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Lindsay Lohan


After Police Interview

8/21/2012 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082112_lohan_launchLindsay Lohan is getting the hell out of dodge after police questioned the actress regarding an alleged Hollywood Hills burglary yesterday -- catching a flight out of L.A. this afternoon.

We're told Lindsay is bound for New York -- where her mother Dina lives. It's unclear what she has planned in the Big Apple.

As we reported, Lindsay was interviewed by police yesterday following an all-night party in a Hollywood Hills mansion -- during which several expensive watches and sunglasses allegedly went missing.

Lindsay told police she had nothing to do with any stolen property -- but the house owner believes she invited the burglars into the home.


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john johnson    

HEY! JUST WHO IN THE HELL IS SURPRISED BY THIS MOVE?!?! its unbelievable this bitch STILL has a cult following!

796 days ago


she probably owed some drug dealers money and they didnt want her to pay for the drugs with sex any more so she had to come up

796 days ago


Rogie just can't stop thinking about gay men kissing. He wants to see MORE! C'mon TMZ, you're going to lose one of your most dedicated readers, Rogue Warrior, if you don't provide him with tonight's fapping material! This is SO important to him, that he needs to discuss it on a Lindsay Lohan story. So do the right thing, Harvey. Give Little Rogie what his pencil d*ck craves.

796 days ago

buzz kill    

Must have something to hide, if I was guilty I would get the hell out of Dodge also.

796 days ago

Rogue Warrior    


i would eat through 3 pounds of lindsays sh!t just to get to her love box
about a minute ago


796 days ago


Boycott all things LOHAN. Maybe she will then disappear, and take the whole worthless clan with her.

796 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

She will always work her way out of it. Lindsay you always have our blessings.

796 days ago

Rouge Wearer    

Hey look at me, I'm back on TMZ spouting ca ca from my azz and my mouth.

I love H8turds, they are spot on about Liho.

Gotti rolli to the toilie

796 days ago

Rouge Wearer    

The only way I'd do Lindsay is if she were wearing a body bag.

796 days ago


Even if she bought the tickets earlier, that doesn't make her less suspicious. The timing could have been planned to give her a way to leave town after the deed was done. She might not have thought the theft would be discovered that quickly.
The only thing that will reduce suspicions is if the "two guys" she brought are identified and cleared. If she didn't help identify and find them, that adds to the suspicion around her. A normal person visiting a house that has been robbed would not hesitate to at least give names and addresses of people she brought into the house. If she didn't do that- she's in trouble.
A possible motivation for her would be to pay off a drug dealer by getting thieves into the house. She has a history of drug use, massive debt, and is on probation for theft. So even if she isn't stupid enough to steal something herself, she is most likely stupid enough to let thieves in to get a dealer off her back. It all hinges on who those two guys actually are - if they turn out to be as pure as the proverbial driven snow, then she's a less likely suspect. Always somewhat of a suspect because of her long history, though. Come on, TMZ. Exercise some of those CIA-level skills to dig out a real story.

796 days ago


TMZ when are you going to settle on one version of what happened? You said much earlier Lindsay talked to the cops and was cooperative. Your next story said she asked the cops 'am I a suspect' they said no so she left. On TMZ live you also said Lindsay was leaving the house at noon, the cops asked to speak to her, she asked if she was a suspect , they said no and she left. But NOW you are reverting back to your original story saying she gave an interview to the cops. I don't think you have a clue TMZ, you are stirring up bs because you can and most of the time you are wrong.

796 days ago


She probably took the jewels with her for a safer hiding place.

796 days ago

Rouge Wearer    

Fcuk all you Enablers. This pudgy wudgy stole the goods and fled the scene of the crime.

She gonna go down, and I ain't talkin about on some little prick.

796 days ago

Rouge Wearer    

Hey Help, DaveT and Red Cloud

Fcuk ya'll

796 days ago
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