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Halle Berry

Is Nahla a Paris Pawn?

8/19/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_halle_berry_gabriel_aubry_paris_articleHalle Berry is locked in a bitter custody trial with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Halle is asking the judge to let her move to Paris with Nahla, and Gabriel is saying, "Over my dead body." So we gotta ask ...


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TMZ your producers are slow of coarse Nahla is a pawn. You are taking her out of the country away from her father for no reason,

799 days ago


It's not about Paris being safer. It's only Paris because that's where Olivier is from. If he were from Afghanistan or some other dangerous country, I think she'd still be trying to make a case for why it's "safe from paparazzi" in that country.

When you enter into parenthood with a partner, you don't just get to decide you suddenly want to be the only parent. Gabriel has the same right to parent Nahla that you do. You're being selfish and unfair. You're using the paparazzi because it's trendy and convenient.

799 days ago



799 days ago


I think it's bull**** that she just wants to pick up and move to Paris, without even considering Gabriel. I've read that he's a male model, but I doubt that he has enough money to travel back and forth from the states to Paris, or pick up and move there forced to start a new life just because Halle fell in love with a frenchman. I hope the judge rules against her or if he does rule in her favor than she should cover all of his expenses for travel and lodging and what not. She should set him up in a nice apartment or buy him a home over there. She's always been a nut, with the new administration over there wanting to tax the rich at a 75% rate I think she needs to think things over all more than she has. Who knows maybe she's hooked up with Mitt Romney's "Bain Capital" and is using the same tax dodge that he is. lol

799 days ago


Come on. There are plenty of places in the United States that there aren't as many Paparazzi! Move to the suburbs, or Iowa, or any other non celeb filled city. Get out of California. If Jen & Ben affleck can give their kids a normal life, so can you and any other celeb.

799 days ago


You go ahead Halle, move to France. Immerse your daughter into french culture, the french language. Move to a country where Gabriel can also move to, work and thrive in the language he was raised with. Another stupid move, but you go ahead.

799 days ago


I read that Roseanne had a custody agreement with that latest bodyguard/husband of hers. They had a son, and she wanted to move to Hawaii. He contested the move, saying he couldn't afford to travel to see the boy. So Roseanne agreed to pay for his regular trips to Hawaii to visit their son, including lodging, travel, etc. However, after awhile, Roseanne decided she was not going to pay anymore, that if he wanted to see the boy, he could pay to get there. I don't know how it was eventually resolved.

798 days ago


I can't stand Tom Cruise, but I have to admit that with respect to ttheir daughter, he and Katie seem to have handled their split very well. They've each bought homes in NYC to stay close to her & appear to be generous with each other about spending time with her and not bashing the other parent in front of her. Too bad that skank Halle can't take a cue from them about how to put your child's needs first. Her wanting to move to Paris isn't about safety - she can just as easily move to Minnesota, Rhode Island, Alabama, etc to avoid LA's paps - she only wants to go to Paris to be with her French boyfriend and to stick it to Gabriel. She's pretty on the outside but a shallow, vengeful nutjob on the inside.

798 days ago


so i'm thinking here... has ms berry ever had a relationship end where she didn't become pretty unpleasant toward the man? seems like she has a bit of a problem resolving conflict

798 days ago


Did he really say "over my dead body" or is this TMZ's bs ?

798 days ago

For Sooth?    

Why don't you ask Princess Diana if Paris was safer?

798 days ago


By the way, the judge is a man or a woman ?

798 days ago


the only person who caused this mess was and is halle berry. leaving ur child untended in a hotel room in africa while you go on your dates isn't good parenting, taking your daughter to a well know beach where you know you'll get photograph by the paparazzi isn't good either. claiming you want peace and privacy from the papp but someone from your "team" calls them to tell them where you are and where your going for the day doesn't help either. if she doesn't want to be followed then stop going where they are, move to a non famous area out of state and thats it. halle causes all this **** just to spite gabrial and thats sad bc it just shows halle's true colors and her coler is BITCH.

798 days ago


There she goes again, wanting to FOLLOW a man halway around the world and guess what, THIS relationship will not work out either. Halle has issues with relationships, something's wrong with her.

798 days ago


I'm wondering if this is not the third time we get the same subject, Nahla+Paris+Halle.... lol
Too bad we don't have the answer now.

798 days ago
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