Neil Diamond Collateral Damage in Pauly D Twitter Attack

5/24/2012 8:11 AM PDT

Neil Diamond -- Collateral Damage in Pauly D's War with Deadmau5

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Pauly D has finally lashed back at Deadmau5 in their ongoing Twitter war ... but the MTV star inadvertently trashed a living legend in the process -- Neil 'Frickin' Diamond.

Pauly obviously saw the comments Deadmau5 made to TMZ ... when he said the "Jersey Shore" star has no talent as a DJ.

Moments ago, Pauly fired back by posting a photo of a Deadmau5 CD in the clearance section of a retail store with a message that read, "Wait I'm Sorry I Cant Hear You @deadmau5 The Clearance Section Is Too Loud."

Nice comeback ... but the pic of the Deadmau5 album is next to "The Very Best of Neil Diamond" ... which happens to be in the same section!!!

Deadmau5 is fair game ... but c'mon Pauly ... leave Neil out of this!!!