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Joe Paterno

Brown Univ. Will NOT Boot

JoePa from Hall of Fame

9/14/2012 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Brown University will NOT REMOVE alumnus Joe Paterno from its Athletic Hall of Fame ... despite the fact he kinda did some horrible stuff.

For the record, Paterno played quarterback at Brown from 1946 to 1949 ... and is not believed to have covered up any child rape scandals during his playing days.

Mr. Paterno was enshrined to the Brown H.O.F. in 1978 ... roughly 25 years before he helped cover up a child rape scandal at Penn State University.

Paterno had no comment on the decision ... because he's dead.

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I will no longer send $ to my alma mater.

768 days ago


Wow, are there no limits to how low you will stoop? Learn the facts - No one has proven that Paterno did anything wrong. The Freeh Report is nothing but an unsupported attempt to find a scapegoat, and it's a damn shame that Paterno is not alive to defend himself and to sue the media at large for defamation. Kudos to Brown for doing the right thing.

768 days ago


"Paterno had no comment...because he's dead." No matter what happened, that was pretty rude of TMZ, and for Harvey to okay this type of BS is a shame. TMZ is full of bullies who pick on the vulnerable and dead people, yet they complain about bullies all the time. Screw the staff at TMZ and screw Harvey even harder.

768 days ago

Margie B. Pierce    

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768 days ago


Joe Paterno had no comment - because he's dead. TMZ's reputation as POSSIBLY one of the more reliable tabloid type sites is slipping away. Lines like these are just stupid, not witty and not necessary. Be a little more professional, TMZ.

768 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I agree with Brown for not taking him down the alumnus because he didn't cover up or ignore anything while he went there. Now I do agree with what Penn State did to joe because he did cover it up and they did prove it. Read the depositions. JP WAS not an escape goat. He did do wrong but I don't like what they did to the schools football program. What they did to JP was enough.
The real Phishie from Philly

768 days ago


No offense but... you guys are a bunch of a-holes. Show me what it was that Joe Paterno did again? If you want to call yourself anything close to a journalist you would actually have read the Freeh report to see that there is NOTHING in it at all that shows PROOF and EVIDENCE that Joe Paterno was involved in anything.
If someone from your show... who worked for you ten years ago Harvey, you ten years ago heard one of your other co-workers say "hey I think this guy might be doing something weird in the bathrooms, is what I heard..." AFTER THE GUY NO LONGER EVEN WORKED THERE, and you , like you are suppose to report that to your boss to be investigated..... then ten years later you find out that person had been molesting kids for 10 years.... Would that be your fault? Do you deserve to have all the money you made for those 10 years taken away? (like JoePa's wins?). They even took away wins for 2 years where THERE WAS NOTHING TO COVER UP! There was no reports until 2001. The report in 1999 was investigated several times by the cops and PROVEN TO HAVE NOTHING TO GO ON OR CHARGE FOR. So you took wins away from Joe for covering up something that.... was not there to cover up? Amazing.

I guess that is why you are a tabloid station and don't bother with little things like facts. I hope someone never accuses you of anything with zero prove, then waits until you are debt and dismantles everything that your life created and all the good you did, just because you are dead and can play the role of the scape goat.
Note they didn't take away the wins from the time that Jerry Sandusky coached... no... they took away from when Joe was coaching.
You do know that Sandusky was not even found guilty of the allegation of the 2001 incident which is the only one even remotely even connected to Joe.
The NCAA had to go outside the boundaries of all of their own rules and procedures in order to do what they did. Why? Because again PENN STATE AND THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS DID NOT VIOLATE A SINGLE NCAA VIOLATION. Unlike the schools their kids were then sent to like USC. Penn State was not about football only. They have the highest graduation rate in the NCAA among top teams. What a joke. Get your facts straight.

768 days ago


Proud of my alma mater

768 days ago


Once again Brown proves that football is more important than anything else on earth, even preventing child rape, to some universities. Way to go.

768 days ago


I guess it is because the kids......dare I say it.....look up to him?

768 days ago

Matthew Fortier    

Wow, TMZ, I digg you for the most part, but it seems like this story was kind of immature. Joe Pa Didnt Rape any kids, and he didnt help "cover it up". No cold hard facts have come out damming him. I get most of you arent journalists, but it'd be nice if you had na little sense of self doubt.

768 days ago

Juan Gomez    

What a piece of s**t dirtbag he was... he knew that hardcore child abuse was happening right under his nose but he chose to turn the other cheek and let those young boys get victimized by his own employee.. He deserved to die.

768 days ago


Taking football more seriously than child rape is ****ing horrid.

768 days ago


... and is not believed to have covered up any child rape scandals during his playing days." -- Wow, some aholes work for TMZ.

768 days ago

Carol L    

The Freeh report was commissioned by Penn State. That puts a slant on it. It's contains no sworn testimony, only heresay, which isn't allowed in a trial. It condemns J.P. without allowing him to face his accusers. There are no winners in this, but just because an ex FBI guy says it's true doesn't make it so.

768 days ago
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