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Paul Ryan

Black Ex-Girlfriend Wants NOTHING

To Do with Campaign

8/31/2012 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_deneeta_pope_article_yearbook_wsj_2Deneeta Pope -- the African American woman who dated Paul Ryan in college -- wants to stay a country mile away from the Presidential election ... TMZ has learned.

We spoke with Pope a few minutes ago and she could not have been clearer -- she does not want to become an issue in the election. 

Pope said, "I'm not interested in talking. I don't know why everyone is calling. I'm newly married and would just like to be left alone."

Ryan did an interview awhile back, saying he had a Black GF during college.  Ryan was clearly trying to blunt criticism that he was not sympathetic to African Americans.

Pope deflected the call and said any questions about Paul Ryan should be directed to Paul Ryan. 

Problem is ... he's kinda busy.


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Republican party was the first group of white people to stand up and fight for black people's rights against slavery.
...."the democrat party turned into the republican party later so it was always the republicans who were racist, they were just the democrat party back then!!"...
Haha bullsh-t :D
The democrat party have *always* been the anti-black racist party.
Still are.
Condi Rice quit the democrat party because of the racism, and them holding her back from positions she wanted to work she joined the republican party...and they moved her right up the ladder.
Here's an interesting fact:
Republican administrations have promoted more black people than democrat administrations.
In fact, George Bush Sr and Jr administrations promoted more black people just during their terms in office...than the democrat party has promoted in the **entire history** of the party.
If democrats are the pro-black party...why don't they like to promote black people?
Because promoting black people reminds other black people that they're intelligent enough to be in any position on the ladder.
And that would encourage other black people to climb up.
....and that would mean less black people signing up to social welfare aid programs more paychecks for democrat bureaucrats who administer and run the social welfare programs.
Promoting black people in the democrat party = less money for the democrat politicians and bureaucrats.
Here's what the democrat party doesn't want people to realize:
They make million$ in profit by *holding black people down*
The democrat politicians and bureaucrats create and administer and manage the social welfare programs.
They make million dollar paychecks in salary by doing so.
But...only if they can justify the taxpayer grants and funding they receive...with *statistics*
They need statistics to prove there are (xxxx) amount of people "in need" of welfare aid.
In other words, if they want $1 million in new funding, they have to create reports that show a certain number of people are unemployed and in need.
So...what happens if there aren't that many people out there in need?
What happens is, funding is cut off.
Paychecks stop.
Get it?
They have to force people, especially black people, into ghettos and poor living, in order to create *statistics* for their reports.
And that's just what they do.
Democrats spend lots and lots and lots of time and energy, telling black people they're not good enough.
The words the democrats use are..."Oh you poor people, you don't have a chance, Whitey is holding you down, and you're weak and not strong enough to make it on your own...but us democrats will help you! We'll give you money from other taxpayers so you can feed your family! So vote for us, we'll help you!".
TRANSLATION: "We realize if we keep telling you black folks that you're no good, not strong enough, that you need white people to save you, that eventually you'll start believing it, and stop believing in yourselves...especially your young kids who hear us and start thinking of themselves as losers...and that means you'll suffer low self-esteem, and eventually lose hope...then give up and sign on to welfare aid...which makes us democrat bureaucrats RICH as we run the programs and get the paychecks! Woo hoooo!!!"
It is, in fact, the democrat party who are a bunch of greedy racist filth who use black people as a tool.
Democrat party are racists who want to hold black people down by chipping away at their self-esteem so they can profit off of running the social welfare programs.
Republican party has never held black people down, and were factually the first group of white people who said..."slavery is inhumane and wrong, let's end it".
I'm not republican, I'm an independent, but I have more respect for the republican party than I do for the democrat party, when it comes to race issues.

782 days ago


Don't get your tighty whities in a bunch jackass. What the hell do you care anyway!

782 days ago


Leave her alone you low life. She's 10 times better looking and looks much younger than Paul Ryan's wife!!!

782 days ago


Pretty girl. Good for her to tell the media to f..k off.

782 days ago


This is the GOPs feeble attempt to garner black's like saying "I have lots of black friends"

782 days ago


She's cute. The lefties are looking under rocks now because Romney - Ryan ticket are putting up a fight. Take that Hollyweird !!!!

782 days ago


Anyone who wants to learn a few facts about racism regarding the republican and democrat parties, can visit the National Black Republican Association's not like the info is hidden away :D
--nbra dot info---

782 days ago


What is the purpose of this article? They're trying to dirty him up because he dated a black girl. Good for him, and good for her. Liberals are sick freaks. I can't wait till they get their asses kicked in November!
Go Romney.....!!!!!!!!!!

782 days ago


What a breath of fresh air! A woman who could command her 15 in the limelight but instead she has enough enough self esteem and class to say "no thank you."

782 days ago


Who says he really even dated her? Where did you get that Harvey? It looks to me like they were both on the same cheerleading squad - Daneeta and Nancy.

782 days ago


Oh dear, this s so frivolous. So, Paul had to go to the "black girlfriend/frien" trope to prove he's not racist. Please, so pathetic. Let's move on.

782 days ago


she wants nothing to do with it.yet she answers her phone and gives a comment

782 days ago


I dont understand TMZ making this a huge story. Top of the page and "Exclusive"

The only exclusive they got was that she doesnt want talk!

782 days ago


sorry gopsters, but deneeta got dragged into this by ryan using their relationship as some kind of warped proof that he likes black people. it was cheap and disrespectful of him to use her and their past together in this way. she is being gracious in not being the same kind of tool ryan obviously is. despite what he did, she called him "nice," rejected his policies and is quietly moving on. that, kiddies, is a huge but very classy f-off to paul ryan. just sayin...

782 days ago


Paul Ryan is a fraud. Not as much of a fraud as Romney, but still a fraud.

782 days ago
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