Judd Apatow I Buried the Hatchet with Howard Stern

4/19/2012 7:50 AM PDT

Judd Apatow -- I've Buried the Hatchet with Howard Stern

Judd Apatow tells TMZ ... he still considers himself Howard Stern's "biggest fan" ... even after their crazy Twitter feud this week.

Apatow was leaving the London Hotel in NY last night ... when we asked about the supposed "war" between the two media moguls that raged after Apatow criticized Howard's Sirius XM radio show on Twitter.

FYI -- Judd had complained Stern was spending too much time talking about "America's Got Talent." Stern shot back, "Hey man, do I talk about that last sh**ty film you made? I keep it to myself ... If you're not down with it, get the f*ck off my channel."

But yesterday in NYC, Apatow reaffirmed his love for The King of All Media ... telling us, "I'm his biggest fan."

As for whether Judd will actually watch "AGT" when it premieres with Howard ... check out the clip and find out.