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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Wassup with That?

9/8/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

showed her true colors at the VMAs this week, taunting Chris Brown's girlfriend by kissing him and love-tapping him on the head for all to see. So we gotta ask ...


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The reason she still cares about him is because she feels it was her fault that things got out of control, and if she didn't do what she did, he wouldn't have done what he did. Only problem is, it would have happened sooner or later anyway, and that is what she needs to get through her head.

738 days ago


738 days ago


Is it wrong to wish she would get t-boned by a mac truck?

738 days ago


she's an idiot women so many other guys she can be wit and she decide to stick around. i think she sticking around wit him even more just to show people that she doesnt care about what we think. I feel sorry for her rich and ok looking but she dosent see her self worth anything if shes sticking around. suck that with all that money she cant buy a BRAIN. good luck wasting time wit chirs, he dont want u he probaly just likes that he can control her.

738 days ago


She needs to read DR. Laura's book "10 stupid things women do to mess up their lives".

738 days ago


It's pretty obvious this chick is in love with Brown...

738 days ago


stupid *****s

738 days ago


Why don't you report this? you negative bastards

738 days ago

Stoner Review    

cant stand either of them disgusting filth. like at the bottom of your shoe in a bookstore filth. spew.

737 days ago


last time i checked, chris kissed her. and he's just as much at fault for cheating on HIS girlfriend

737 days ago


Ugh! Can I get a WHATEVER!

737 days ago


Screw those two idiots. They deserve each other. I hope he beats her even harder next time.

737 days ago

leayla Rice    

Im Happy they are Friends again,and in love. what ever they do is their business.. If they want to be together then they should just make it work.. They clearly still love each other and care about each other. It will not effect me if they decide to get back together, so i do not understand why people are so interested in their lives do you think they sit there and worry abut the people who judge them or any of us . OK So what he did in 2009 was horrible and really bad, but Chris Brown is not the first man to hit a women. WOMEN BEAT MEN TOO.. Im pretty sure Ike did worse and what about bobby Brown he aint no saint, Chris was young and immature but he has paid the price and done his time. People clearly still love him hence why his name always pops up in the press. Rihanna and Chris Brown are made for each other simple as. Only they can learn from their Mistakes. Chris Brown is in a Relationship so i have no idea what the fuss is about because he kissed his friend... He wont hit another person chris seems like his lovley guy but that one night people make out like his a animal. Its never right to lay a hand on ANYBODY.. There are plenty Horrible nasty people in the world and people concentrate on CB and Ri.. Leave the past it was 2009 we are now in 2012 move on people because Rihanna and Chris Brown have. Also we have no idea what happened in the car.... Regardless its all about their music for me i wish them both well and hope they continue to shine and make great music,Films,. I dont think we will here wedding bells soon or babies so people just chill..

737 days ago


All those who talk about her being a role model so she should show public affection has obviously never had a first love. And by the way teach your children to respect there craft (music) not the individual. That's whats wrong with this world be your own kids role model it starts at home. Then they wont care what everyone else does in there personal life,they will just enjoy there music and that be that!!!!!

737 days ago


hey i love chris brown but how can u do that Rihanna that was soo sad and she is soo prttey
u are still hot lol

735 days ago
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