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Penn State

'Sweet Caroline' BANNED

from Football Sing-a-longs

8/27/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Neil Diamond's classic "Sweet Caroline" will no longer be played at Penn State football games because the lyrics have been deemed inappropriate ... in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The song ...with the lyrics, "touching me, touching you" ... has been a traditional fan sing-a-long at Penn State football home games, but school officials have decided to cut it from the playlist -- for obvious reasons.

But here's the thing, tons of pro and college teams -- most famously the Boston Red Sox -- use the song ... which Diamond has said was inspired by a photo of a then 11-year old Caroline Kennedy with her pony.

So we gotta ask -- if the song's inappropriate at PSU's Beaver Stadium, is it inappropriate for all sporting events?

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they should make Penn State's official song "Another Brick in the Wall" by Pink Floyd. all the fans can sing together, "Hey! Teacher, leave them kids alone".

789 days ago


Hey, just a friendly reminder:

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Hahaha, Hohoho!
Merry Early Christmas!!!

789 days ago


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789 days ago


JEN must be jealous of PSU and the top notch education it's alumni have received. What sorry school did she go to?

789 days ago


Did you ever think that what Neil meant was that her picture reached out to touch him and touch "you" meaning others. Why do people have to go into the gutter? And it's Bam Bam Bam, not dot, dot, dot Harvey!!!

789 days ago

South Beach    

"Hands, Touching hands, Reaching out, Touching me, Touching you..."

Sorry folks, I'm not one to go off the deep in about song lyrics, but this song has creeped me out FOREVER. He wrote this after meeting an 11 year old girl. Who wouldn't find that creepy? I call it "The Perv Song". No joke. For years.

789 days ago

Throwback kid    

TheY should all just do a huge chant in the stadium WE ARE PEDOFILE U!!!!!

Penn State should add a logo to their helmets this season, a Shower head so people will never forget what happened to those poor young boys in the Penn State football showers

789 days ago

Tracy Lalonde    

Well that's just stupid! In a way it's giving importance to Sandusky and the disgusting things he did.

789 days ago


Talk about being anal. I think they should ban the color blue because Sandusky has blue eyes. No blue eyed people allowed on campus.

789 days ago


Touching you..touching me...
i believe in a thing called love~ LOL

(insert trollface here)

789 days ago


Is anybody wondering the same thing i am Neil Diamond wrote this song about 11 year old Caroline Kennedy and in the lyrics it says touching me touching you. I think that is disturbing in itself.

789 days ago


Sheesh! You know, I've head this crap before about parts of the song being creepy... but the "touching me, touching you" part is about touching emotionally, not about touching the bits and pieces. Anyone who thinks differently, well, you probably thought the My Size Barbie was a naughty thing too. ;)

789 days ago


How many you remember a slogan by a telephone company that said something like " reach out and touch someone"? Was that a perverted remark ? No and neither is Sweet Caroline. And if you want to get on the bandwagon and gripe about closing PSU don't forget about the thousands of other places where similar things have happened. Professors didn't do anything wrong and I'm sure most of them are great instructors.

789 days ago

California Brat    

Wow Hmmmmm sweet caroline, maybe if they had stuck to the morals in their "beaver" stadium name they would have never been an issue

789 days ago


I love this song.....

789 days ago
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