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Prince Harry

Taliban Vows to

'Kill or Kidnap' the Prince

9/10/2012 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Prince Harry is being targeted for death in Afghanistan ... so says a rep for the Taliban (yes, they have a rep).

Harry -- a helicopter pilot in the British military -- is currently on a 4 month tour in Afghanistan ... where he is reportedly fighting Taliban insurgents on the front lines.

Obviously, his presence has pissed off the Taliban ... and now terrorist spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tells Reuters the group has made it a top priority to kill or kidnap the Prince.

"We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping," Mujahid said during a phone interview either conducted in a cave ... or a suburb in Pakistan.

During the interview, Mujahid referred to the Taliban plans as the "Harry Operations" ... added, "We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him."



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They're obviously not familiar with the law, it's illegal to kidnap someone after they've played strip-billiards

774 days ago


Those royals don't mess around when you embarrass them.......ask Princess Diana

774 days ago


Why would anyone want the white pasty redhead guy?

Hope he takes a shower alone.

774 days ago


Why haven't we or the Brit's dropped a bomb on that country to be done with it? Oh, yeah, because that would stop the Halliburtan money train....

774 days ago


Someone suggested Harry should dye his hair...that might be a good Idea he wouldn't stand out so much,

774 days ago


Get him the Hell out of there.

774 days ago


Pu-leeez. Anyone who buys this 'story' is pretty dumb.
The royal family must be REALLY worried about what else is coming out on Harry's Vegas scandal.

(Like the queen is going to put its Prince on the FRONT LINES in Afghanistan?? Riiiight.)

774 days ago


they can't do that

774 days ago


Durka Durka Jihad!

774 days ago


I hope and pray he is being protected

774 days ago


If something like that happened that means the USA/Britain has totally lost the war. I was thinking the other day when the media released the story that Harry was in Afghanistan that they were going to get him killed, now this.

774 days ago


Great Britain, F-Yeah! , There needs to be a sequel to "Team America", how about "Team Britain"?

774 days ago


I fail to see what having Prince William or Prince Harry in danger zones accomplishes, other then good PR for the royal family. I'm not saying neither of these men is brave or good at their job, I'm sure they are. But I also dislike hearing them talk about how they get treated like everyone else in their military groups because they don't. They get unparallel time off, and when one makes it into a danger zone, there is always a write up about how they are also being protected by servicemen at the same time (such as William in the Falklands or now, Harry in Afghanistan). What's the point of putting them out there if they are going to endanger the lives of fellow troops by being desired targets AND if they are being protected even during wartime? Seems like a waste of resources (not these princes, but the time and money that is going into keeping them safe and protecting the heirs of the throne). Or, when someone is saved by the helicopter William flies in, there's always this writeup about Prince WIlliam saving lives, when he is one of many in his crew and the others get no mention. I am not dissing their service - I respect their decision to serve, but am also aware that they are assets deemed too valuable to be put in the worse of situations or be without protection. There are so many other uses for their brains, talents, and skills, where they could make a great contribution while not endangering any troops.

774 days ago


Hey, TMZ. Maybe if a-holes like you guys would stop reporting his every movement...particularly the ones regarding his deployment, maybe he and the people around him wouldn't be in extra if going to a war zone isn't already bad enough. Seriously. Are you trying to get him killed?

774 days ago


I think his Granny and the rest of the Elite British Parliament are Bogus as hell for sending Prince (Red) Harry over to Afghanistan as punishment over some damn naked pictures.... That's a young spoiled,rich and privileged White boy that was bound to get his freak on,if you survive this tour Red then next time just be more discreet,cause your family is not playing with your ass !

774 days ago
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