Deadmau5 Pauly D's a Hack!!!

5/22/2012 12:50 AM PDT

Deadmau5 -- Pauly D's a Hack!!!


Pauly D
's a no-talent poser -- at least according to electronic music legend Deadmau5.

The famed mouse-headed DJ was shooting a music video in LA over the weekend -- when we asked if he thought the "Jersey Shore" star had any real DJ talent. Deadmau5 responded, "No, not really."

DM's Pauly D jab comes in the wake of a little Twitter feud last week -- when Mr. Mau5 publicly bashed Pauly's new music video, saying it looked embarrassingly cheap ... "like it cost about $150 to make."

Pauly said he was flattered that DM even deigned to criticize him -- but now, Deadmau5 says the entire embarrassing Internet standoff could have been avoided ... if Pauly did ONE thing differently ... watch the clip.