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Halle Berry Custody Trial

Olivier Martinez

To Testify

8/26/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
has a secret witness she's going to call to the stand to support her bid to take Nahla to Paris -- her fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Sources close to the case tell TMZ ... Halle's lawyer will ask Martinez -- a famous actor -- about his experience with paparazzi in Paris.  Martinez will say the photogs are far more respectful and less aggressive in gay Paris than their counterparts in the US of A.

Martinez will also discuss their living arrangement and his involvement with Nahla. He will also tell the judge that Halle is a class A mother.

As for how the case is going, we're told baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is having trouble making his case.  On Thursday, one of Halle's expert witnesses left the courthouse early without even testifying -- he was there to counter one of Gabriel's experts, but there was no need for a rebuttal because sources connected with Gabriel tell TMZ ... his expert kinda crashed and burned.


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noreen huggins    

Olivier your turned will come when halle fanish with you. stay out of halle and gabriel and nahla business

759 days ago


If halle wants to her child to go to paris because her new love lives there, then what about gabriel? What if his girldfriend lives in japan? Will she let him take his child to japan?. She is so selfish, thinking only about herself. If she cares for her child, she will make sure her daugther gets to spent equal time with gabriel.

759 days ago


Hallesays she is asking the judge to give her permission to move to france why ? What Halle berry is really asking is pleqse judge give me and Nahla permssion to never have to see Gabriel Aubry any more because i love Gabriel AUBRY so much i cannot stand to look at him any more or have Gabriel any where near my life, Gabriels is so beautiful Halle cannot stand his presence because Halle knows now a beautiful woman will walk into Gabriels life and Halle cannot deal with that,

759 days ago


He's an idiot if he gets involved in this madness. I think they'll kick him out of the Frenchman Union for violating the be cool and adult rule.

759 days ago

adult lady    

Many years ago, a relative of my husband was a drunken mess of a woman who has since died. She was barely out of her teens when she gave birth to a daughter and left the chid unattended. The state removed the child and my husband got me to agree to take the child on a temporary basis as the mother was his first cousin. So we became temporary foster parents. This young woman's rights as a parent were terminated, and the child was eventually placed for adoption.

I tell this story because I want the folks so gun ho on Gabriel Aubry to understand something. The recommendation is that this man no longer have custody of his child. That he only receive visitation rights. I don't hear anybody screaming at the top of their voices about this. Do you have any idea how bad things have to be for a court to terminate a parent's rights? And yet I rarely hear a word about this. The hue and cry is about how this evil woman is trying to keep the father of her child away from her. I think that Mr. Aubry should receive visitation as long as it is at a state facility. Because anyone -- you or me or mine or yours -- who has a bad enough problem to take away their custody does not deserve pity from anyone.

Also, I bet the same ones yelling about that are shouting about Mr. Martinez being called to testify. Talk to any first year law student and they will tell you that he was going to be called by one side or the other because the judge is going to want to hear from him.

Most fathers in this country are good, decent, hardworking men, who look after their families. Some have the unfortune to marry badly and some become bad husbands and bad fathers. I don't claim to know exactly which Mr. Aubry falls into, but I know that he has psychological problems, and if w need reminders of what can happen when courts ignore, call Susan Powell's parents and ask them their opinion.

759 days ago

Queen B    

I think TMZ's story is bogus. Halle is the one who filed a request to move to Paris which means she is the moving party.

As the moving party, Halle will have the first opportunity to present her case to the judge. Then, Gabriel will present his case followed by the judge's decision. There is no need for Gabriel to present any expert witnesses at this time because Halle is still putting on her case.

TMZ has not run one positive story on Gabriel since this custody battle began. Every article has been pro Halle Berry.

759 days ago


It doesn't matter who she has.. she is just a selfish b i t c h who is ruining her daughters life.. and I hope to god that people will STOP supporting this overly selfish c u n t.. f u ck her.. I hope her daughter grows up to hate her a s s for taking her away from her father..Any judge that would grant a child being taken from a rightful father is definitely NOT looking out for the kid!

759 days ago


How dare that evil bitch trying to take their baby away from seeing her sweet loving father, i am happy gabry is a very loving father that is fighting for his daughter.... Halley just used Aubry to have his baby for good looks...She is nothing right now and is self-centered. Every child needs their mother and father, who does she think she is? I hope Oliver can open his eyes and see what kind of person she is by watching what she is doing to Aubry and his daughter...I think this is awful and evil.....I am hoping the judge can see this is not a good thing for Nahla....

759 days ago


Most celebrities manage to raise their families in Hollywood or near it, yet Berry needs to move to another country to be safe. Isn't she special? That's a lame argument. So what if France is stricter regarding the paparazzi, that's no reason to take the child to another country. She just wants to make it difficult for her child's father. She should suck it up like any other celebrity. She's probably almost broke and can't afford security. Straight to DVD movies don't pay much.

759 days ago


How come you didn't report that all of the psychologists that submitted reports stated that the child should not be separated from her father? Oh right, you are interfering in a child's life. Deplorable. Are you TMZ gonna testify to Halle's people calling you for phtoto ops?

758 days ago

rash on my ass    

this is funny watch lmao

758 days ago


".... Halle's lawyer will ask Martinez -- a famous actor --"
Now THAT's funny!

758 days ago


Halle Berry is a witch. There is something very deeply wrong with her. I hope Gabriel Aubrey gets his way but everyone is in Halle's thrall that it's unlikely he can win. Hopefully there will be a way he can stay in his daughter's life. But Halle is just a really disturbed woman. I can't see how Martinez can be an good influence when it's been shown what a lothario he is.

758 days ago

A B    

I think it would be odd for a US judge to accept Halle's argument and essentially rule that the US is a dangerous place for someone to raise their child and that the child would be better off in a foriegn country.

758 days ago


Olivier you're a loser for trying to steal another man's child. Have your own.

758 days ago
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