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Michael Lohan

Dina is Lying

... She Was WASTED

9/14/2012 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is calling FULL B.S. on his ex-wife Dina Lohan ... claiming he's convinced she was drunk off her ass during her interview with Dr. Phil.

Michael actually participated in the Dr. Phil interview -- which was taped a few months ago -- and says it was obvious at the time, Dina was intoxicated ... and it was only 10 AM.

"I think when everyone sees the interview, they're gonna know she's not sober," Lohan tells us.

Michael says Dina needs to clean herself up ... if not for herself, for the sake of her children ... including Lindsay.

For her part, Dina claims she was totally sober during the interview ... and thinks the public should withhold judgement until the full interview airs on Monday.

Mike says Dina's condition was also obvious to Dr. Phil -- "You're not gonna pull the wool over that man's eyes ... he's a trained professional."


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I would be drunk too if I had to spend time with Dr. Phil.

777 days ago

Jay W.     

So says the convict.

777 days ago


I think Michael and Dina have a whole pot/kettle thing going, which is sad for their family. As for Dina on Dr. Phil, I have to agree--she looked completely wasted.

777 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Like you are any different Michael. You are a drunk, Dina is a drunk, so did Lindsay have a chance. She had piss poor examples for parents. It's all on you guys whatever happens to Lindsay. I know we all choose our own destiny but it doesn't help when the people you look up to are failures.
The real Phishie from Philly

777 days ago


thank you Capt. obvious

777 days ago


Is he taking a breaking from beating women and knocking up whores?

777 days ago


10:am what is she a light weight..Lindsay is pie eyed by 7am....
Milo would know..He wanted to open Up a Rehab on the water..
that would be great stuck out to see with a Coke head steroid freak with a bad ticker and violence problems..
not to mention his need to bang Lindsay look alikes

777 days ago


That whole family is f-ed

777 days ago


No sh*t, I'm sure he's right, nothing like having lived with someone to know how they look like drunk. But, Michael, were you not out getting wasted with Lindsay just a few months ago, one of those bar brawl incidents?

777 days ago


Any chance of them getting back together?
it would be wonderful..
like SamRo and Lielo

777 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Preaching to the choir, dude...

But anyway, their bullcrap is just promotion for the show--if it wasn't why wait until the show airs to start talking smack? I swear, nothing is real anymore.

777 days ago


The parents are jus waiting for Lindsay to die so they can all split the money. Sick! I kno if I was doing what Lindsay is doing my parents would get involved so quick I wouldn't have a choice but to clean up and I'm 32 yrs old and live alone. They'd move in with me or I'd have to move in with them. When a parent loves you there is no limit to what they wouldn't do for you. What I'd like to say to Dina and Michael is don't talk about it, be about it!! Quit going on all these shows and saying you want to help yourself and your kids, just do it and get it done!!!!!!!

777 days ago



777 days ago


One, drunk, two drunks, three drunks! The Lohan family! I don't really care. Tell me when something new happens with them instead of the Lohans being the Lohans part 289.

777 days ago


This entire family from start to finish is completely fvcked up. But in this case, yeah I will take MiLo's word on it. Actually I didn't need to take anyone's word on it based on what I saw in the clips. I think she's clearly drunk and on Ambien or Xanax. Nobody would comment on his tie and shoes if they were not drinking. And I will absolutely say they contributed to Lindsay being a complete and utter fvckup too, but don't blame all of Lindsay's problems on it. She's 26 and could have changed. Lots of us have messed up childhoods but can move on as an adult. So don't feel sorry for Lindsay at all. This is all Dina could do is deny and lie because she can't stop it from airing. So spin it and in typical Lohan fashion, blame the editing to make her look bad. Always someone else's fault. I did enjoy in the promo where Dr. Phil states that she was voted worst mother of the year. That would have been from TMZ, circa 2009.

777 days ago
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