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Republican National Convention

Stripper Business

BOOMING in Tampa

8/30/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one makes it rain like sexually repressed old white men -- at least according to a manager at a strip club in Tampa, who tells TMZ the club's business has DOUBLED ever since the Republican National Convention rolled into town.

The manager at Skin Tampa tells us, the club has been sending its hottest girls to the RNC with cards and flyers -- offering free entry to anyone attending the convention -- and the response has been insane.

The manager says the club's traffic has exploded thanks to the special RNC deal -- and revenue has doubled with it.

But the club isn't stopping there -- according to the manager, it's going the extra mile to welcome everyone at the RNC, decking the place out with Republican-themed decorations.

The manager says Mitt Romney has yet to stop by -- but tells us, "We would love for [him] to come!"


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Republicans & Church folks always preach against this, but love to engage in it themselves. They are all fakes and i hope they loose big time in November!

787 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Hey, republicans need stripper love too.
Phishie from Philly

787 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

You see what offering a free lap dance can do.
Phishie from Philly

787 days ago


Yes and I'm sure all the strip clubs in Charlotte will be barren next week. - Stellar news story guys.

787 days ago

BB not bb    

What a bunch of dirty old hypocrites. I hope someone takes their pictures and sends them to their wives. I wonder if their being there can be used as blackmail. A bunch a freeloaders and dirty old men. This is the leadership of this country? No wonder it is a declining wasteland. No wonder we have Obama and his Muslim jihad agenda against the USA.

Wouldn't it be amazing if all of these God fearing goody goodies got together at a prayer breakfast instead? Yeah maybe right after they sleep off the booze from the strip club.

787 days ago

BB not bb    

There is a new movie out called The Campaign. It is all about these dirty perverted dogs and it is funny. At the end during the credits, there is even a reference to chick fil a being part of the Repbulican agenda. I wonder if getting to peopel to eat more chicken there was part of a political plot.

I don't see how that is really stopping homosexuality, except if they are scred of lines of people waiting to buy junk food.

787 days ago


Romney was there, he was in the back sitting next to Fred Willard...both were making it rain

787 days ago


Are the dancers all shemales then?

787 days ago


Does Catholic Republicans use condems on their prostitutes ?

787 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

This s Bill Clinton's kind of place. To bad he's a democrat. Bill just got a case of cigars in. I'm just sayin
Phishie from Philly

787 days ago


romney isn't a great choice but he's 10X better than the current obama disaster. romney will do far less damage

787 days ago


Not really into politics too much but as a Meeting Planner in Orlando strip clubs in Tampa are always big business no matter the time of the year. It is the nature of the beast so to speak. So to me this is not even a story and why no photo of the crowds that are actually being brought in? Yea this is not out of the norm this is the

787 days ago


They are so so so big on how morally upright they are - no abortion, push the 10 commandments in all public buildings, no medicare, no social security, high moral ideas. But when it comes down to it they are just as dirty and go to just as many bars and strip joints as anyone else.

787 days ago


From the party that brought you 'family values'...

787 days ago


This is news? A huge convention comes to a city and a local business gets more patrons?

Go Romeny/Paul. You have my vote. Our country cannot take four more years of this Obama disaster

787 days ago
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