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Harry's NAKED Romp

Ragin'est Vegas Trip Ever

8/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Prince Harry's BUTT NAKED billiards party was just a small part of his wild weekend in Las Vegas -- he was also hanging with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte! So, we got Ryan on the phone to find out what it's like getting the royal treatment on the Strip.

Plus, you gotta hear what Buckingham Palace said when we told 'em about the Harry pics.

Also, LL Cool J's awesome take down of an intruder in his home -- badass move or stupid risk to take? And Jerry Springer comes in to celebrate a big anniversary with us! We promise ... no tossed chairs or angry baby mamas. No more than usual.

(0:00) Prince Harry goes balls out in Las Vegas -- losing his shirt (and his pants) in a game a strip pool ... and we have photos of his exploits.
(4:00) Olympic hero Ryan Lochte calls in -- he partied with Prince Harry this weekend ... and tells us what it was like hanging out with royalty in Las Vegas.
(10:00) How did Prince Harry's security team let such a breach happen?
(14:20) LL Cool J beats the hell out of a guy who broke into his house -- did he do the right thing? Some people think his heroics were too big of a risk.
(18:00) Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! The great Jerry Springer joins Harvey and Charles to talk about the 22nd anniversary of his legendary talk show -- as well as the biggest topic of the day... Prince Harry's nude pics.
(24:01) Paul Ryan claims to have dated an African American in college -- does that change your opinion of him?
(29:10) Taylor Swift crashes a Kennedy wedding -- and allegedly blew off the brides mother, who didn't want the country star overshadowing the nuptials.
(33:42) Gabriel Aubrey's counterattack against Halle Berry -- he says she's in more of a danger from paparazzi in France than in L.A. ... and he uses the Princess Diana trump card to make his case.
(36:10) Avril Lavigne gets engaged to Chad Kroeger -- and everyone's excited for them, right? WRONG. Apparently people who make horrible music aren't allowed to be happy like the rest of us.
(39:20) Paris Hilton's $300k car breaks down -- and everyone laughs at her. Harvey tries to says it's not fair that the common man finds rich people problems funny ... but Charles can't stop laughing.
(42:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar

Internet Tough Guy    

Well sir TmZ were told.

731 days ago

Flying Blind    

Max dreaming about a car he'll never have. (computer screen)

731 days ago


tmz just got schooled!

731 days ago

Flying Blind    

i had a new twist one time, almost hit the ground

731 days ago


For gosh sakes its only his bum!

731 days ago


Is the media overreacting to Prince Harry's naked photo scandal? Vote at

731 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

TMZ Disclaimer: No Gerbils were harmed during the taping of this show... After is a different story.

731 days ago

Erasto Alejandro    

Is unbelievable how many of you idiots spend so much time homo-erotically "chatting" under the guise of "commenting" on a news story.
Try the REAL world!
Hint: (This means YOU "bubbles")
By the way... What a queer name you have chosen...

731 days ago


the point that EVERYONE Is missing on the prince harry story is that he is spending BRITISH TAXPAYERS' money on renting a $10,000/night suite in vegas...all so he can grope naked girls. THAT is why people are offended. if he were to do this at all, he could at least have the sensitivity to do it on the downlow so that people in bad financial situations due to this economy don't have to feel like they are being smacked in the face with this- harry has never had to work a day in his life, and clearly does not appreciate that fact.
we americans can only compare this to if a u.s. senator or representative were in pictures like this- we would be pissed that this is what our taxes are going toward funding!!

731 days ago


How long do we have to wait to see naked pictures of Harvey? I've been looking forward to them for years. Your fans aren't getting any younger. It's time for you to play naked pool with a hidden camera.

731 days ago

Sarika Choudhury    

Seriously poor you TMZ guys you have to fall to this to make your living...quit hogging into these people's personal lives and get a REAL job as fast as you can A-holes!!

731 days ago


It's so sad that Harvey is so simple minded. Having a balck girlfriend in college...?'re using that as an example of him not being racist. SIMPLE MINDED....Gah Harvey, you're so not nuanced.

731 days ago


I hope Mitt Romney appreciates Harvey Levins hard work to get him elected and Mitt should send harvey a thank you note with an invitation to a state dinner if elected.

731 days ago


Get it straight TMZ - I go between England the USA often. I have friends and relatives there - here is the fact: THe Brits are not offended by his typical, young behavior because it is a drinking partying culture BUT because the citizens of the UK pay for his antics, vacations, somthing over a millions pounds a year! They pay for everything the royals - they paid for his entire holiday in Vegas including the cost of security!

731 days ago


"Prince Harry's antics blamed on broken home, family living off taxpayers, growing up on estates & time spent in institutions...... " (ain't that the truth?)

730 days ago
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