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Honey Boo Boo's Mom

Haters Make Us Stronger

9/5/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090512_honey_tmzlive_launch_v2Honey Boo Boo's mother June isn't fazed by the millions of pretentious snobs who scoff at her and her family -- telling TMZ Live, "For every person that's hating on us, there's three people that love us."

June "Mama" Shannon called in moments ago ... and we asked if she was irked by all the holier-than-thous crawling out of the woodwork, critiquing the new TLC reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" as redneck trash.

June says she isn't bothered one bit ... because "a lot of people relate to us."

And as far as June is concerned, the haters are only giving her show more momentum -- "It's weird that haters know more about our show than our amazing fans."

As for the massive paycheck June's earning from the show -- way more than $4,000 an episode -- she wouldn't specify an exact amount, but said, "We're very well compensated."


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"Haters make you stronger" but hopefully whatever your eating will make your heart weaker and we won't need to hear from you again.

739 days ago



739 days ago


I watched one episode because...hey, we all slow down to see the car wreck right? But going forward.....hell no. I'm afraid my HDTV will suddenly gain SMELLOVISION, and waves of body odor, rotting meat, shlitz and pits will waft through my house. These people (?) are disgusting.

739 days ago


Cant believe some of these hateful comments...Havnt missed an episode.... It's too funny...Go ahead Momma June and family and make that money...Could be worse, the kids could be selling drugs, carrying guns or selling their bodies to make money !!!!! I mean come on what good mother wants their kids swimming in a flesh eating bacterial infested lake !!!! LOL !!!!!!!

739 days ago


Ok, everyone, let's play Count the Chins....1, 2, 3...

739 days ago


It's not that people love this family. They have a show for one reason and one reason only, they are a freak show. Why else would TLC chose this kid and her family over all the others that compete in Toddlers and Tiaras. It's because they are the real life Munster Family of Toddlers and Tiaras.

739 days ago


They might make you stronger but there's not much that'll make you smarter

739 days ago

judge judy    

Yuck! Who watches these disgusting people?

738 days ago


What a pig, and she is letting her daughter get fat like her, so sad

738 days ago

Lady Author    

I think this show is wrong. When you have black girls acting this way, they are called ghetto, but you have a little white girl doing this and she gets a show. Ridiculous! I thought TLC was the learning channel. What are we learning from this family? I am a Black woman from a well off family, who is married to a REDNECK...a true to life squirrel hunting, bare hand fishing, babe where go my britches, where go my keys, sourthen drawl having REDNECK, and he hates that show!!! In his words, they make rednecks look bad. I guess you have to be pretty trashy to offend other rednecks!

732 days ago

Pamela Richardon    

Can't stand these parents and TLC for compromising innocent children by profiting off of them by displaying them publicly as " Rednecks, " and seriously does this family honestly believe the television station cares one bit about them and their family , they are only putting them on national television so that others will ridicule, make fun of and be completely shocked at their redneck, strange and not so appealing behaviors between each other. Pageants are another way children are displayed to look as if they are adults and sexual predators sit and watch them and it creates a possible danger for the children. People need to wake up and teach their children real values, principles and morals, rather than profit from them in ways that are very unhealthy and dangerous. I no longer respect TLC and the family needs a intervention soon. I am not your typical person and feel everyone has rights but not at the cost of your family and to profit from a child's life.

720 days ago


I grew up poor. Matter of fact, where is my reality show. I grew up poor, living in a barn as a kid, now I'm an RN. I want 8,000 dollars a week, I can bring back my hillbilly ass, to make ya'll laugh. Yeehawwwww

715 days ago


The might be rednecks but they dont parade around with long fake nails and tons of make up acting like queens. They laugh and enjoy family time! Every one can have jerks that steal or harass them , they are called "white trash"!

714 days ago


Angie Capps: Aww, sweet sentiment (look it up if need be), but keep working on that grammar, redneck girl! Hopefully, in time, you will learn the difference between "there," "they're," and "their," as most people do in elementary school. (You should have used the latter... again, look up "latter" if need be.) And I think it's cute that you "look at" shows rather than "watch" them. Way to put your best redneck foot forward!

713 days ago


O please the mother and the dad have both been in jail.And excuse everyone for not being your clone and copying what you want .Won't want anyone to be an individual and have their own brain.As we all know clones have one brain and think acutely alike .Individuals think for themselves and have their own ideas.I think the people watching this show are lazy slobs,weirdos,and people who's ISP's are linked back to jail cell cause I don't think anyone with half brain would sit watching a family stuff their kid so full of junk that they will have very short life span.Everyone watching should be charged with child abuse since you all are sitting around watching these people abuse their child.

713 days ago
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