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Lady Gaga's Bodyguard


Takedown in Romania

8/16/2012 2:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lady Gaga's bodyguard WRECKED some dumbass autograph seeker who tried to get too close to the singer in Romania ... and the brutal takedown was all caught on tape.

Gaga was trying to walk through her hotel, flanked by two beastly private security guards, when the autograph seeker tried to go through a revolving door and get in Gaga's face.

But the bodyguard POUNCED ... grabbing the dude by the head and slamming him to the ground ... instantly neutralizing the threat.

Gaga seemed startled at first ... but quickly realized she was in good hands.

The autograph hunter eventually picked his sorry ass off the ground ... and was immediately thrown out of the hotel.


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furious cupcakes    

Didn't this loser just make a statement about how she doesn't stand for "abuse or childish antics"' of ANY kind? 2 seconds later her team almost renders someone mentally retarded for being excited and asking for an autograph. GET A CLUE you s*** bag.

800 days ago


That's not your average autograph seeker. He is a pro seeking to resell the autograph, much like a stalker or papparazzi. They are obnoxious just to make a buck. They don't want the autograph for themselves and could care less, it's all for resale. Notice everyone else was outside the doors with the press for the most part. This jerk thought he could pull off a Hail Mary play from the rear flank. He got off easy. Notice how compliant he was in leaving when the hotel man just pointed to the outside. He knew what he did was wrong. All part of the trade.

800 days ago


Who the **** wrote this piece? You sound so immature, grow up. Why are we still talking about this chick lately anyway? She has nothing to offer anymore. We all know she will always wear dumb s h it for attention, copy off other artists, make stupid, unintelligent statements that make people like me, hate her ass even more and hope she disappears soon. :)

800 days ago


who cares about all that, who is the hottie walking out just before her with short shorts, heels and nice long legs

800 days ago


lol but she cares about her fans.he was clearly not a threat with a pen and paper only wanted an autograph...also tmz calls him a sorry ass.yet their photogs run up to celebs all the time putting cams in their face.hypocrites

800 days ago


I agree completely with #3, Bug--no longer a Gaga fan after her dead animal comment. And really, is she above autographs? She shouldn't be--you don't hear about her that much anymore.

800 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

LOL!! That was great. I've been manhandled by security before. It really made me respect what they do. But I did eventually get to talk to the celeb for a minute or so after a bit of manipulation. :)

800 days ago


in b4 she tracks the guy down and does a meet and greet.then suddenly everyone will be all googly eyed over her again for her pr stunt she will pull.

800 days ago


Good to see she can't be bothered with mundane things like scribbling her name on a piece of paper.
Google "Lady Gaga Before and After" to see what she looked like before her image was created by execs at a record company.
Sickening. And no matter how stupid she dresses to try to hide it, I only see that hideous "Before" picture when I see her.
Remember your roots b1tch, one day no one will care about your autograph, and definitely won't be assaulted for trying.

800 days ago


Look at the video again. I think the girl walking out ahead of Gaga might be a body double. It looks like she is getting instructions from one of the bodyguard on where to go once she makes her way outside. She isn't dressed up crazy like Gaga does, but she looks a lot like her.

800 days ago


The guy went where he wasnt supposed to go and got what he deserved. They could have messed him up a lot worse than that

800 days ago


Only stupid violent Americans can agree with what this idiot bodyguard did. It was totally uncalled for. The guy has a damn pen and paper in his hand and was just overly excited. There was no need at all to slam him like that. Idiots must be on crack all the time.

800 days ago


Ferocious? moother has given me worse spankings than that !

800 days ago


Like a boss

800 days ago


Ferocious? bwahahaha My Mother gave me worse spankings than that!

800 days ago
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