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Lady Gaga's Bodyguard


Takedown in Romania

8/16/2012 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga's bodyguard WRECKED some dumbass autograph seeker who tried to get too close to the singer in Romania ... and the brutal takedown was all caught on tape.

Gaga was trying to walk through her hotel, flanked by two beastly private security guards, when the autograph seeker tried to go through a revolving door and get in Gaga's face.

But the bodyguard POUNCED ... grabbing the dude by the head and slamming him to the ground ... instantly neutralizing the threat.

Gaga seemed startled at first ... but quickly realized she was in good hands.

The autograph hunter eventually picked his sorry ass off the ground ... and was immediately thrown out of the hotel.


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Who cares. I would not want to meet that ugly "thing". I feel sorry for the guy getting thrown down for nothing.

798 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Hay lady,
Your fans made you. Not your talent because you have none.

798 days ago


That was absolutely hilarious. That was a pretty weak takedown though. But either way, the dude did what he needed to do. These overzealous fans are just OOC! : )

798 days ago

TMZ Staff Are 100% PURE SCUM    

"The autograph hunter eventually picked his sorry ass off the ground ... and was immediately thrown out of the hotel."

Yeah like you guys and your s***bag photogs aren't SORRY ASSES for what you do. This guy goes in for one autograph and he's a sorry ass. You guys terrorize celebs and their families 24/7 365 and you're not sorry asses? Freaking lowlife s***bags.

798 days ago


He looks kinda 'special', should make for a hell of a lawsuit.

798 days ago


DAYUM! Was that necessary? Did they think the guy had a gun?

798 days ago


Gaga go and kill yourself preferably the way the animals that you wear for "fashion" know being skinned alive.. you fcking monster

798 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

I think I would run the other way if I saw that no talent bitch coming

798 days ago


These bodyguards are nothing but thugs who assault people. This is a gross misjustice of abuse by someone who has no authority to put his hand on anyone. Gaga, is just a over hyped jackbut who needs to start respecting animals, and not act like one,

798 days ago


Was a bit harsh, but to be fair... you'll never know the guy will turn on her and stab her with something.

798 days ago


I don't like it when bodyguards go too far.
But the fan ran towards her, big red flag to a bodyguard that there's threat.
Fan seems innocent, dude who wanted an autograph, but you can't pop out of a door suddenly and run, bodyguard is going to react instantly.

798 days ago


It wasn't all that brutal. I was expecting him to get slammed down. That was a professional take down that didn't do any real damage to the guy. He should be lucky it wasn't the police. In a place like Romania they probably would have beaten him to a pulp.

798 days ago


Ewww Fans.... GET THEM AWAY FROM ME!!!

798 days ago

Billy Reynolds    

What the f*ck?! He had a pen and paper, not an uzi. That bodyguard should be done for assault. Normal folk get beat up but s*** photogs get away with murder?!

798 days ago

furious cupcakes    

Look at this B*tch walking around like her sh* smells like roses. She is just so far up her own ass that someone can't even run up with a pen and paper for a lousy autograph without getting violently attacked. Who the F* does this joke think she is, the queen of England? You sing songs honey, you're not really that important you filthy little troll.

798 days ago
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