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Matt Barnes

Manhattan Beach Cop


8/30/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NBA star Matt Barnes tells TMZ ... there's one cop in Manhattan Beach, CA who simply doesn't like him ... and targeted him for TWO HOURS back in July in a plot to ruin Matt's life.

Barnes -- who's now a free agent -- was hangin' at the beach last night when he told us, "Manhattan Beach doesn't like me very much ... I don't know why they don't like me, but they don't like me."

Barnes was referencing an incident on July 30 ... when he was arrested on an outstanding traffic warrant. We're told the arresting officer lurked near Matt's car for two hours on the night of the arrest to make sure he didn't miss the chance to arrest Barnes. 

When asked if he thought he was being watched that night, Matt told us, "Someone waits outside your car for two hours ... I would say that's watching."

Barnes explained that his beef isn't with the entire Manhattan Beach PD ... saying he "loves" the cops ... and insists. "We're not gonna let a couple of situations take us away from living our lives."

As for Matt's future in the NBA ... Barnes says he's speaking with multiple teams ... adding, "Hopefully we'll get this arrest situation out of the way so I can go ahead and move forward with my career."

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No Avatar


quit acting like a privileged arse and you wouldn't have these probs, matt

786 days ago


What reasons would someone have to hate you Matt? Let's see:
1. Sucked as a Laker in the finals
2. Your b!tch ass basketball wife who's coming back for a second season.
3. Maybe your haircut.
And I could probably go on and on. Why don't you stay home and spend time with your kids instead of talking to TMZ about your dreamed up beef with cops.

786 days ago


Manhattan Beach is a USC town so they don't like anyone who has anything to do with UCLA.

786 days ago

No comment    

Living in M.B., I have never had a problem with the cops. It is the metermaids that drive me nuts. Curb your tires no matter how slight the incline/decline or you will get a ticket, and don't be 1 minute late on your meter or else it will be a ticket. The metermaids work harder than the cops.

786 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Manhattan Beach cops hate everyone they can't relate to . If you don't look like you could be related, or friends with someone related, then you're the enemy. Many people know this, and they will never change. Cops in California are proving they can do whatever they want, and we can't do anything about it. They're the new gangs around here.

786 days ago


The NBA hates him too. 10 teams in 10 years, and a harlot hoodrat for a fiancée. I hope hes saving that paycheck.

786 days ago


pay ur traffic tickets u big baby boy.

786 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Whoa, so yet another privileged a$$hole thinks the law doesnt apply to him, and naturally it is someone else's fault?

Breaking News.

786 days ago


You can't call a guy an "NBA Star" when he is currently not employed by anyone in the NBA. Even when he is on a basketball team he is HARDLY a "star". Maybe if the article started "Kind of successful guy who is alright at basketball but currently unemployed, Matt Barnes....."

786 days ago


The Casey Anthony's of the world walk free while others get staked out and nailed for....traffic violations.
Gotta focus on those dangerous criminals, they might go 5 miles over the speed limit and kill a bug.

786 days ago

Dom The Mover    

All The ***** in Manhattan Beach and or the South Bay positively Suck

786 days ago


I agree Matt the cop had it out for you is he a friend of Gloria ?

786 days ago


best beach community in SC

786 days ago


Hey, Matt -- maybe you shouldn't rack-up outstanding arrest warrants? Just say'n.

785 days ago


That cpp ks a s***baf, wat he'd jim

541 days ago
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