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Alleged LAPD Beating Victim

The Gruesome Photo

8/27/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian Mulligan beat up
There's no doubt ...  Brian Mulligan -- an international banking honcho -- was beaten to a pulp by the LAPD -- based on photos obtained by TMZ.
Mulligan -- the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media for Deutsche Bank -- is unrecognizable in the pics -- with severe nasal fractures and lacerations, a concussion, a fractured right scapula, and numerous contusions and abrasions. 

Although the LAPD claims officers beat and arrested Mulligan after he became violent and threatening ... prosecutors declined to file charges.  Our sources say prosecutors believe the photos are "clear evidence of excessive force."  Indeed, Mulligan already filed a $50 million claim against the City of L.A.

TMZ first reported, Mulligan claims two LAPD cops beat him senseless after wrongfully detaining him ... claiming he resembled a person suspected of attempted car theft.  Mulligan claims the officers took him to a hotel against his will and when he tried to leave officers brutally attacked him.

Mulligan's lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, tell TMZ cops at the scene conceded Mulligan was NOT under the influence of drugs and they described him as “calm, lucid, and cooperative." They tell TMZ, "Mulligan had committed no violations of law and was not arrested. No drugs were found during a search of his person or his vehicle, and the officers found absolutely no evidence of drug use by Mulligan."

Flanagan and Wass say cops also engaged in a cover-up, telling us, "The two officers who inflicted the injuries on Mulligan subsequently concocted a police report in an attempt to justify their use of excessive and deadly force and to obtain a filing of criminal charges against Mulligan."


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This is absolutely deplorable! The LAPD cops responsible should be suspended without pay and brought up on charges.

50 million claim against the City of L.A. should be a slam dunk!

757 days ago


Why did they take him to a hotel room?

757 days ago


I am disgusted. I hope those police officers are fired and jailed for their crime.

757 days ago


It's amazing how little people know about getting arrested and what happens to you when you resist arrest. it is. You end up looking like this. What do you think it's pretty? LOL! Ask any person high or so out of control they can't listen to simple commands what they looked like after their arrests? Serioulsy, we are getting this worked up about some rich entitled brat who probably was being an idiot! C'mon...BAH!

757 days ago


The problem with the Americans is, that they are afraid of death. They should learn from other cultures, that have a far more relaxed attitude when it comes to the subject of dying. We are all going to die. It's only a question of when and how.

757 days ago


And Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes just get off everything scott-free.

757 days ago


He is just lucky he didn't come across some real psychotic cops. He may have seriously hurt.

757 days ago


This makes me sick to my stomach.. cops are animals! black ones were right about COPS are cop killer, serial animals!

757 days ago


Well there's is a treatment for this kind of facial injury. It's called the flap. You cut the skin in the nose, chin and forehead area, pull the the two parts backwards, and then, if you are lucky, you have a totally new face in about 7 weeks time. It's ingenious. You will all get one of these in the future, so just jot it down so you can tell the doctors.

757 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

LAPD isn't racist, they'll kick the living crap out of you no matter what your race is.

757 days ago


THE LAPD DESTROYED RODNEY KING'S LIFE UNTIL THE DAY HE DIED and now, history repeats itself on Mr Mulligan. No one has the "right" to beat another senseless as proven by these two gentlemen. We live in a country where "turn around is fair play " does not apply to police officers who abuse their badge knowing no one can touch them. Time to change some rules and send brutal officers to skid row for lessons they will never forget. No one deserves it more than those who beat Rodney King and Brian Mulligan.

757 days ago



757 days ago


OMG!! Why??

757 days ago


I guess the police don't discriminate .

757 days ago

USA citizen    

Well I guess Karma is alive and well,

do you know how many homeowners who have lost their houses to this bank, would have loved to help out in this arrest?

757 days ago
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