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Alleged LAPD Beating Victim

The Gruesome Photo

8/27/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brian Mulligan beat up
There's no doubt ...  Brian Mulligan -- an international banking honcho -- was beaten to a pulp by the LAPD -- based on photos obtained by TMZ.
Mulligan -- the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Media for Deutsche Bank -- is unrecognizable in the pics -- with severe nasal fractures and lacerations, a concussion, a fractured right scapula, and numerous contusions and abrasions. 

Although the LAPD claims officers beat and arrested Mulligan after he became violent and threatening ... prosecutors declined to file charges.  Our sources say prosecutors believe the photos are "clear evidence of excessive force."  Indeed, Mulligan already filed a $50 million claim against the City of L.A.

TMZ first reported, Mulligan claims two LAPD cops beat him senseless after wrongfully detaining him ... claiming he resembled a person suspected of attempted car theft.  Mulligan claims the officers took him to a hotel against his will and when he tried to leave officers brutally attacked him.

Mulligan's lawyers, J. Michael Flanagan and Valerie Wass, tell TMZ cops at the scene conceded Mulligan was NOT under the influence of drugs and they described him as “calm, lucid, and cooperative." They tell TMZ, "Mulligan had committed no violations of law and was not arrested. No drugs were found during a search of his person or his vehicle, and the officers found absolutely no evidence of drug use by Mulligan."

Flanagan and Wass say cops also engaged in a cover-up, telling us, "The two officers who inflicted the injuries on Mulligan subsequently concocted a police report in an attempt to justify their use of excessive and deadly force and to obtain a filing of criminal charges against Mulligan."


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International Banking Honcho eh? He may not have done anything wrong here, but for some reason it looks like karma to me anyway.

700 days ago


The police are now basically a legal street gang. They can beat you, they can shoot you, they can do whatever they want without regard to any rules or laws.

700 days ago


This is not entertainment related. Why are you reporting on it? Do you think you're CNN? You're not.

700 days ago

R. Cortez    

I'm sorry this guy got beat up and I'm thrilled it looks like justice might be headed his way, but I can't help wondering how many minorities or poor people these cops beat without anyone saying anything.

700 days ago


TMZ should look up the REAL STORY!

The police report, obtained exclusively by CBS, states that Mulligan was sweating profusely and walking with an unsteady gait when officers responded to reports that he was trying to break into cars in a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot.

Mulligan told officers he was being chased and didn't know why. He also stated that he had ingested "white lightning" and marijuana and that he had not slept for four days.

700 days ago


An international banker with 'thousands' of dollars in cash found in his car and he was snorting bath salts and, according to the Huffington Post and LAPD, he was running in and out of traffic. He probably fought them when they tried to restrain him. At least he didn't try to eat their faces.

700 days ago


LAPD Officer Cleon Joseph told The Huffington Post last week that when officers searched Mulligan's car, they found thousands of dollars. Because the executive told officers that he was exhausted, the officers agreed to take him to a motel. First, they counted his cash to make sure it was all still there after they transported him.

Mulligan said he was in the hotel room for several hours before deciding to leave because he thought he was being set up to be robbed or killed, the Daily Mail reported. He said that when he came out, he was beaten ruthlessly by the LAPD. However, the LAPD denied to HuffPost even being there after officers dropped Mulligan off.

A few hours later, at about 1 a.m., police received another call from the same area, this time about a man running in traffic, Officer Joseph told HuffPost. Mulligan, standing in the street, defied officers' orders to get out of traffic's way. Instead, Mulligan bared his teeth, snarled and charged at the officers.

700 days ago


What is the LAPD's motto?
GUILTY until proven innocent ... only in response to a lawsuit from of beating someone senseless?

700 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Wouldn't surprise me if he got a visit from the Commissioner begging this guy off not to sue the LAPD.

700 days ago

She's baaaack    

That banker is going to own the LAPD

700 days ago


Few bad cops ruin it for the good ones. They need a good smack upside the bank account to they can stop this crap. A kid was also beaten severely for riding a skate board on the wrong side of the road. Cops are the criminals.

700 days ago


Can't wait to see how the corrupt and incompetent LAPD and the corrupt and incompetent California judicial system will twist and turn this around.

Who knows, maybe we'll see another Rodney King riot.

700 days ago


Cops in Los Angeles are always way out of control.

700 days ago


Police had checked him in a motel for his own good.He should have been watching Porno as he would do on a business trip oron a bankers convention instead uf hassling with the Police.

700 days ago


Lots of dirty cops out there more then people realize & gives the ones trying to actually make a differnce look awful. Same thing applies to lawyers. Money talks & in this case some one got paid big bucks to do this. NO race is without fault & its not a black & white issue. Its a law inforcement issue. & people wonder why no respect..

700 days ago
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