify your sources info before you post stuff. While this may be why Katherine wants the money, Janet doesn't outright own any property. She still has mortgages on everything. Makes NO sense at all why Katherine would need money for this.

805 days ago


Yall stay reporting some bullsht and when you get caught you try to cover it up. Fking gutter rats.

805 days ago


" So what we reported initially -- that the Estate would pay part of the mortgage -- isn't the case."
TMZ should be more like HYPO for Hypocrites. Laughing at celebrities apologies but when you're busted you can't come clean, coaching it in backhanded speech and let me guess, this is your version of a "retraction". You guys are so fvcked up.

805 days ago


Flash: Jackson's - "Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money". Flash: MJ spins (not rolls) over in grave!

805 days ago


We all know who lives at the Los Vegas home - Randi, Jermaine and Rebi's kids!!!
They aren't allowed to dump their kid on grandma anymore so they're trying this angle.
Jeroime and Randi are near bankruptcy even though they have been getting Grandma to pay for all their kids expenses, pay for their ex to live at her house, as a way of leaching off of MJ's money.

I HOPE and PRAY the estate can and does see through this nonsense. Janet is helping her siblings in the most grotesgue and public elder abuse in history!!

What did they tell her - ask the estate for money for my empty home I'm gonna fill with all the kids or else we'll kidnap you again?

805 days ago


Just never satisfied with the handouts. I need more, I spent what you gave me! Save? Huh? What's that word mean? I just know how to spend all the money I have until the next payday arrives. Why can't I have more money now? Seriously puke worthy people.

805 days ago


I'm stunned that Jermaine and Janet and them don't think we can see they are just yet again trying to get to MJ's money through Katherine. It's so obvious

Like when they said that their contesting the validity of the will stating that it had nothing to do with money and MJ's kids will still get their money~ HA

What they don't think people can see is that MJ's kids get a hell of a lot more than the current 40% of the estate but 80% - because they get Katherine's portion when she passes.

If they succeed in saying the will is fake then Katherine doesn't have to leave her money to MJ's kids at the will states, but can leave it to all of her other grandchildren who have deadbeat parents.

Katherine probably did have a mini-stroke recently and that's why the siblings are scrambling to get the money in their or their kids names before she passes.

805 days ago
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