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R. Lee Ermey


for Bashing Barack

8/26/2012 1:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0820_ermey_videoEver wonder why R. Lee Ermey only did one hysterical commericla for Geico? The "Full Metal Jacket" star says the insurance giant gave him a pink slip because of his political beliefs. 

Ermey famously bashed President Barack Obama in December 2010, saying his administration was trying to "impose socialism" on the American people and was "destroying the country."

He apologized at the time for those comments, but the other day he told our photog that Geico fired him over the incident. He explained, "If you're a conservative in this town, you better watch out."

But R. Lee showed he's capable of backin the Prez when it's called for ... calling Megadeath frontman Dave Mustain's theory that Obama staged the shootings in Aurora "ridiculous."


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That is why this country is so great it gives companies the right to fire you if they don't like what you have to say. There may be Freedom of speech, but it can also come at a price.

790 days ago


I'm surprised that President Obama even wants to lead the U.S.A. Between the rush limbaughs, ted nugents, bill oreillys, sean hannitys ,etc. and the idiotic racist garbage they spew, President Obama must watch his TV in the White House and just shake his head.

790 days ago


This is America. If you stand for things citizens don't like, we have the right to say so. The Romney economic recovery plan is a slap in the face for most Geico consumers. Even that corporate monster can't publicly back it.

790 days ago



790 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Like Romney would do any better ? N*gga please ! politics and **** with the government I don't like ! They are all liars !

790 days ago


Oh C'mon Geico. Another spokesman hits the dust. Stick to the little gecko lizard thing. He's corny enough to make me laugh and some people can't tell if he's English or Australian. lol

790 days ago


People should learn to keep their mouth shut when they're being paid to represent a company.

790 days ago


Funny...the commercial you see before getting to watch the story about the guy fired for knocking Obama, is an Aflac commercial famous for firing Gilbert Gottfried for knocking Japan after the tsunami. Perfect timing guys!

790 days ago


bashin the president isn`t being conservative,being conservative is haveing one wife for life five kids a house and towing the line killing for your country and shuting your yapper.There are NO conservatives in the woods of hollyland.The GOP calls themselfs conservatives but everyone else just calls them crooks.Obama isn`t the president anyway bozo still holds that office via hilery/billery ciiltons apointed by the conservatives from thiert buleblood college ellective~SS

790 days ago


the blue blood ellect colleges frats run the country there is no popular vote thus no libs only bluebloodys higher arking the joeQ to death from smitys giggle and cashloas

790 days ago


GRASS roots movement?naw they`ll never let that happen the elite 1% run the country any way they want with anyone they want hillary left over from billary unellected by his own.Why do you think hillary stayed married to bozo for her apointed office that is more importian than o bam .She was never ellected and bozo was removed but left setting powerless but he still pardened 200 mobsters powerless even as removed as he was.ELITEism isn`t conservative it`s communism forced by the 1% whom need to THINK for joeQ whom can`t help themselfs or we`d have a popular vote by now

790 days ago


I always liked R. Lee Ermey. He plays the best drill sergeants. But I don't remember Geico ever doing a second commercial with the same celeb. Even watching it again, where would a second commercial go after that????

I mean they have commercials with Joan Rivers, Peter Frampton, the Pips, verne Troyer and Michael Winslow. But there are no second commercials that I have seen with them. Were they fired for their political beliefs too?? Doubt it.

790 days ago


actors have to only talk acording the scripted verse and text and have the shut up or get the booted from you have to be invited hollywood monopolus industrolistism.UNION TOWN union card invited or get run over kicked out burned down shot dead.The union is owned by the monopolus industral,they have no time for people yapping thiert spills only stock holder profit numbers of oneness dumbed dwon for joeQ once again

790 days ago


His drill sargent act was over 30 years ago,he`d be better cast as a genny old school but he still thinks he`s a star so he never work again in this dumb little town of hollywood hill billys and hillarys

790 days ago


GEICO has some great rates and coverages due to warren buffet owning it by he liked to GPS you aloft for murdoch and the power clubers in H-wood

790 days ago
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