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Rosie O'Donnell

I Had a Secret Heart Attack

Last Week

8/20/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0820_rosie-odonnell_TMZRosie O'Donnell suffered a major heart attack last week but kept it a secret ... until now, when she revealed the whole scary ordeal on her blog ... as a poem.

In a post on Rosie's official blog dated August 20 ... the comedian drops a bombshell with an entry titled "My Heart Attack" ... in which she explains how she went into cardiac arrest and didn't even realize it.

In the post she explains (in poem form) ... she experienced chest pains, clammy skin, and vomiting ... she then took an aspirin -- but never bothered to call 911.

The next day she went to see a cardiologist and was informed by her doctor that her symptoms were a result of a "widow maker" heart attack.

She says in the post, "50% of women having heart attacks never call 911 ... 200,000 women die of heart attacks every year in the US ... by some miracle I was not one of them."

She ends with a warning to other women saying, "Know the symptoms ladies ... listen to the voice inside ... CALL 911... save urself."


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PIG! (douchebag comment) PIG!

761 days ago


Don't blame Rosie for calling it cardiac arrest. She didn't. The young, uneducated writers at TMZ made that mistake. They must have thought it sounded more dramatic than what she actually said. The symptoms of heart attack in women are often overlooked and mistaken for something else, so it's not surprising that she didn't think to have it checked out right away. Heart disease is a far greater risk for women than breast cancer, although you'd never know it from watching all those Very Special Episodes on tv shows. It's speculated that the regular bleeding during the menstrual cycle is protective because it prevents iron buildup, and excess iron may be involved in heart disease. Regular blood donors seem to show a similar protective effect. Women lose that edge on menopause, which is when their risk of heart disease greatly increases.
Unlike increasing numbers of Americans today, Rosie has the insurance and money to call 911 if she felt she needed it and to consult with a cardiologist the next day. A ten minute ambulance ride in my town costs $750. A hospital bill for a simple heart attack can easily cost 80 thousand dollars. Insurance companies routinely cherry pick their way through such bills even if you think you're paying for 100% coverage above the deductible. Most of us are one illness or injury away from massive debt or bankruptcy, even if we manage to keep insurance as the rates skyrocket (which they do once you get into your fifties, the companies want to push people out of the pool when their risk of making claims starts to increase).

761 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    


761 days ago


I thought for sure it was going to be hoof and mouth disease.

761 days ago

Ed Zebrowski    

Too bad. I was rooting for the heart attack.

761 days ago

Big John    

Rosie, I am happy that you survived and especially happy that you have penned a message to all women. Too many women die from failure to call for help.

761 days ago


While I hope Rosie is feeling better, she did not truly have a "cardiac arrest", as she says. A cardiac arrest is not a heart attack, it's a where the victim's heart suddenly stops beating and the victim loses consciousness. A victim of this condition must be given immediate treatment (usually CPR) or will quickly die.

761 days ago


Headline said she suffered a "MAJOR" heart attack?!? WTF....You do not go to your cardiologist the next day with a major heart attack...You are on the ground, unconscious, and hoping to hell someone calls 911 in time.

761 days ago


She didn't have a heart attack. She had chest pains, found out she had a blockage and they put a stent in. Not that it's not something serious, but that's a long way from having a major heart attack and cardiac arrest.

761 days ago


I never feel happiness/joy when I hear that someone I dislike/loath is very ill or dies.

761 days ago


I never fee lhappiness when I hear that someone I dislike/loath

761 days ago

Pins Whittemore    

Odds are it was just a huge backed-up fart. Once released, Rosie felt a hundred times better.

761 days ago


I dont wish this on anyone but this woman is an absolute nut job. After she recovers she needs to be transferred to the psyche floor. There is something very very wrong with her and I feel so sorry for the kids she has adopted.

761 days ago


And she's been having Ugly Attacks her whole life. She had the heart attack after finally realizing her career is over after Oprah dumped her. I wish I could meet Rosie so I could throw up all over her.

761 days ago


Karma's a bitch, Rosie! That's what you get for wishing cancer on people who eat Chick-Fil-A. You got lucky that God's a merciful God and allowed you to live.

761 days ago
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