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Lindsay Lohan's

Excuse for Stiffing Hotel


8/30/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
may say the producers of "Liz and Dick" promised to pay her enormous bill at the Chateau Marmont hotel ... but it's simply not true -- TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay racked up a hotel bill approaching $47,000 but stiffed the Chateau Marmont. As a result, Lindsay was banned from the hotel property.

Lindsay now says she thought her "Liz and Dick" producers would pay the bill, but sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the production NEVER promised to foot the bill. 

Sources connected to Lindsay tell us ... producers did give Lindsay a one-time only, $5,000 advance against her salary in late May so she could move into the hotel, but that was it. There was never even an insinuation the production company would pay her hotel bill.

Lindsay has said ... if the production company doesn't pay the bill, she will.

Stay tuned.


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Who's paying for the multitude of private jet trips back and forth to Los Angeles for the staggering array of perpWalks and civil suits this season? So far, none are filed in New York...... still time though.

753 days ago



753 days ago


This Elizabeth Taylor trailer story is BEYOND DISGRACEFUL, yet AGAIN, I'm not surprised. She really is a lazy, good for nothing slob who has ZERO RESPECT for anything or anyone. FVCKING PIG!

753 days ago


Pubicity for a cable movie that they are still having trouble editing it to make any sence at all...time they are finished the movie will be 10 long...shortest movie in lifetime history...
Lifetimes questioning whether to every air it or not its that bad...
and thats really saying something after the William and Kate thing they through on the air last year and let us not forget The Drew Peterson movie with Rob Lowe...

753 days ago


WOW IS it me or does she resemble Neil Diamond in the picture above. LOL...ewwww

753 days ago

help this young woman    

"The eyes of Lindsay Lohan
"PHOTO EXCLUSIVE" reads the little red sticker at the very bottom left-hand corner of today's Daily News. But when paparazzi take 100 shots of a celebrity walking from the front door of a restaurant to a car and sell you the exclusive rights to one of them, it's not exactly that much of a prize. That's what happened yesterday with a photo taken for celebrity photo and news site X17online.

The site is publishing its own exclusive—a slightly more flattering picture of Lindsay Lohan leaving Wolfgang Puck, in which her eyes are wide open. Of course, people blink, and professional cameras are fast. It seems more than a little dishonest to present Lohan as drunk in this picture, which is something the News just about does with the headline accompanying the picture: "LILO'S BLITZED & BACK IN TOWN." By contrast to the photo in the News, look at the one on the left here that X17online is using on its own site."

753 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Lohan doesn't have to worry about not having TMZ on the East Coast. While in the New York area she can become the possession of the New York Post, whose gossip section makes TMZ look the children's book section of the NY Times.
Good luck with the Post Lohan, remember their paps will RUN YOU DOWN.

753 days ago


This is just the beginning HELLp....this town is disgusted with grifters like Blo from the get-go and The Post and Daiiy News will pummel her double-chinned *ss every chance they get.

753 days ago


Nicole, although it is certain Nature would never allow you to successfully mate or reproduce, you could be a good sport and give the planet a little extra assurance by getting yourself spayed. Today.
Maybe take Red Cloud, Help and a couple of others with you. Don’t worry about DaveT though, he’s already been done.

753 days ago


Help the Blinking won't worry me ....but the Black hazy aura that is in every dam picture scares the poochies out of me...
Don't tell me you think she looks good in those shots...She Four Sheets in the Wind makeup smeared and belly sticking out over those low rider shorts can be seen through that sheer blouse...makes her looks really bloated or 5 mos preagent...which one do you choice...bloat or baby...

753 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay and Gavin did NOT do anything to that trailer. How do I know? Gavin posted a picture of the inside of the trailer in good condition. Also the production staff complained that Lindsay was NOT staying onset as long as they had to. Remember one of them posting on that Lindsay went home before they did.
Later loser haters. Can't believe anyone would believe TMZ after all the false stories they have been putting out. Who is the proven liar? Disgusting TMZ! They absolutely do NOT know the terms of Lindsay's contract with Lifetime.

753 days ago


on Huff comments:

"New Yorkers, hide your jewelry.
New York Hotels, get a visa pre-approval first
New York drivers, watch out
New York single guys, don't hit that stuff"

753 days ago


"This is much like the aliens who attacked earth in "Independence Day". They come to a foreign planet to pilage and consume its resources, then move onto another. Lindsay has pilaged and destroyed (in some cases literally) the resources of Los Angeles, now it's New York's turn."

753 days ago


Huff commenters love Blo!:
"This may not be a smart move for LiLo, her unpaid bill in L.A. notwithstanding. Thus far, her numerous instances of law-breaking in southern California have caused her to receive the equivalent of little more than a couple of talking-tos, California justice apparently being heavily biased in favor of anyone with a remotely famous name and face. I seriously doubt that Lohan will find that the same is true in New York, and it seems hardly likely that her lifestyle-of-choice (drunken, drug-soaked driving, felony thefts, etc.) is going to change anytime soon. So she may be in for quite a bumpy ride once her move to the "Big Apple" is complete."

753 days ago

Who Knew    

At this point anybody stupid enough to welcome this user into their lives deserves what ever they get. She is poison and to be around her is just plane stupid. If I managed a hotel or a restaurant or store or any business she wanted to enter I would just refuse her and send her on her devious way.

753 days ago
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